Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A friend tries to set me up with his friend and the feedback is that I am apparently too strong/ opinionated/ something along those lines.

Me? Really?

And all this time I thought that I was a nice girl, but with a point of view on certain matters.

And this is not first time!
(Well, in another context actually: I knew I would be rejected for a job because the interviewer said at the end, "Wah. You very opinionated, horr" in a really "tsk tsk" tone of voice....)

Am so sick of this nonsense.

Why is that most (Asian) guys I meet cannot accept a woman who has an opinion? This is really upsetting - because it's not like I'm the "in your face"/ brash/ feminist/ grrl power type anyway... (I don't think so anyway).

Can it be that when they say they value intelligence/ personality/ sense of humour in a woman, what they really mean is HOT BODY?


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will said...

Hey, don't worry about it.

I'm sure someday you'll find a great guy that appreciates those qualities in you.

And besides, a woman who has intelligence and a sense of humour/personality is much more interesting than one who has neither.

Julian Si said...


Hang in there...

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah! YOU are too opinionated and strong? You're the sweetest thing. Wait til he meets ME. LOL!!!!!


CUMI & CIKI said...

young lady.. ur post sounds SOOOOOOO opiniated! ROFL.. farnee too farnee..!

I totally agree, substitute personality for sexy body, substitute sense of humor of sexy body substitute intelligence for sexy body. There now ur getting the hang of it!

Poor u.. it aint u dahleng.. u just meeting all the wrong men. Ok ok, if i see someone worthy will into to you asap.. k?!


J said...

to wil:Thanks.. :)
I hope so too... but it's difficult to keep believing.
(Wah. I sounds so jaded!)

to Julian Si:

to anonymous Lyn:Hey! My dear, you are definately strong when it comes to work and activities but what's wrong with that, anyway? *hugs*
(I wish I had the guts to do half the things you've tried)

to Ciki Mei:I'll work on the hot body, while you help me look for someone worthy. Hopefully this double prong tactic will be more effective! Haha.. :)
(*hugs* Thanks babe... Sorry to be such a downer, just one of those times when I'm feeling a bit low)

soojc said...

hot body.. where where?!?!?!


you have an opinion.. not sure about the strong part.. was the guy a pansy?

J said...

to soojc:
*ignores jibe at non-hotness of body*

Haha... I don't know whether he was a pansy... but they can't all be pansies, right? Or are they?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

J said...

to anonymous:
Well, that and some multivitamins. :)

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