Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A friend tries to set me up with his friend and the feedback is that I am apparently too strong/ opinionated/ something along those lines.

Me? Really?

And all this time I thought that I was a nice girl, but with a point of view on certain matters.

And this is not first time!
(Well, in another context actually: I knew I would be rejected for a job because the interviewer said at the end, "Wah. You very opinionated, horr" in a really "tsk tsk" tone of voice....)

Am so sick of this nonsense.

Why is that most (Asian) guys I meet cannot accept a woman who has an opinion? This is really upsetting - because it's not like I'm the "in your face"/ brash/ feminist/ grrl power type anyway... (I don't think so anyway).

Can it be that when they say they value intelligence/ personality/ sense of humour in a woman, what they really mean is HOT BODY?


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

We All Scream For Ice Cream

A nice (slightly belated) Mother's Day treat at Haagen Daz, courtesy of Pat-Lin Communications.........

I usually never believe when I am told "Free! No strings attached" when it comes to invited food reviews/ events but I guess it can really happen... :)
The Haagen Daz at One Utama, 2nd Floor, New Wing

Ok. So what were we doing that day?
Testing out a yummy new flavour! :)
Basically, Haagen Daz is celebrating their 25th anniversary and launched a (limited time only) flavour : Cappuccino Truffle. And since it was around the Mother's Day, they decided to pamper our mums too by extending the invite to them.
(So sweet... )
What is the Cappucino Truffle flavour all about?.....

My mum chose her favourite, a variation on the Banana Split, called the Banana Reverie (RM 29.90++):
The Banana Reverie.....

It was a bit normal.... I guess if you want something simple, this would a good choice.

As for me, I was really curious about the new flavour so I chose the Cassata Tiramisu (RM 29.90++):
The Cassata Tiramisu .....

Although I would have liked the ice cream to be a bit more coffee-ish, the melt in your mouth chunks of chocolatey truffle in it won me over.
(I am a chocoholic after all)
(Oh, the Tiramisu ice cream cake that came with this was not bad too)

Oh, and for you coffee lovers out there: Haagen Daz serves Illy!:
My caffeine fix.....

Mmmmm... The Illy Iced Cappucino was smooth and had a strong enough (but not too bitter) taste to satiate my other addiction - caffeine. :)

Anyway, to end it off:
- A big thanks to Regina and Sabina @ Pat-Lin - You girls were the perfect hostesses and the ice cream was so yummy! :)

Also, to Sue Lynn and Wei Zhi :
- It was so nice to see you girls again. Hope we can chat properly next round. Sorry, I was too busy stuffing my face with ice cream. :D

So, it's: New flavour added into a range of yummy ice cream!! :) BUT it's not cheap, is it?.....

Summary Information:
Ice Cream! @ Haagen Daz, One Utama

Opening Hours: 11am till 10pm
Price: varies
Phone: 03-7726 2835
Address: 2nd Floor, One Utama Shopping Center New Wing


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Can Cook! (Sort of)

Haha... I know it's no big deal (it's just a simple brekkie) but I only cook maybe 4 times a year (?). So, I thought I'd share the Mother's Day breakfast I prepared for my mum (and dad) with you all.

What's in it?: 2 gourmet sausages (1 garlic, 1 spicy), streaky bacon, cheese-y oven roasted tomatoes and scrambled eggs:

What do you think? :)


I must say though, cooking breakfast was very eventful - I almost set the kitchen on fire! >_<

Let's just say that my dad's "kiam siap" (stingy), "let's not waste anything" behaviour backfired in a big way - he confidently told me that one of the pots was safe for usage on an induction cooker... and guess what?

It was not.
(It took about 3 seconds for the butter to EXPLODE - I am not kidding. There was a small pillar of flame that singed most of the hair off my left hand)

(Ok. Technically, the pot was made of stainless steel which is suitable for usage with induction cookers, but because it is the normal kind of pot - vs the induction cooker ones which generally are made thicker at the base or have special coatings - the heat went right through it and combusted the butter)

Anyway, I survived. Hopefully I don't burn the house down on Fathers' Day.
Haha.... :)


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fogals aka The Blue Cow

Same same but different :).......

Fogal's has always been one of my favourite places in Plaza Damas to go to for a simple but hearty yummy meal (except the desserts, which have never impressed) so I was pretty sad when I heard that it closed down! :(

Thankfully it turned out to be (most probably) a case of twisted rumours - all that happened was that Fogal's had changed its name to The Blue Cow:
Clockwise from top: Outside the Blue Cow.....

Otherwise, the concept and menu remains the same (with the addition of a few new items) - a quality butcher shop which also serves simple yummy meaty meals. :)

One of the new additions is the Spicy Tomato Soup (around RM12? Darn it lost the receipt AGAIN):
Clockwise from top: Yum! The Spicy Tomato Soup.....

Maybe it's an effort to "lighten" up their heavy menu items but I LOVE IT. It has great consistency - not too light yet not too thick, robust flavour, with little bits of bacon to chew on, and a nice spicy kick to make this simple soup special.

As I felt like something lighter for lunch, I tried their B.E.L.T sandwich (about RM16?):
A nice B.E.L.T sandwich (Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato).....

Overall, it was not bad - a generous portion of bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato made this a pretty filling meal overall.

Overall: Good quality butcher that also serves simple yummy meaty meals in a casual cafe setting BUT (not in this review, but I have eaten here often enough) desserts are not that nice and beef is a bit iffy (although the pork and sausages are always nice)

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

The Blue Cow (formerly known as Fogal's) @ Plaza Damas, Hartamas, KL

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM50/++
Parking: OK
** Approximation - Per person, 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-6201 3206
Opening Hours: 8am - 10pm


- Mouthwatering Food
- Always and Forever
- La Dolce Vita
- Lots of Cravings
- A Whiff of Lemongrass
- Kampung Kayell
- Ah Mok

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Penny For Your Thoughts

I was just mulling over an interesting question I got recently:
"Why are your food photos so small ah?"

My idea was to have small clickable photos that make the page load faster, with the option of a bigger close up when you click on the photo of your choice....

... but: What do you think?

Your opinions are valued,
(by) J

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