Friday, April 30, 2010

A Small Tribute

Dedicated to Uncle Boon....

You were so much to so many,
Husband, father, friend.
But you could not choose when God called,
Still, holding on strongly till the end.

Fallen, but not forgotten,
Gone, but always here.
Never just a memory,
Forever held dear.

Boon Kok Yang
1941 - 2010

With deep and sincere condolences,

I know it's not much, and sorry this is so delayed, Cin... It took me a while to try to come up with something that wasn't completely corny. *HUGS*

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mixed Pork Soup & Yam Rice @ Sungai Way, PJ

Porky comfort food in Sungai Way....

I have actually been eating at this coffeeshop (on and off) since I was a kid..... but I still find the narrow roads and many one way streets in the Sungai Way area quite daunting, maze-like even!:
Narrow roads and lots of "Jalan Sehala"s...

The nameless coffeeshop is very nondescript, situated at the corner opposite a Chinese temple:
No sign on the coffee shop! :(...

(Opposite this temple - Look out for it... I've attached a map at the bottom of the post though, just in case...)
A landmark, I hope this helps...

Of course, the setting is simple - deteriorating wooden tables, plastic chairs and slightly dingy tiles, all adding to the rustic charm of this place:
Basic coffeeshop ambience...

In terms of food: There isn't actually much choice here, just a pan mee stall at the side, and this pork soup stall which I LOVE:
(20 years and still going strong!)
The stall uncle working his magic...

The soup - ah the glorious "sweetness" of the pork melted into the broth, mixed with the saltiness of the salted vegetables (ham choy) and slight peppery kick:
Piping hot bowl of happiness...

You can choose what you want served with it, ranging from:
- lean meat cuts,
- fatty meat cuts,
- pork meat balls <-- YUMMY! Bouncey, salty (in a good way) and tasty! :D
- as well as various porcine internal organ slices.

I usually go for pork balls and lean pork....
Mind you, the pork balls ROCK, but the lean pork slices can have a slightly dry texture...
(Hey, it's because it's lean meat (ie. healthier) and he doesn't use tenderizers as far as I know)

Another great dish served by this stall is the yam rice:
Hearty chunky yam rice...

:) :) :)
Love it, as carby as it is - perfect comfort food.

Also popular is the stewed pork:
Glistening pork - how beautiful you are...

Although it's only moderately tender and not really that meaty... the chunks of pork, cooked in a simple soya sauce base really hits the right spots.

I don't have the exact price for each dish but total bill for:
- 2 large bowls of yam rice
- 3 servings of soup with pork & misc piggy parts
- 1 serving of stewed pork
= RM 22!
So worth it, right? :)

I'm not sure if this old uncle has any "heirs" to pass the yummy recipes down to... but I hope and pray that he does (or that he will live forever).
(Selfish, I know... but the food is delicious!)

So, it's: YUMMY AND AFFORDABLE porky soup, yam rice and stewed pork trotters in a simple setting BUT hidden in the maze like Sungai Way area and beware! - the uncle running the stall can suddenly decide to take an off day whenever he wants.....

Summary Information:
Porky Soup stall @ Sungai Way, PJ

Opening Hours: Tues to Sunday (approx.) 8.30am till 2pm
Phone: -
Address: At crossroads of SS9A/2 and SS9A/9, Sungai Way, 47300 Petaling Jaya


(Based on Masak-Masak's directions)

View Larger Map

- Masak-Masak
- waisikkai

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fraser's Hill Road Trip (Part 1)

Lazy J presents another photo heavy post - trying to be a nature photographer :)....

Lately, I've been going on a couple of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia type road trips with my friends - first to Melaka (last month?), and this time to Fraser's Hill. :)
(Nothing like a day trip/ weekend getaway to help ease all the stress of the work week!)

Before we start on some of the highlights of our Fraser's trip:
- Thanks to the wonderful Soo Jin, who organised the trip and drove a noisy carful of girls up the hill (while we slowly drove him up the wall I suspect *lol*), and
- Nice to meet you, Kathleen, Lai Yee and Christine! *waves* (Thanks for making conversation easy, despite us being (practically) strangers!)

On the way up - some parts of the road were quite ok, but mostly they were very narrow and windy:
Caution required!...

Pitstop for our dear driver to stretch his legs:

Look! Baby Monkey!:
I wan banana...

Due to a recent(?) landslide, they have scheduled alternating one way traffic up the last stretch (around 10km?) to Fraser's between 7am and 7.30pm:
- Odd hours: Going down,
- Even hours: Going up.

There is no control from 7.30pm till 7am though, so I would strongly suggest avoiding the road at this time - I didn't see any lighting by the roadside, so it would be narrow, windy AND dark *yikes*...:
Take note!...

A trip to Allan's Water, a lake in near the town center:
Doorway to Allan's Water...

It's not a very big lake (Soo Jin said "What? This is a pond lah"... *lol*) but it's pretty nice because of how serene it is:
Small lake...

You can go paddling/ boating if you want:
Two at a time...

Walk way to the other side of the lake:
Shaded walkway...

Canopy of leaves:

Sky captured in the water:

Pretty flowers here and there:
I love orchids!...

Also, butterflies and dragonflies flying around:
Cute lil' pinkish dragonfly...

- Is there a lot to do at Allan's Waters?
Honestly, no.

- Is it relaxing, nice quiet hang out place for city slickers tired of hot, smokey, grey KL (especially if you're already in the Fraser's area)?
Definitely yes. :)

Anyway, will get around to doing Fraser's food related posts soon. :)

Here's a map of Fraser's that I got online - I'm sure it's not completely accurate to scale, but it's a good enough guide... In any case, Fraser's Hill really isn't that big and the signages there are actually pretty good. :)

- Fraser's Hill 2010, Part 2
- Fraser's Hill 2010, Part 3
- Fraser's Hill 2010, Part 4
- OR go to J's Main Travel Page for more options. :)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Ice Cream Sushi - Kawaii!

Adorable yet indulgent little bites.........

There's no better mid-week break* than sitting in a cosy setting with some friends, while chit chatting and indulging in some comfort food....
(*without taking leave/ going on holiday)

So, when Regina and Joelle from Pat-Lin extended an invite to an informal gathering at Haagen Daz Solaris Mont Kiara to taste a few of their new creations, there was really no way I could decline. :) :)
The upper section of the Solaris Haagen Daz outlet.....

I was even happier that I bumped into more friendly faces there, namely the legendary Babe in KL with her Captain Hook :), and fellow food blogger newcomers Joe and Bangsar Babe in the upstairs area of the ice cream cafe.

While we all caught up, we were presented with slices of the new Sweet Romance ice cream cake (RM 135++ per kg):
Sweet romance.....

It was a medley of simple flavours - smooth ice cream topped with white chocolate shavings and cream. Overall, nice.
(Although the white chocolate shavings made it an eencey weencey bit too sweet for my tastebuds)

Next, the highlight of the night, the Haagen Daz Sushi Platter (RM 35++ each):

Look at it! Isn't it adorable?? :)
(We spent a couple of moments ooh-ing and aah-ing over it... *lol*)

Here's a closer look:
Yummy! And not fishy at all :)

Of course, the sushi not only looked good** but tasted really yummy too. :)
(** Painstakingly hand made, and topped with imported fruits, we were told)

My favourite was the "tamago sushi" - which was a mix between Mango/ Passionfruit and Macademia Nut Brittle ice cream.
(Admittedly, the frozen fruit chunks on the other 2 "sushi" pieces were a little too cold for my ageing teeth... Boo hoo hoo. Dunno why but my teeth have suddenly become very sensitive lately!)

The coffee there also turned out to be quite ok (although I didn't like the dash of cinnamon powder they dusted on top of my iced cappuccino):
Caffeine is my friend!

Shout out:
A big thanks to Regina and Joelle @ Pat-Lin for inviting me for yet another delicious Haagen Daz event. You two really know how to spoil a girl!


So, it's: A darling new ice cream "sushi" platter and cake added into a range of yummy ice cream :) BUT well, it's not exactly cheap, is it?.....

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- Pillow Talk With Bangsar Babe
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- The Ruthless Eater
- I Just Wanna Eat

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hotaru/ Fireflies @ Actors Studio Lot 10

Artistic play by award winning playwright leaves a lot to think about....

I don't know whether the Actor's Studio people will come after me for taking photos during the play (when everyone was told specifically not to*)... but I just couldn't help myself - wanted to capture and share it with everyone.
(*OMG. I'm a criminal?)

Anyway, I'll try not to give out any spoilers since it's still playing every night till Sunday 25 April... :)
(Go watch!)
(Just a suggestion... haha...)

- Simple set, with hardly any props, leaves the focus on the acting and story:
The stage is set...

- Cool photo! (accidental - was trying to tweak my camera settings):
Wah... Look at the aura...

- 2 half naked guys just hanging out on a hot night:
Exhibitionist? ...

- Married man and young girl? *gasp*:
Banana juice! *lol*...

- The married couple nursing a loss (Awwwwww.....):
So sweet...

- Love is in the air:

- Finally, me with Season, after the show:
Great performance babe!...

In short (IMHO):
It started off slow, and built up very well, with dashes of humour added into the generally emo tone of the play.... It was real and raw yet surreal, with good acting all around (Great job guys and girls!).

Admittedly, at times the play became a bit too "deep" for me but I like that it left me with a lot of food for thought (Like: "Why did he/ she say that?"... "Hmmmm.. what is the meaning of that action?"... "Why the fixation with banana juice and horses??")

Anyway, here are the details of the play:
Written by: Toshirou Suzue
Directed by: Doppo Narita

Two lovers in a relationship they don’t want to be in, a couple slowly drifting apart, a student in search of herself, an office boy who longs to have his best friend’s life and a deluded businessman who just wants some fun and adventure. Each of these 7 characters have a story to tell - a story about relationships. Written by award-winning Japanese Playwright, Suzue Toshiro, the play draws our attention to the hurdles we face in our everyday relationships.

(In alphabetical order! To be fair....)
- Season Chee, Mark Beau de Silva, Paranee Damodran, Gowri Paary, Wong Wai Hoong, Adel Yap, and Nur Zakuan.

Venue: The Actors Studio
(Lot 10, Roof Top, Level 8A, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL)

Date & Time:
- 21 April @ 8pm (preview show),
- 22 till 24 April @ 8pm
- 24 till 25 April @ 3pm

Ticket Price: RM 33, RM 23 (students)

You can buy tickets online (click here or call/ go to:
- The Actors Studio @ Lot 10 (03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009), or
- KLPAC (03 4047 9000)

If you want more details, here is the official website for Hotaru.

Hope you like it! :)


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Favola @ Le Meridien, KL

New Italian place in Le Meridien Hotel KL....

Favola is a fairly new Italian restaurant in Le Meridien (taking over where Al Nafourah used to be). As it is part of the Starwood hotels, we decided to make full use of my friend Verena's membership card*:
(*One person's meal is discounted in the meal - most "worth it" when it's 2 people dining)

The decor in Favola has a touch of whimsy and fantasy, with classic stark black and white tiles contrasted with wall to wall murals and playful carnival masks:
(I guess it all plays into the name, Favola, which means fable in Italian)
Inside Favola...

Can you believe that one of my highlights for the night was the bread? (free!):
Carbs are so good...

As expected of any reputable high end restaurant, Favola offers a range of different breads to start your meal. While the bread(s) were fairly normal actually, one of the 3 dips they served with it ROCKED.

I think it was fluffed up butter with truffle oil added?... Anyway, it was DIVINE.
(DIVINE, I tells ya!)

To start, we tried the Bresaola (RM 35++) - Air dried beef slices with fresh fig:
Dried beef...

The thin slices of beef were salty, paired with tender, sweet fig and spicy rocket leaves. Not everyone may enjoy it but it was definitely an interesting dish.

Next up, the Stuffed Mussels (RM 35++):
Mussels in a bowl...

Slightly fishy taste, but otherwise it was ok - I liked the fragrant tomato broth it came with.

One of our mains - the Conchiglioni Marinara al Cartoccio (RM 45++) - Baked shell pasta in seafood sauce:
Nice presentation...

One of the stand out dishes that night, simple but delicious - pasta with seafood and tomato based sauce, wrapped in paper and baked. I really liked the tomato sauce, tart and fragrant.

Also, we had the Risotto Parmagianno (RM 40++) - Cheesey mushroom risotto:
The risotto...

Overall this tasted pretty good - a hearty dish of moist but al dente risotto bursting with woody mushroom and slight truffle flavour.
(May be a bit jelak after a while as most, if not all, risottos are)

We also tried the Lasagna Al-Forno (RM 45++) - Wagyu Lasagna:
The lasagna...

Um. This was supposed to be gloriously tender chunks of wagyu baked into a hearty, cheese-y lasagna... but it fell short of expectations.... :(
(Was kinda oily.... and not really very meaty...)
(So sorry for recommending this to you Rizal!)

Last of the mains - the Osso bucco (RM 80++):
Meaty dish...

Overall ok. Bursting with flavour but strangely, a bit chewy at the same time.
(The accompanying mashed potatoes with truffle oil and a dash of caviar was really nice though)

As for dessert, we tried the Budina di Chocolat (RM 25++) and the Canoli (RM 25++):
The Budina di chocolate...

The Canoli...

Overall both were ok:
- the budina di chocolate: moist molten chocolate cake served with ice cream.
- the canoli: smooth hazelnut chocolate mousse encased in a dense, slightly crisp pastry.
(LOL. We are terrible. We were all giggling about how the Canoli looked kinda "suggestive"...)

So, it's: Friendly staff, good array of classic Italian dishes, nice ambience BUT there are some hits and misses on the menu and can be a bit expensive without the Starwood card.....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Favola @ Le Meridien Hotel, KL

7th Floor, Le Meridien KL, 2 Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470 K.L.

Taste: 6
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 105++ per person
Parking: OK but can be expensive ***

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks (but if you have the Starwood card, it can be a lot cheaper)
*** Don't forget to get your ticket validated by the front desk, to get a flat rate charge of RM8 (tell them you ate at the restaurant)...

Telephone No.: 03-2263 7888
Opening Hours: 12.30pm - 2.30pm (except Saturday), 6.30pm - 10.30pm (everyday)


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- A Lil Fat Monkey
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

G.H. Mumms F1 Party @ Pavilion, KL

Photo heavy post: Free flow champagne + friends = Happy Happy J....

Birds eye view:
The main area of Pavilion, before the event started...

Cool - F1 car parked in front:
Vroom vroom...

Celebs around - Will Quah with an unidentified hottie:
The event is starting soon...

What a beautiful sight - the waiter pouring glass after glass of champagne:

My glass - Yummy!:
All mine...

Shy lerr. Everyone's looking down on us :)
*stare stare stare*...

The Club 21 fashion show starts:
Lots of funky clothes from DKNY, Armani, etc...

Hello there, Mr Rock Hard Abs!:
:) :) :)...

More beautiful people:
- Gorgeous Karen and Marco:
Single hotties...

- Me and KLCC Ken*:
(*It's a funny story - he went to KLCC and called us about where we were because "he couldn't find us". *lol*)
Ken is made of LOL...

- Random eye candy (Is he anyone famous? I don't know....):

- I love you Mum(ms)!:
Me with a big bottle of Mumms...

A million thanks to Karen for inviting this boring office minion to another glam event - love you, babe! *HUGS*

More hugs,

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