Thursday, January 05, 2006

"WTF??" Hairstyles....

..It is such a wonder of the world,.... those special individuals out there with their special hairstyles that just take you breath away and make you think: "What The F**k??"

Exhibit 1: Keeping It In The Family....

Wow. This is like,... SO sweet... This photo just goes to prove that there's someone for everyone out there. So if there are any lonely hearts reading this: Don't lose hope,... because someday, perhaps soon, you WILL meet your soul mate and have YOUR "Happily Ever After"!

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Exhibit 2: A Case Of Severe Hair-Salon-Phobia....

Eek. I can't imagine how much money she has to spend on shampoo and conditioner to wash her hair.... and the amount of water she need to use is probably enough to last a Somalian village a whole week.....

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Exhibit 3: Adventures With Bleach and a Lawnmower....

This guy gets full points for originality! It's kinds cool, actually.... He really makes a statement with his hair... Do check out his other styles.

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Exhibit 4: The Bride Of Frankenstein Version 2.0....

The sad thing about this hairstyle is that it is DEFINATELY difficult to do (an absolute architectural feat!) and is supposed to look classy and chic.... but really, it's just an expensive way to look like a crazy person that has a hornet's nest stacked on her head....

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Well,... that's all for now...

If you have felt inspired by the above hairstyles and feel like making a drastic change to your crowning glory this weekend: Have fun! And when you are done, don't worry about all the people around you who seem to be laughing.... I'm SURE that you will find that they are laughing WITH you, not AT you....


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1 comment:


    Penny For Your Thoughts

    I just had a bad haircut (see LJ) T___T

    Laughing 'with' me? Sure... *gives Warning Glare of Doom*
    sin | 01.05.06 - 10:56 am | #


    Awwwww, come here!

    It can't be THAT bad!
    I'll see on Friday...
    (I promise not to laugh!)

    J | Homepage | 01.05.06 - 2:03 pm | #


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