Friday, April 30, 2010

A Small Tribute

Dedicated to Uncle Boon....

You were so much to so many,
Husband, father, friend.
But you could not choose when God called,
Still, holding on strongly till the end.

Fallen, but not forgotten,
Gone, but always here.
Never just a memory,
Forever held dear.

Boon Kok Yang
1941 - 2010

With deep and sincere condolences,

I know it's not much, and sorry this is so delayed, Cin... It took me a while to try to come up with something that wasn't completely corny. *HUGS*

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Julian Si said...

Hi J, beautifully written.

J said...

Thanks... *blush*
Just trying to commemorate my friend's dad in some way...

Anonymous said...

Thanks JQ.


J said...

to Cin:
No thanks needed....

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