Friday, January 20, 2006


I am FREEEEeeeeeeeee............!
(for the next 10 minutes anyway... *sniffle*)
(I've hijacked a computer)
(*looks nonchalantly at the unconcious office minion hidden behind the cubicle*)

First of all, apologies to all for the total lack of updates...

I have been in Penang since Monday for work......
I thought that I would be able to access the internet here....
... but I've just been working towards a blindingly tight schedule so... *shrugs*
That, and I've just discovered that my wonderful company issued hand-me-down laptop has one thousand and one configurations to stop me from accessing 99% of websites...

There are so many restrictions built into my laptop.
I can't even defrag my computer because I'm not the "administrator"....!
(muntah darah)
Hopefully Pattar will be able to help me with this...


Anyway, gtg...
*waves wildly*
Take care y'all!
(Will be back soon so catch up with you soon)

Signing off,

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