Friday, September 30, 2005

Feelin' Arty


*clears throat*

An Ode to Chocolate:

Dark or white,
Even plain milky,
So dear to my heart,
I love you completely,

You're my piece of heaven on earth.



Sowe.. was just feeling silly.

Anyway, it's Friday again!
(Wow,... the week just went by so fast....)

Work has been really tiring this week.. so it's good that the weekend's here.

Met up with Ver last night and had a nice chat over dinner.
(Ate at a quiet little restaurant called Tea For Two in Bangsar - will do a review later, if time permits)
It was really nice to catch up....
Feels like I see her so rarely nowadays... It can't be helped I suppose, since we're not working in the same office anymore...

Ooh, and work has been hectic as usual.
I spent about half of the week in Seremban (again)...
... sitting in front of my laptop (again)....
... looking at Excel sheet and tiny numbers (again! *arrgh*)

At least, it's begun to slow down (some what)..... sadly, it's just the calm before the storm...
I'll be starting on a new project next week and looking at the work allocated to me...
...looks like I may disappear for a while starting from next week....

(wish me luck, people - I need it!)


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Thursday, September 29, 2005

~~ Karaoke Redux ~~ & ~~ Mmmm, Pancakes ~~

Another one and a half days to kill before the weekend... and so far, there are a few things to look forward to already...


First of all:

Stemming from the oodles of fun we had at the last round of karaoke last Saturday, Round 2 of the singing frenzy will be held this coming Sunday.


Venue ~ Red Box Ria, Sogo
Address ~ Level 8, Kompleks Sogo Pernas, 190 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
Date ~ Sunday, 2nd October 2005
Time ~ 12pm - 3pm
Price ~ (from) RM7++ per person (includes one set lunch)

(Other than that, the following still applies....)
Points to note:
1) Price is per person and varies between RM7++ and RM14++ depending on which set lunch you order
2) Red Box is still very evil: If you book a room for 10 ppl and only 8 ppl turn up, you will still have to pay for 10 ppl

As before, I will book the karaoke room on Friday afternoon, so please RSVP in the comments section below ASAP.


It's pancakes for dinner this Saturday at Paddington's!

(here's a review of the place @ Makan


Well, Monsieur Pincon is organizing this week so anyone who's interested in joining in, please check out the details and RSVP at his blog.


And just as eye candy,... here's a photo of one of the heavenly pancakes that I ate the last time:

Yummy, yummy pancake!

Mmmmm....... how can anyone say no to that?

Okies... gotta get back to work....

See ya!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For The Love of God ~ WHY?? ~


The following photos may result in sudden and profuse bleeding from the eyes........

No, ~REALLY~, I'm serious.........

OK.... If you're really sure, I present to you:

*drum roll*

Cosplay - The Ultimate Delusion
(AKA. The White Guy Who Thought He Was A
Female Anime Character)

*crime against humanity alarm bells start ringing in the background*

Source: The Official Man Faye Site @



Anyway, onto the history of Man Faye.....

Man Faye first set the world on fire at Anime Expo 2002 in Long Beach, California. Before that the world of anime was but a grain of sand on the vast beach of world culture. Cowboy BeBop, the original series Man Faye appeared in (funfact: in the original series, Faye is actually a WOMAN!) was unpopular and known to perhaps a few dozen die hard fans.But that was before.
Before the most electrifying man in cosplay history hit the scene. After his brief appearance at AX 2002, rumors of 'the chosen one' spread like wildfire. Even those who witnessed it in person doubted their memories- was it all just a sweet, sweet dream? But it was real.
Man Faye broke a year of silence with numerous showstopping appearances at Anime Expo 2003.
Little is known about Man Faye- where he came from- his plans for the future...but one thing is for sure- cosplay will never be the same.

I'm sure that Man Faye is a nice guy really, without the yellow crotch-pinching outfit, but I wonder what the h3ll is wrong with him.....

Anyway, on another note:


(Hope you've gotten over your hangover)


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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Them Crazy Japanese

Wow... The Japanese have come up with the sexy female version of Ronald McDonald....
(And her pretty boy metro-sexual counterpart too!)

Now I've really seen it ~all~.....

You can read all about it on The Guardian.
(Apparently, this new concept has been received very well by the Japanese market...)

Anyway, here are some pics that I've picked off the site for your viewing pleasure:

Exhibit 1:
Foxy female Ronald sexy posing in elegant dinner wear...

Exhibit 2:
"Pssssst...", she whispers, " at McDonald's everyday and you will look just like me.."

Exhibit 3:
Sexy female Ronald posing in casual wear....

Exhibit 4:
Sexy female Ronald imagining a juicy Big Mac in her hands.....

Exhibit 5:
Metro-sexual Ronald showing off his tomatoes.... erm...

Hmmmm.... I wonder what's next?
A naughty school girl version of the Hamburgler perhaps?
(What do you think?)

The possibilities are limitless..........

Oh, and here's a gem from Den Fujita, the first McDonald's Japan president:
"The reason Japanese people are so short and have yellow skins is because they have eaten nothing but fish and rice for 2,000 years. If we eat McDonald's hamburgers and potatoes for a thousand years we will become taller, our skin become white and our hair blond."

*rolls eyes*

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Busy Busy, No Update-y

Location: Seremban

Current Status: Bored (almost to tearssss...)

Details: Busy... Very busy... with manager looking over shoulder periodically... So, no surfing the net, no proper update... only work, work, work... oh, and more work... and it's only Tuesday...


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Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend? What Weekend?

I repeat, ~BLEH~....

'Twas not too great a weekend...

  • Woke up. Got ready.
  • Picked up the girls...(Cindy, Nina and Hani,... ie. Long Lost Friend No. 1, Long Lost Friend No. 2 and Long Lost Friend No. 3)
  • Proceeded to karaoke joint - Red Box @ Sogo.....
  • Was later joined by Jing and TJ (Lost Lost Friend No. 4 and Long Lost Friend No. 5)....
  • Much singing ensued
  • Had some Hong Kong style cheese baked rice for lunch at Red Box (oh.. and about what I said about Red Box's food earlier, I take it back... not all of the food at Red Box is horrible... there seem to be ~some~ exceptions to the norm)
  • Slept
  • Missed Kwong Heng+Pattar's big drunken birthday bash
  • Slept


  • Slept
  • Went out with parents
  • Slept

As you can see I had a pretty exciting weekend. *haha* The karaoke session was the high point of the weekend I guess... It was nice to see everyone again..... (Where do you all want to go next week?)

However, it was all downhill from there....


Still seem to be battling some bug that I caught when I first went to Seremban, so I spent a lot of time in bed feeling miserable...


To Kwong Heng and Pattar:

Sorry! I didn't mean to miss the birthday celebration on Saturday... Was feeling really rotten...

To everyone else (JJ and Julian especially):

Apologies! Didn't get to catch up properly... Haven't seen you all for ages... Will make up for it soon (hopefully)....


Have to get back to work now....

*rolls up sleeves and jumps back into the pile of paperwork*

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*blleeergh* Need Coffee

The start of a new week...

*half hearted cheer*

... AND I'm in Seremban now........

*sound of spirit breaking*

Anyway.... will (try to) post properly later.....

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Back to Square One


Tried to start on a healthy diet today...
... I actually bothered to bring one of those pre-packed salads for lunch...
I had just bought it 2 days ago from a major supermarket and was looking forward to a lovely Ceasar salad.... only to be greeted by the odour of rotting vegetables...

(some of the salad leaves in the middle of the pack were brown and ~slimy~!!!!)

This must be some higher power telling me to stop dieting because I'm just fine the way I am....
Yes... That's definately it....


Now, where did I put that bar of chocolate?

MMmmmmmmmmmm....... chocolate.......

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The Countdown Begins!


It's Friday already.... How fast the week passes by....
Isn't it a great feeling when there's less than 24 hours till the weekend?

Hmmm... methinks that Fridays are the best days evah!
Oh,.. and Sundays are the worst, especially just before sleeping at night 'cos you know that when you wake up, it'll be Monday morning.....

Oh well... no point whining about it, I guess... very very few people have the luxury of not having to join the rat race... The rest of us just have to make the best of it, I suppose.

The pre-weekend has already started off quite well already.
Just met up with an old friend of mine last night... 'Twas nice to catch up, as I haven't seen him for ages. I can't believe that I've already known him for like.. erm.. *furious mental calculation* ... wow, 15 years already!

I suddenly feel very old.

Anyway, congratulations James! (Yay for ~the~ youngest ever Account Manager in the industry!)

...oh, and I may have to go to Seremban next week for work....
*silent tear rolls down cheek*

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

**** ~ Boredom Breeds Madness ~ ****

Thursday is almost over!
Which means that we are all ~THAT~ much closer to the weekend...
*does happy Thursday dance*


*straightens out work clothes and sits back down in cubicle*'s some news around the world that caught my eye:

One word: Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....

Miss Tyra "Exhibitionist" Banks proves once and for all that she is silicone-free.

Texan woman sues popular reality show Extreme Makeover for her sister's suicide.

Oil prices going up, up, up, arising from fears of Hurricane Rita.

And other than surfing the net for (rather pointless) news, I've spent the whole day looking at and keying in teeny weeny little numbers...
(Aarrrrgggh,.... my eyessssss.... They ~BURN~........!)

As mind-numbing as the work is today, it's not very stressful... so, I'm trying my darndest to enjoy it while I can.... I've seen my schedule for the next few weeks... and it doesn't look good......
Oh well.
This will all change when I've taken over the world.......



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To Serina, With Love.......

Just a quick one before I start my day.....

For dearest Serina,... I know I promised to bring him to you while you were in KL, but because I inadvertedly went back on my word, here's the a soft copy of his photo to tide you over for now:

Isn't he dreamy? *swooooooooon* AND good with his fingers too......

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

~~My Life as an Event Planner~~

Heya mein long lost Sri Aman-ian friends!

Our dear Miss Cindy de Lioncourt has honored me with the responsibility of arranging the karaoke get-together this weekend.....

Change of Venue and Time!
(Due to certain logistical problems, there has to be a slight venue and time change....)


Venue ~ Red Box, Sunway Pyramid
Address ~ Lower Level 1, Oasis Boulevard 2, Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Date ~ Saturday, 24th September 2005
Time ~ 11am - 2pm
Price ~ RM7++ per person (includes one set lunch)

New Venue and Time!:

Venue ~ Red Box Ria, Sogo
Address ~ Level 8, Kompleks Sogo Pernas, 190 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
Date ~ Saturday, 24th September 2005
Time ~ 12am - 3pm
Price ~ RM7++ per person (includes one set lunch)

(Other than that, the following still applies....)

I must warn you all though:
1) The rooms are quite nice but the food leaves a lot to be desired (I remember having a very cold and rather tasteless serving of fried rice)..... So, it's probably best to have a heavy breakfast/ early lunch just in case. I last went there sometime early this year but I don't think it has changed too much since then.....
2) Also, note that Red Box is very evil: If you book a room for 10 ppl and only 8 ppl turn up, you will still have to pay for 10 ppl *sigh* (kena b4)

I will book the karaoke room on Friday afternoon, so please RSVP in the comments section below ASAP.


ps1/ Looking forward to see you all and catch up *hugs* ~ I know I've disappeared for a while *guilty as charged*.....

ps2/ Although this will mostly be a Sri Aman thing,.... anyone else who wants to go, please just RSVP... You're more than welcome to join in...


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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday Blues

Another day in the office, another day staring at the laptop....


Grannies band together knit a 200 foot long pink bunny wabbit.

More money then I'll ever see in my lifetime, and enough to wipe out a 1/3 of Africa's debt.

US scientists found the emotionally impaired are more willing to gamble for high stakes and that people with brain damage may make good financial decisions.

New Croation reality show where the audience can choose which one of the 7 contestants (yep, all sheep) will be voted out .... and EATEN! *gasp*.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Repent, Repent! The End is Near!


And so yet another weekend comes to an end.....

Anyway, the usual weekly dinner (on a Friday this time) was at the Fisherman's Cove in the new Star Hill food avenue:

The Dinner:

The food was good, ......
(although I must say, the appetizers are severely overpriced! - I'm sure Kwong Heng will agree *lol*)
..... the evening was started off with a simple (and TINY) welcome appetizer, compliments of the restaurant, a morsel of zuchinni topped with a refreshing vinaigrette (don't blink, you might miss it)...


..... then, the various appetizers rolled in. Here's Kwong Heng enjoying his delicious RM26/++ appetizer which was basically a small serving of soba and 4 slivers of scallop (beautifully presented of course, but just so small)....

Kwong Heng sez: Yum Yum

..... and on the other extreme, here's Pat working hard to fend off freeloaders from his tempting bowl of seafood soup (he reports that it tastes good and the serving size is generous)....

Gwumpy Pat

..... Soon after, the main dishes were served (being a seafood restaurant, the fish dishes that we ordered were great - fresh and succulent, prepared in a simple yet delicious fusion Western-Asian style). Here's Vikram, Jo and Serina enjoying their food...

Vik, Jo and Serina stuffing their faces

Overall, it was a good dinner: Attentive service, tasty food, a wide selection of wines and nice ambience which was, of course, amplified by good company and conversation.

The moral of the Cove is: Order the seafood! - It is very fresh and very yummy indeed.
(We had some dinner attendees who ordered the pasta and other non-seafood items - not very impressive/ worth it)

Better still, instead of ordering off the generic ala carte selection, do what Vik and Jo did:
Order a whole fish (fresh from the tank), select one of the various preparation styles and munch happily at the slightly more expensive, but much larger serving that you will get.

Full stomachs, happy faces

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Fisherman's Cove @ Star Hill

Taste: 8
Ambience : 8
Service : 8
Price** : RM 100/++ per person
Parking: Ample

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 - 2782 3848
Opening Hours: 12pm - 1am


The After(-Dinner) Party:

Bellies full and belts bulging, the convoy moved on to the nearby Village Bar where (miracle of miracles) Pat "el' cheapo" Pincon bought everyone a round of drinks to celebrate his long awaited graduation....

(Pssst....CONGRATULATIONS PAT! - It's about time!........ *hugs*)

The Village Bar @ Star Hill

LG8, Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL.
Tel : 03 - 2782 3852

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 12noon - 1am

OK,... I think that's enough for now..... Gotta go catch some sleep or I'll be a zombie at work tomorrow......

Over and out,

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Friday, September 16, 2005

O' Great Server God, I Fear Thy Wrath!

The server is not working in the office today….
The Server God has to be appeased!
*looks around for human sacrifice*
Anyway, while I’m busy with that, here’s some interesting news to fill your brains with:

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

LOOK, it's ~ART~!

Mmmmmm..... Half naked men, covered in no more than a skivvy of cloth (classic tighty whiteys, at that) and a generous dusting of white powder all over, posing in pretty pink high heeled shoes....

YUP, it's definately art!
(see for yourself...)

I was just thinking back to June, when me and the bunch (Albert, Julian, Sneexe and Chen Hoe) were at the KLPAC for a French trapeze show, Somewhere in the Middle by Compagnie Moglice Von-Verx.

The trapeze was really good....(It's amazing what you can do with two women, some wire and a lot of creativity)....but what has been really permanently emblazoned in my mind is the free performance that was held outside the main building after that.

The 10th installment of Chicken Parts: Rise of the Phoenix, ....ahhhh.. how I shall always remember the day I witnessed such a spectacle. I don't quite understand the meaning behind the whole set-up but all I can say is: Malaysia boleh! (at least it was different lah)

Hmmm,... looking back at the photo now, it does look like that kid in the red t-shirt is having waaay too much fun.....

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Day in the Life of Minion #99999999999

And I thought that working in a chocolate factory would be a dream come true...
****fade in****

Vats of liquid chocolate, emitting a mouth-watering and tantalising aroma....
Endless lines of chocolate bars, freshly pressed from the moulding machines...
Boxes and more boxes of packaged chocolate, of every possible variety, promising the wonders of what lies within...

****fade out****
...but after a month of work, I am beginning to understand the depth of the age old adage: "be careful what you wish for".
*takes a quick glance at self in mirror and squeals*

(Mmmm, I must say though.... nothing tastes as good as fresh chocolate, straight off the line)


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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Time's Fun When You're Having Flies... eh?

Sad but true: Weekends seem to pass by so quickly nowadays.

How is it that the 48 hours of the weekend can feel like a blink of an eye?
(as opposed to the 120 hours of a normal working week which can feel like eternity)

Anyway, was a good weekend overall:
  • Did not go to the gym (again)
    (All hail the God of Broken Resolutions!)
  • Rejoiced the ageing of a dear friend at a cosy dinner party (Happy Birthday V! *hugs* Still love you even if you're old!)
  • Caught up with the usual suspects at the neighbourhood coffee joint
  • Oh,.. and had a haircut (which I still think looks perfectly fine) and got endlessly taunted by my ..*snarl* .."good friends" at that said coffee session...
    (*sob*... You guys are 3V1L!!! ---> I do NOT look like Thulsa Doom!)

Annex 1: My supposed lookalike

Anyway, ....*sigh*... got the pic off the Radio Heroes website. Interesting place to kill some time. There are spoofs of some popular cartoon / tv heroes there (knock yourselves out).

Till next time, adios.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

...and then there was light!

So a new day begins.......

*cue drum roll and dramatic music*

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