Wednesday, January 04, 2006

When You Wish Upon A Star....

*continues singing at the top of her voice*

... doesn't matter who you are..............!
'Cause when you wish upon a star, your dreams'll come truuuuuuuuue!!


Just watched a great movie/ documentary called "My Date With Drew".
It's not new (it came out some time in 2004)...
... and has a really simple, one dimensional plot/ purpose, being:
One American Average Joe's quest to get a date with his childhood celebrity crush, Drew Barrymore, in 30 days and funded by only $1,100 (which he won on a game show).

Sounds so boring and typical, right?

Well, don't be fooled: It is wonderfully charming, has a sincere spirit...
... and has such infectious humour and optimism that you can't help but cheer Mr. Brian Herzlinger on in his daunting quest....
(Ah,... to dream the impossible dream!)

Critics' opinions about the movie have been pretty mixed so far, with some absolutely loving it.... and others thinking that the movie should be renamed: "Stalker 101"....
(Hey, you can't please them all - especially those who call themselves "official movie critics")

So how does it all work out?
Go watch the movie and find out lah.... I don't want to spoil it for you.
You can find out more about it at the Official Website:
(Note: The site is moody - a lot of downtime....)

(Awwww.... come on,.. you just KNOW that it's gonna be a happy ending! But still, it's interesting to see the journey)

I suppose we should all take this movie as an inspiration for the new year: That anything can be achieved, as long as you put your heart and soul into it...


So, who wants to help me make a video and set up a site called: "My Date With Brad Pitt"?

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