Monday, June 01, 2009

U Restaurant @ Jalan Bangkung

Finally, I have tried all the restaurants in the Jalan Bangkung area.... :)

Such a simple name: U....

The simplicity is reflected in the restaurant exterior - sporting a low key, discreet facade (which on the flip side, can be a bad thing as it doesn't really catch the eye):
The restaurant exterior....

Inside, the restaurant is comfortable, simple yet stylish - dimly lit, suitable for a romantic dinner:

I really liked the feature wall - a huge aquarium with a school of vibrant goldfishies:

Scanning the menu, there were (strangely, to me) a lack of bento sets for dinner. There only some lunch sets (which we were not allowed to choose for dinner), an omakase set ("leave it to the chef") and one sukiyaki/shabu-shabu set to choose from.

In the end, we decided to share a selection of the various a la carte dishes. First up, the Agedashi Tofu (RM 10++):


The tofu was soft and silky, encased in a medium thickness crunchy batter. :) :)

Next up, the Kimuchi Paste Soup (RM 15++):

My share of the soup....

The soup serving was quite large - enough for 2 to 3 people and I found it DELISH. Ok, you have to like the taste of kimchi as a rule, but it wasn't overpowering - it was balanced well with the "sweet***" seafood base of the soup.
(***I don't mean sugar-y sweet)

The highlight for me was definitely the Nasu Misoyaki (Grilled Eggplant) (RM 15++):

The eggplant....

It looks so unappetising (slightly wizened and burnt black, sprinkled with some sesame seeds) but it tasted nice. :) There was a really yummy grilled flavour in the crisp outer layer, with the "flesh" inside being moist.
(Hmmm... actually, the taste may be a bit bland for some... but I liked it)

The Teriyaki salmon (RM 28++) we had was also pretty good:

The teriyaki salmon....

It was ever ever so slightly overcooked (really slightly lah... like 0.001%) but I really liked how they managed to make the outer layer crisp while keeping the salmon moist on the inside.

Anyway, moving on - no one is perfect, right?

What do I mean?

Well, the Seafood Fried rice (RM 15++) we ordered was really disappointing:

My share of the fried rice (3 people sharing)....

It's not that it was really that bad actually. Just that it was so normal (and I thought it was a bit overpriced).

Also, I wasn't really impressed with the Beef Asparamaki (RM 28++):

Our beef asparamaki....

The thin beef slices, wrapped around stalks of asparagus and topped generously with black pepper were too dry and a little on the bland side....

After all that, the 3 of us were too stuffed for dessert unfortunately... :(
... but there were only a few simple desserts to choose from anyway so not a huge loss I think.
(MMmmmmm, the deep fried bananas with ice cream sounded really good though! I guess I'll have to try it the next time.......)

Overall: Low key restaurant with friendly service and simple yet tasty Japanese food at mid-range pricing (not expensive but definitely not cheap either) BUT some hits and misses on the menu.

Summary Sheet:

U Restaurant @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

Taste: 6
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 65++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks

Telephone No.: 03-2093 1268
Opening Hours: 12noon - 2.30pm, 6pm till 11pm
Parking : OK


- Knits and Nibbles
- Jules Eating Guide to Malaysia

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  1. v: omg kimchi~ *faints*

  2. Brinjal's a must try here ... next time :-)

  3. to anonymous V:(Ver?)
    Haha... Nobody force you to try. :P

    to Julian Si:Tak faham...(Is that more of a question or a statement?)
    You are so confusing. Haha... :)

  4. 'U' is our fav place for Japanese food,the sashimi is da best in town because it is fresh and it's airflown from japan every Tuesday if m not mistake...even the simple thing as taste of miso soup u can tell da difference.

  5. To anonymous:
    yeah, I think the fact that "U" has been around for so long is proof of how good the food is :)


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