Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year, Same Ol' Me...

Just thought that I'd share the view of the fireworks (at the Curve, Damansara) that I enjoyed far away from the maddening crowds...

This year was probably one of my quietest New Year's celebrations yet... and no doubt the most relaxing.... Still, I enjoyed myself... AND got to see fireworks
(which is pretty much a MUST for me - I love fireworks!)

Anyway, here they are:




Pwetty, pwetty lights!

Been back at work for about a week now..... I'm slooooooooowly easing back into the grind....
It's always so difficult to get back into the rhythm of the office after a nice long weekend...

Still, not much choice... my schedule is about to get blindingly hectic soon enough...
So, sadly, it's sink or swim!


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