Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm in the airport now, misusing,... erm, I mean using the free internet connection that has been so generously provided by Samsung..


Anyway,... just wanted to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year....
May the year of the Dog be a prosperous and happy one for you...
(And may your amassment of ang-pows be extensive and bountiful!)

Miss you all already!

Flying off on a jetplane,

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Proclaimation of Hiatus

Ok, ok.
So I haven't been updating every single day...
I am trying my best.


Really I am.

Oh, and just so you know, I will be on hiatus for about from 28/1/2006 till 4/2/2006.
(Will be going on my annual holiday)

Ciao, people!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Night Of A Thousand Calories (EDITED)

Our continuing gastronomic adventuring brought us to the casual Al-Rausha Restaurant, which is hidden in a quiet housing area just off the ever busy Jalan Ampang…
(this restaurant was highly recommended by Alvin…. even though he had never eaten there before)


Anyway,… I kinda forgot to take a photo of the general restaurant area (my bad!) but just imagine an open air tropical hut theme and a nice airy garden area (watch out for the mozzies tho) set in a roomy bungalow…..

Anyway, onwards to the food review….

The Dinner:

First of all, let’s sort out the over-rated dishes….

… starting with the roasted chicken which came highly recommended by a visitor on the Friedchillies bulletin board….

Although flavoured with an interesting array of spices, the chicken failed to rock our world… (Perhaps we were expecting too much?)… Still, very decently priced, at about RM15, for the whole bird no one complained…

Hmmm, I Feel A Little Sunburnt...

Next, there was the tomato based chickpea stew thingy….
(Ok, ok… so maybe next time I should pay more attention to the actual names of these things)
This stew, although interesting, was a little on the bland side….
Again, nothing earth shaking…

Bubble bubble, Toil and trouble.

Moving on, here are some dishes we tried that I highly recommend:

Have a look at the Lamb Mindhi that I tried that night.

I Heart You, Lamb!
So simple yet so delicious!

Wonderfully marinated and slowly cooked, this generous portion of tender lamb comes served with a mountainous serving of yummy rice (absolute carbohydrate HEAVEN) and condiments such as the tart garlic sauce and the smooth yogurt sauce.

A HUGE serving for around RM20, it could easily feed 2 normal people or well, one Ken.

Oh, and did I mention that it tastes SO good.


If you want to opt for something a little healthier though, do try the baked fish.
Also very well marinated, the fish is succulent… The only downside is that it comes served with laughably small side dishes, namely five aneroxic french fries, one mouthful of coleslaw and a dollop of yogurt sauce.

Nemo Had A Niggling Feeling That He Shouldn't Have Trusted The Fisherman

If you want a dish with a little variety, there is the Mixed Grill….
An array of tender juicy meat (lamb, chicken, etc) is served with, again, laughably small servings of side dishes….

DON'T Make Up Your Mind. Have It All!

There was also a mind-boggling variety of drinks on the menu, mainly consisting of one hundred and one different varietals of mixed blended fruit juices….

Here’s one that Julian ordered…..
It was supposed to be strawberry and banana….

Funky Fruit Juice

Ooh Err… Them strawberries were probably exposed to some toxic waste or something…
(Look at it glow with that eerie fluorescent pink!)


Knock yourselves out…. It’s worth a try at least, right?
(The Mango Smoothie comes highly recommended though)

Overall, Al-Rausha was an excellent casual dining experience…
With its very laidback ambience, it is definitely not a setting for a romantic candlelit dinner but with it’s delicious food at very decent prices (presented oh so beautifully on plastic plates), it’s a restaurant that I look forward to going to again with friends to hang out….

(Oh, and please be patient with the waiters…. It seems like most of them don’t have a very firm grasp of English or BM)

Went back to Al-Rausha recently (July 2006) and I'm sad to report that the food quality has deteriorated somewhat - The lamb is no longer as tender as before (although the rice is still irritatingly addictive) and the fish is only ok.

With that, I have downgraded their rating (for taste) from an 8 to a 6.5... Maybe they were just having a bad night (chef sick, etc) but hey, it's still a good reason to downgrade the rating 'cos a good restaurant HAS to have consistent quality

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Al-Rausha Restaurant

No. 78, Jalan Damai, Off Jalan Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur.

Taste: 8 6.5
Ambience : 5.5
Service : 6
Price** : RM 35/++ per person
Parking: Ample
** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 – 2143 9151
Opening Hours: 11am – late


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Monday, January 23, 2006

*/\* VERY Belated Christmas Cheer */\*

Just couldn't resist putting up these pics....
(Pat and Albert look so cute!)

First, Albert and his gift...

I wonder what this is? -->
Woo-hoo! It's Batman -->
Mmmm, I Heart You, Batman!

... a Batman bolstur to keep him warm on cold, lonely nights in his bachelor pad!
(that look on his face while he's enbracing Batman with all his heart and soul was definately the hightlight of my weekend! Haha)

And now, Pat...

Pat and his Mini-me...

... with the essense of his soul embodied in a bear (key chain)!

I was a little late passing along my presents to my friends for Christmas... but nonetheless, they seemed to enjoy the gifts....

I always have so much trouble finding the right presents for people...
Am always so worried that it's not suitable/ they won't like it/ etc....
(That, and trying to fit the perfect gift into an allocated budget is a bit difficult)
(Hey! Don't look at me like that! I'm not a cheapo! I'm just not made of money la.....)


Anyway,... yes, I realise it's really early in the morning right now.. but I thought I'd just put up one last post before I drive off to Penang again....

Till next time....


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Friday, January 20, 2006

Dwellers of My Cubicle

Just a random photo entry.....

The much missed dwellers of my cubicle:

Meow Meow 1, Meow Meow 2 and British Dude.

I miss them so much...
They add a little colour to my drab work area...
.. and of course, they are a great help when I'm feeling stressed...
(Yes, I am guilty of soft toy abuse...)
(What can I say? Sometimes I tend to wring Meow Meow 1 or Meow Meow 2's neck a little when I need to let off a little steam)


Anyway, I just found out that I have to come back to Penang again next week.


I was really looking forward to being home next week.

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I am FREEEEeeeeeeeee............!
(for the next 10 minutes anyway... *sniffle*)
(I've hijacked a computer)
(*looks nonchalantly at the unconcious office minion hidden behind the cubicle*)

First of all, apologies to all for the total lack of updates...

I have been in Penang since Monday for work......
I thought that I would be able to access the internet here....
... but I've just been working towards a blindingly tight schedule so... *shrugs*
That, and I've just discovered that my wonderful company issued hand-me-down laptop has one thousand and one configurations to stop me from accessing 99% of websites...

There are so many restrictions built into my laptop.
I can't even defrag my computer because I'm not the "administrator"....!
(muntah darah)
Hopefully Pattar will be able to help me with this...


Anyway, gtg...
*waves wildly*
Take care y'all!
(Will be back soon so catch up with you soon)

Signing off,

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Callous Pizza Kitchen

After not meeting up for dinner for a long(-ish) break over Xmas and New Year, the group met up for a casual dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC....

It was a large group that night with Diana, Alvin, Pat, Albert, S, Sneexe, Chen Hoe, JJ (Welcome to KL!), Boon and his friends.... It was really nice to see everyone one again after what seemed like a really long time and exchange belated Christmas gifts...

Anyway, onwards to the restaurant review!

The Dinner:

Located on the 2nd floor of KLCC, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) restaurant is casual and comfortable, with a great view of the KLCC park...

We started off dinner with the Oriental Chicken Salad...

The Asian Salad!

The salad tasted nice...
It had a refreshing Asian twist to it, with a sweet dressing and crispy bits of noodle paired well with the fresh greens...
It's worth a try but my goodness, there is VERY little chicken in it for RM23++...

Moving on to the mains,... here's what we had:

Top to bottom: Fettucine Carbonara, Tequila Chicken Spaghetti and Portobello Mushroom Ravioli.

The Portobello Mushroom Ravioli comes with a choice of either a tomato-based or a cream-based sauce...
(We opted for the cream-based sauce)
Overall it was yummy, with the sinful sauce going very well with the mild taste of the mushroom filling...
(erm... the ravioli was a little starchy tho... but that's just me being fussy)

The Fettucine Carbonara that Pat ate was also pretty good (one of his favourites on the menu at CPK) with its creamy and flavourful sauce...

My favourite of all was the Tequila Chicken Spaghetti...
.. with its tender, tasty pieces of chicken and an unusual sour zing in its sauce, this dish is something that I'd definately order again!

The pizzas here were also pretty good...
JJ had the White Pizza and reports that it was nice...
(waaah.. so much cheese on that pizza! yummy!)
(erm... but also a bit starchy)
(yikes, I am hard to please!)

Being the pigs that we are, we could not resist delving into the desserts:

Left to right, presented by 3 lovely ladies: The Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Sundae and Chocolate Souffle Cake

The desserts, close up...

The Key Lime Pie was really nice, with its moist texture and sour taste, it went well with the sweet Vanilla Bean Sauce (which we pretty much cleaned right off the plate)....
(I do wish that the pie base was a little crispier tho.... Currently, it's just kinda bland and forgettable)

The Chocolate Souffle Cake was also really nice!
This flourless cake literally melts in your mouth and is sinfully rich...
Beware the ala mode option tho - it's an extra RM 5++ for ONE scoop of vanilla ice cream!
(Overpicing Alarm Bells going off in the background)

The Chocolate Sundae however, was a disappointment (very normal)...
Pat remembers this being much nicer the last time he ordered it...

Overall, the food was ok...
CPK has an excellent range of fusion pizzas and pastas - from Kung Pow Chicken Spaghetti (Chen Hoe warns to avoid this tho - he said that it just tastes wrong) to Oriental Chicken Salad and Thai Pizza...
They all taste ok, and are a little pricey but the at least servings are reasonably filling...
The desserts were also pretty good (but also overpriced).

If there was one major flaw with CPK tho, it would be their service..
It was pretty bad that night....
1) Some orders were missed...
(and they had the cheek to charge us for it - luckily we checked!)
2) It was so hard to get water served to us/ refilled throughout the night...
(It was HILARIOUS! I told the waiter that I hadn't gotten my glass of water yet and he just gave me a LOOK and passed me Pat's glass of water instead)
3) The waiters were so grumpy!
(I wonder how much the waiters get paid at CPK?
Can it possibly be so abysmally little that their spirits have broken and it PAINS them to try to keep a smile on their faces?)

Even getting them to get us our bill and collect our payment was amusingly difficult...
After mucho hand waving and calling, we gave up and decided to walk up to the main counter instead...

While we were waiting for them to process our payment, we passed the time by reading the amusing reminder memo that the Resturant Manager had posted on the main counter...
It went a little something like this:
Dear Waiters,

1) Do not forget to serve patrons water
2) Do not forget to bring patrons their drinks
3) Do not forget to serve patrons their soup
4) Do not scribble unintelligibly
5) Please write all orders on ONE piece of paper
6) Do not sleep during working hours
7) Do not write like a doctor
8) etc

The Restaurant Manager

Hmmmm,... wow... they need to be reminded so literally about everything?
Service in Malaysia sucks in general...
I just can't figure out which one is the main cause tho - people being too overworked and underpaid OR just plain ol' bad attitudes.....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC

Taste: 7
Ambience : 6
Service : 5
Price** : RM 65/++ per person
Parking: Ample
** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 - 2382 0802
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm


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Friday, January 13, 2006

Why NOT To Wear Unfamiliar Languages On Your T-Shirt...

God bless those who don't really understand English and end up wearing these shirts because they think it looks cool.....

1) Sending the wrong message:

2) Sharing uninvited DIY tips with the general public:

3) ... and the cream of the crop, illusions of grandeur:


Still, wearing such t-shirts are not quite as stupid as getting a tattoo of some other language onto your SKIN without actually knowing what it really says:

Image hosted by

Always remember kiddies,... tattoos are FOR LIFE.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

** Words Of Wisdom **


"My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today, I have finished 2 bags of M and M's and a chocolate cake. I feel better already..."

--Pulitzer Prize Winning Writer Dave Barry


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Wine Appreciation (3)

Gutten morgen, y'all!
Time for third installment of the stuff on wine that I've been reading.....

*drum roll*

Learn The Difference Between Sweet And Dry!

One of the main distinctions — after red and white — that is bandied about by wine drinkers is whether a particular quaff is sweet or dry. Though imagining how a fluid can be dry is something of a logical stretch, just bear in mind that dry is nothing more than the opposite of sweet, and we all know what sweet tastes like.

A related factor is the weight of a particular type of wine, which refers to the amount of alcohol present in a given sample.

Guides to Sweetness & Weight

Here is a quick and dirty guide to the sweetness of wines (and please note that, for both charts, the listed reds are not necessarily of the same sweetness/weight as the whites listed next to them -- these are relative charts of sweetness/weight, within red or white):

RED - Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Syrah,
WHITE - Riesling, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc

RED - Merlot
WHITE - Brut

And here's a thumbnail sketch of how heavy or light a wine is:

RED - Merlot, Zinfandel, Chianti, Pinot Noir
WHITE - Brut, Fume Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling

RED - Cabernet
WHITE - Chardonnay

Ordering At A Restaurant

With this simple matrix above in mind, you will be well equipped to tackle any menu you face.

If you want to buy time to consider what precisely you should choose from the wine list, tell the waiter you will decide on a wine once you have chosen your food. Then wait to see what your date orders.

Image hosted by
Hmmmm,... is it just me or are both the guy and the waiter perving at the drunk woman's cleavage?

Next, simply ask your date whether he or she prefers red or white. If your love target claims to have no preference, start with the Rule and suggest a wine color that matches the meal he or she has chosen.

Then simply toss out the ringer: "I think a Riesling might go well with your fish, though a Fume Blanc would also be a good choice if you would prefer something a little drier." After your date closes her mouth and expresses a preference, you're golden.

When the waiter returns, simply announce your collective choice: "We would like a Fume Blanc tonight, can you recommend one?" The waiter will then direct your attention to a selection of your chosen wine on the list and now all you have to worry about is the price — we've cut out all the noise so that you can focus on only that one variable.

And the best bit is that you now sound knowledgeable enough to handle the dreaded retort: "I'm sorry, we don't have a Fume Blanc." You're in the driving seat, the restaurant looks silly now. So simply ask, "Well what along those lines do you have?".

You're in control.

Well,... That's enough stuff about wine for one sitting...
Now, all I have to do is find a way to get through the day...

Man, I hate gloomy mornings (when I have to work).....
They always make me feel like crawling back into bed, snuggling into my pillow and just sleeping until the sun decides to come out from hiding...

Unfortunately, I have bills to pay so.....
*looks down at the dreaded Shackle of Work and Career at her leg*

Signing off,

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cute, Cuddly AND Evil...!

Check out this video! - The Bear Vs. Crazy Frog....

3 cheers for the Bear!

Apparently, the Bear is a "....cheeky, mischievous, out-and-out trouble maker and gifted with the power of speech, 'The Bear' has taken up residence within the Hennerson household; a stereotypical sitcom family, where bad language is bleeped out. The needy bear seeks constant attention from his new mum Helena (Patsy Kensit)...."

(as quoted on his
Official Website..... It also adds that:)

"....When he's getting his own way he's your best friend but cross him and you're in trouble. Don't be fooled by his size or cuteness; though childlike, his quick wit and humour is more certificate '18' than 'U'. Now in his teens he is a walking erection and has only recently learnt to control his urges, which isn't all that easy when Patsy Kensit is your mum!"

Still, even with all that, he's OK in my books because:
Big Gun + Irritating Animated Abomination = Fantastic!


Image hosted by
More info on this lovable bear (and his adopted British family as pictured above) on the Official Website HERE.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tutu Fun At Hogwarts

As I return from my another of my journeys to the Net, I bring to you a selection of videos for your amusement:


The Hari Raya Haji holiday is going well so far....

I had a pretty late night yesterday catching up with some old friends and ex-colleagues over dinner and drinks at a cool wine shop/ restaurant called Wine Cottage in KL.....
(Good food and good wine at a really good price in a really cosy ambience....)
(Yes, yes,... shall do the proper review soon)

The copious amounts of wine led to me waking up late and feeling lazy...

... which made me skip out on the gym again this morning...

*sheepish grin*
What can I say?
My ongoing battle with the God of Procrastination is not going so well.....

What the h**k anyway... I have the rest of the year to make up for it, right?

Signing off,

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Monday, January 09, 2006

So Bizarre, So Bizarre....

Yet another holiday tomorrow.....
(Happy Hari Raya Haji, everyone!)

Here are some funny videos for all you office minions out there who want to kill some time:

Hmmmm,... actually, those videos were more disturbing than they were amusing....
Still, I hope you enjoyed them...



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Delicious Cafe Version 2.0

Happy Monday, y'all!

One beautiful afternoon during the long weekend, Nick and I went to the newly re-opened outlet of Delicious by Ms Read at One Utama after a fun session of shopping,....

This outlet, located on the Ground Floor of the new wing, is back... and it's bigger and better than before! Much more spacious than it's predecessor although maintaining the same airy decor style, it is just as comfy and maintains the same menu selections and freshly made cakes....

Since I was armed with my trusty camera that day (I hardly ever am without it nowadays), I decided to add on reviews of what I ate that day on top of my previous review....
(My original review for Delicious Cafe by Ms Read is

The Dinner Lunch!:
Feeling healthy that day, I decided to go for my favourite type of salad instead of my usual pasta....

Le Salad!

I'm sad to report that I did not like the Ceasar salad that I ordered...
The salad itself, although very fresh, was rather disappointing....

I suppose the main flaw (to me) was that it tasted very very strongly of anchovies...
(seeing as I don't really like anchovies)
... and also, that it didn't have anything meaty enough to really fill me up...
(only itty bitty pieces of (soggy) beef bacon)
Also, I didn't enjoy the salad dressing which they had messed about with...
Although obviously tonnes healthier then the usual Ceasar dressing (which is actually rather fattening), it tasted very much like a normal vinaigrette to me...

Overall, the salad left me feeling unsatisfied....
It really is rather expensive (approx. RM18++) for such a small serving....

On the other hand, I rather enjoyed the Panfried Button Mushrooms that I ordered as a side-dish (from the breakfast menu).

Le Champignons!

The mushrooms were simple yet tasty - fried ever so lightly with garlic and some herbs which really brought out the its flavours...

Yum! Definately something that I will order again.
(Although it is a very small serving, I think it's ok 'cos it only costs around RM5++)

Somehow, I found the strength within myself to NOT eat my favourite, the Classic Chocolate Cake, that day... *gasp*...
(saving myself from the consumption of a gazillion calories)

I suppose it was because I was "inspired" by some sweet, sincere and well-chosen words from my high-school ex-boyfriend's mum (whom I bumped into while shopping)...

It went something like this:
"Oh, look at you! I almost couldn't recognize you - You've gained SO much weight! *wide grin*"



My ego is fragile...! Fragile, I tell you!
*slinks away to lick wounds*

Don't hurt me....,

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

//\\ Journey To The East //\\

Another inspiring story!

This time, the hero of the tale is none other that Bob "The Beast" Sapp...

Image hosted by
Bob sez: "Oh yeah! This is my favourite way to pump up my biceps"

After a promising start in college football, poor ol' Bob's career in the NFL looked bleak as he was suspended by the league for alleged steroid abuse and subsequently released by four NFL teams... Another low of his life was when the tendinitis in his joints became so pronounced that Sapp probably could not have continued playing football.....

He then moved on to competitive fighting came when he fought (and defeated) William "The Refrigerator" Perry in a boxing special promoted by the FX channel. Sapp was then discovered by Kazuyoshi Ishii. Ishii was launching a new fighting sport called K-1, and tha Sapp had a combination of great potential and marketability.

After relocating to Japan, Bob was discovered fame beyond his wildest dreams, with his success in the fighting circuit becoming the springboard to a menagerie of new opportunities, ranging from....

... product endorsements....

Eat me!

... to guest appearances on TV...

Bob sez: "Gwarrr.... I'm surrounded by midgets!"

(See the video of Bob on the famous Japanese Morning Musume HERE...)

... and even his own rap CD aptly entitled "Sapp Time"...

~Oh you sexy beast!!~

This CD debuted at No. 28 on the Oricon charts (Japan's equivalent of Billboard) a week after it was released on March 5 and sold 100,000 copies by mid-April. A companion DVD, on the making of the album, went on sale May 21...

He has also recently appeared in Hollywood movies such as the recent release by Adam Sandler - The Longest Yard....

See! - Believe in yourself and never give up!

(You can find out more about Bob in this
ESPN article, TIME article or here at good ol' Wikipedia...)

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Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year, Same Ol' Me...

Just thought that I'd share the view of the fireworks (at the Curve, Damansara) that I enjoyed far away from the maddening crowds...

This year was probably one of my quietest New Year's celebrations yet... and no doubt the most relaxing.... Still, I enjoyed myself... AND got to see fireworks
(which is pretty much a MUST for me - I love fireworks!)

Anyway, here they are:




Pwetty, pwetty lights!

Been back at work for about a week now..... I'm slooooooooowly easing back into the grind....
It's always so difficult to get back into the rhythm of the office after a nice long weekend...

Still, not much choice... my schedule is about to get blindingly hectic soon enough...
So, sadly, it's sink or swim!


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X: *speechless* :X

The Daily Dancer, in all his glory:

My eyes are BURNIIIIIING.....


There HAS to be some sort of law against this....
There just HAS to be!

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dude, Where're My Toppings?

One night, I was craving for pizza.
However, since I was feeling really lazy, I decided not to drive out to my usual pizza place (since they don't deliver) but instead called in to some other pizza place....

Behold the "pizza" I received.....


It's really just an overpriced, oversized piece of bread with a small handful of toppings in the middle (and it wasn't tasty, to boot)....

Now, I am adding another resolution to my list for the year:
7. Only buy pizzas from
Pizza Uno and NO ONE ELSE....!
(If only they'd start doing deliveries.....)

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"WTF??" Hairstyles....

..It is such a wonder of the world,.... those special individuals out there with their special hairstyles that just take you breath away and make you think: "What The F**k??"

Exhibit 1: Keeping It In The Family....

Wow. This is like,... SO sweet... This photo just goes to prove that there's someone for everyone out there. So if there are any lonely hearts reading this: Don't lose hope,... because someday, perhaps soon, you WILL meet your soul mate and have YOUR "Happily Ever After"!

Be awe-struck by more mullets

Exhibit 2: A Case Of Severe Hair-Salon-Phobia....

Eek. I can't imagine how much money she has to spend on shampoo and conditioner to wash her hair.... and the amount of water she need to use is probably enough to last a Somalian village a whole week.....

See more girls go to amazing lengths

Exhibit 3: Adventures With Bleach and a Lawnmower....

This guy gets full points for originality! It's kinds cool, actually.... He really makes a statement with his hair... Do check out his other styles.

See more of this guy's different styles

Exhibit 4: The Bride Of Frankenstein Version 2.0....

The sad thing about this hairstyle is that it is DEFINATELY difficult to do (an absolute architectural feat!) and is supposed to look classy and chic.... but really, it's just an expensive way to look like a crazy person that has a hornet's nest stacked on her head....

View more hair-raising styles

Well,... that's all for now...

If you have felt inspired by the above hairstyles and feel like making a drastic change to your crowning glory this weekend: Have fun! And when you are done, don't worry about all the people around you who seem to be laughing.... I'm SURE that you will find that they are laughing WITH you, not AT you....


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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

*Squuuuuuuuuuuuueel* BAM!!!

Really NOT a good way to start the morning.....
(Another car slammed into the back of my car this morning)

My poor baby's bumper is now flatter on one side!
*grrrr* Women drivers......

Hmmm,.... wait a minute,... I'm a woman driver too!


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When You Wish Upon A Star....

*continues singing at the top of her voice*

... doesn't matter who you are..............!
'Cause when you wish upon a star, your dreams'll come truuuuuuuuue!!


Just watched a great movie/ documentary called "My Date With Drew".
It's not new (it came out some time in 2004)...
... and has a really simple, one dimensional plot/ purpose, being:
One American Average Joe's quest to get a date with his childhood celebrity crush, Drew Barrymore, in 30 days and funded by only $1,100 (which he won on a game show).

Sounds so boring and typical, right?

Well, don't be fooled: It is wonderfully charming, has a sincere spirit...
... and has such infectious humour and optimism that you can't help but cheer Mr. Brian Herzlinger on in his daunting quest....
(Ah,... to dream the impossible dream!)

Critics' opinions about the movie have been pretty mixed so far, with some absolutely loving it.... and others thinking that the movie should be renamed: "Stalker 101"....
(Hey, you can't please them all - especially those who call themselves "official movie critics")

So how does it all work out?
Go watch the movie and find out lah.... I don't want to spoil it for you.
You can find out more about it at the Official Website:
(Note: The site is moody - a lot of downtime....)

(Awwww.... come on,.. you just KNOW that it's gonna be a happy ending! But still, it's interesting to see the journey)

I suppose we should all take this movie as an inspiration for the new year: That anything can be achieved, as long as you put your heart and soul into it...


So, who wants to help me make a video and set up a site called: "My Date With Brad Pitt"?

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Full Monte!

(June 2009)
(Nov 2009)

It's back open! :)

Monte's is temporarily closed, as the major renovations in BSC have started in that wing.
(Can't seem to find the exact date when it will reopen but I will update when I know - since I do go to BSC quite often)



One Saturday night, my family and I ventured to Monte's Restaurant and Bar in the Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC). We periodically return to this restaurant as the food quality here is consistent and not too expensive.
(The only problem of course, is that the parking at BSC is rather pricey....)

The Dinner:

Tucked away in a quiet corner of BSC, this restaurant has a cosy, unpretentious environment. Monte's has been around for roughly 10 years and is very popular with families in Bangsar...
(So, it is very important to book a table, especially on weekends, as they usually get 100% filled by 8pm).

Here's a photo of the restaurant interior for you to get a feel of the place:

Image hosted by

One thing that I think is particularly outstanding about Monte's is the appetizers... I am totally in love with:
1) The Oxtail Soup - thick, fragrant and spicy with a generously large piece of meat, AND
2) The Baked Escargots - tender and juicy,cooked in a yummy garlic butter sauce (I usuallly mop up every last drop of the sauce to eat with my bread)

Left to right: Escargot, Oxtail Soup

For my main that night, I chose the Red Snapper with Tomato and Mango Salsa.
One of my favourites, this is an uncomplicated dish where the mild tasting fish is paired well with the tasty salsa, which has an interesting sweet and sour flavour.

The Red Snapper

My mum had the Turkey Fillet with Mushroom Stuffing and it was delicious! Unfortunately, this dish is only available during the Christmas season, so you'll all have to wait till next year to try it.....


A dish on the normal daily menu that I would recommend would be the Spicy Salmon, which has an interesting Asian twist on the popular grilled salmon fillet. Most of the seafood and the steaks are also good, so if you can't decide, just randomly choose one and you will probably not be disappointed.

(Note: Pastas here are not so great - you have been warned!)

However, as much as I like this restaurant, I must say that I think they are weak in terms of their dessert menu....

The selection of desserts is rather (for lack of a better word) boring.... with very run of the mill Malaysian desserts such as the Banana Split and the Banana Fritter with Ice Cream...
Still, they are not pricey, so if you want to have something simple to end your dinner, do give them a try...

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Monte's Restaurant And Bar @ Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC)

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 50/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 - 2094 1112/ 3
(Or 603-7494 4833 for their Sunway Pyramid outlet)
Opening Hours: 11am - late

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