Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home Cooked Penang Food

Back to my roots.....

(Oct 2009)

Here's the link to Mr. Nyonya Chef's Kerabu Bihun recipe and easy to follow steps:
So.... *expectant grin* Who wants to try to cook it? I volunteer to be guinea pig! :) :)



Delicious, savoury, tender lobak,


... piquant, spicy, yummy kerabu beehoon,


The perfect meal! :)

Mucho thanks to Team BSG for the invite and especially to Mr Nyonya Chef for his wonderful cooking.

Really appreciate it -> good company, GREAT home cooked (Penang Nyonya!) food, washed down with ice cold beer = a really fun evening.
:) :)

(And on another note.... Big wake up call: I only know how to eat, but I CAN'T COOK TO SAVE MY LIFE. OMG, so shy lah.........)
(Oh... also, please visit Mr Nyonya Chef's website for lots of delicious authentic nyonya recipes - they look simple, but of course it takes lots of practice to perfect)

3 servings of Kerabu Bihun fatter than before,

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  1. sob..missed this!
    Lor bak is the best nyonya food ever!

  2. yummy, yummy!!!!!
    u knw i have jst finished watching little nyoya, a spore drama series... and now reading ur post... my god... i m craving for nyonya food~~~

  3. Wow, I don't even like beehoon but look at that!! It's GLORIOUS!! Mr Nyonya Chef is my new superhero! ;-)

  4. to thenomadGourmand:
    Don't worry. There'll always be next time... :)

    And: Yeah man.. LURVE lobak. I think I ate at least 4 that night. Then some more ta pauw all the rest back...
    (So thick skin, right? Haha)

    to mel^^mel:
    Wah. Now that show is so popular! Many of my friends are watching/have just finished watching too!

    to 550ml jar of faith:
    Trust me, it tasted even better than it looked! :D :D
    (I think I can eat that beehoon everyday)

  5. That just great !

    We need more....
    chilled to perfection :-D

  6. to team backStreetGluttons:
    Anytime Mr Nyonya Chef is able, I happily volunteer to help eat all his yummy food... :) :)

    to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Haha... Yeah, am truly counting my blessings and thanking God! :)
    (Hey, I thought they said they had invited you too?)


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