Sunday, September 11, 2005

Time's Fun When You're Having Flies... eh?

Sad but true: Weekends seem to pass by so quickly nowadays.

How is it that the 48 hours of the weekend can feel like a blink of an eye?
(as opposed to the 120 hours of a normal working week which can feel like eternity)

Anyway, was a good weekend overall:
  • Did not go to the gym (again)
    (All hail the God of Broken Resolutions!)
  • Rejoiced the ageing of a dear friend at a cosy dinner party (Happy Birthday V! *hugs* Still love you even if you're old!)
  • Caught up with the usual suspects at the neighbourhood coffee joint
  • Oh,.. and had a haircut (which I still think looks perfectly fine) and got endlessly taunted by my ..*snarl* .."good friends" at that said coffee session...
    (*sob*... You guys are 3V1L!!! ---> I do NOT look like Thulsa Doom!)

Annex 1: My supposed lookalike

Anyway, ....*sigh*... got the pic off the Radio Heroes website. Interesting place to kill some time. There are spoofs of some popular cartoon / tv heroes there (knock yourselves out).

Till next time, adios.

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