Thursday, August 30, 2007

Go Watch Tunku Now

Just a strong suggestion.... =)

I just came back from watching Tunku the Musical at the KLPAC and it's really good!

I went to support my friend Zamil who plays a part in this musical, not expecting too much of the overall play but I am so so happy to be pleasantly suprised.
(It is not often that Malaysian written musicals don't irritate me in one way or another)

Seriously, I'm not biased just because my friend's in it...
There was:
- A good balance of history and drama,
- Great singing, acting and choreography,
- No "forcing down your throat" type patriotic propaganda.

And obviously I'm not the only one who thinks it is good because through good word of mouth (and a bit of help from good marketing), apparently it is almost a full house everyday since the launch.
(It's nice to see the KLPAC Pentas 1 so packed - usually the crowd's a bit patchy)

Summary Info:
Name of Play - Tunku the Musical
Venue - The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC)
Dates - Aug 11 till Sept 1, 2007
Price - RM80/ 60 (adults) / RM40 (students, seniors, disabled)
Bookings - Online or Phone 2094 9400/ 4047 9000

If you didn't get the message already, here it is one more time : GO WATCH TUNKU NOW! ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TILL YOU MISS IT FOR GOOD.

PS/ In other news, I'm going to Singapore for the next couple of days so there won't be any updates till next week. "HAPPY MERDEKA!" from me in advance.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


New Cambodian/ Thai/ Vietnamese restaurant in the main Hartamas area (near Finnegan's)

As we continue on our quest to try out new restaurants every week, we noticed this new Asian restaurant opened up in Pat's area (Hartamas).

The Dinner

I don't know what came over us that night. but between the 4 of us (me, P, Pat and Jo-lyn) we ate about 10 different dishes.

Yes, TEN.
(That's a lot)

Exotic is an Asian restaurant serving a bevy of Cambodian, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. It's located just a bit down the road from Souled Out, where there used to be a mamak and a bar/ restaurant called Cristo's:

Look out for the bright neon sign on the outside...

The interior is airy, casual and decorated in a way that gives it a comfortable ambience - nothing pretentious or too upmarket:
The interior of Exotic...

As we really had too too many dishes that night, I'll do a quick review of each without going into too much length (or this post may never end)....
Chicken Wings with Cambodian Sauce (RM12++):
The platter of Chicken Wings...

Verdict: Not bad. Spicy, sour, tasty. Moderately tender.

Prawn Rolls (RM12++):
The Prawn Rolls...

Verdict: OK. Crispy, fragrant, goes well with dipping sauce.

Steamed Rice Cakes (RM12++):
Yummy Steamed Rice Cakes...

Verdict: Yum! Simple and nice - must add the sauce first (P didn't like this though but he was outvoted 3 to 1)

Mangosteen Salad (RM24++):
The Mangosteen Salad...

Verdict: Exotic salad of tropical fruits (coconut, mangosteen, rambutan) and prawns. Mmmm. Didn't like it though. Too sweet.

Curry fish (RM15++):
The Curry Fish, served in a cute coconut shell...

Verdict: Tender fish fillets. Creamy sauce. Tastes like Thai Green Curry. Not bad but.... Ouch. VERY spicy.

Beef stew (RM16++):
The Beef Stew...

Verdict: Too normal. Savoury with moderately tender chunks of beef and vegetables.

BBQ Squid (RM16++):
The Barbeque Squid...

Verdict: Nice springy texture and lovely smokey barbeque taste. Yum. Seems a bit overpriced though.

Vietnamese Crispy Crepe (RM15++):
The Crispy Vietnamese Crepe...

Verdict: Not bad. Crispy crepe filled with vegetables, egg and grilled chicken.

Lamb stir fry (RM20++):
The Stir Fried Lamb...

Verdict: Also very normal. Nothing bad but nothing great either.

Cambodian Deep Fried Bananas with Caramel Sauce (RM5++):
The Deep Fried Bananas...

Verdict: Crispy outside and moist inside but the caramel sauce was way too sweet.

Overall, I thought the food was ok.
Of course, P kept harping on about how his favourite Vietnamese place (Sao Nam) tastes so much nicer but I still think Exotic's worth a try. The servings may seem a bit small for some of the dishes but overall, the food there is not bad lah.

So it's: Simple airy ambience with friendly staff, wide selection of Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese food BUT only tastes ok for the price.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Restaurant Review
Exotic Restaurant and Bar @ Hartamas, KL

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 55/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-2300 1196
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm, 6pm till late


- KL People KL Food

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Happiness In Slavery

Dedicated to the hit and run idiot who put a big dent in my innocently parked car while I was busy at work and a few co-workers who have earned a special place in my heart.....

Work is fun.
I am happy.
Life is good.

Trying out this power of positive thinking stuff.....
P has been reading this new book called the Law of Attraction or something like that and he says that my negativity is drawing upon more negative energy.... which in layman's terms means that it's my own damned fault..

Well, I've never been a very positive person lah....
(I'm still working on it... but what's so wrong if you are naturally cynical, anyway?)

Besides, as much as I'd like for people to prove me wrong - prove that they actually care about their subordinates/ co-workers/ friends/ fellow human beings in a manner which is not unrealistically picture perfect saccahrine sweet but at least reasonably enough to try to do the right thing, I find that very often this is not the case and in fact there are even those who go out of their way to hurt others in the name of success or other personal gains.
(*gasp* That was a long sentence)

Humans are selfish greedy creatures...
(... except for a few rare souls like Mother Teresa).

I'm no exception and neither are you.

You don't think so?
Go on, prove me wrong then.


PS/ I'm not going to blame this whinge fest on PMS but I suspect that it's definately a factor. Oh, and yes, I'll update on food soon. Most probably tomorrow. k?

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

6 To 10

Quick post on a simple neighbourhood restaurant in Section 17

Ok boys and girls.
Here's a super quick post on a place I popped in for lunch this weekend.
(We were actually on our way to Food Foundry but decided to try this place out for a change)

The Lunch

6 to 10 Grill and Nasi Lemak is situated on one corner of the Happy Mansion apartments in Section 17:
6 to 10 exterior...

They are opened very selectively, only lunch and dinner time from Wednesday to Sunday.

Don't expect anything lavish when you go there for a meal. It's pretty much a simple open air, coffeeshop setting with plastic tables, chairs and equally plastic-y tablecloths:
6 to 10 interior...

One of the signature dishes there is the Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken (RM6++):
Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken...

The Nasi Lemak was ok overall:
- curry chicken : tender and tasty but nothing superbly special
- rice : fragrant and moist
- sambal : ok... not too spicy but a bit sweet.
- sotong : not too bad also.... "spring-y" texture and the sauce was not too spicy.

There is a good variety of Western dishes there (with the specialty being the Red Wine Pork and the Red Wine Lamb Chops). I wanted something lighter though, so I went for the Pork Chop with Pineapple Sauce (RM12++):
The Pork Chop with Pineapple Sauce...

I don't really have anything bad to say about this dish but it definately wasn't great either:
- The meat : moderately tender and tasty (you could taste that it had been marinated very well though)
- The sauce : a bit watery with a savoury but slightly sweet taste.
- The "side dishes" : The french fries were ok but eeeeee.... frozen veggies mixed with mayonnaise.

Overall, although the food wasn't that great, I definately wouldn't mind going back if I felt like having a simple meal for a good price.
(And the parking in the area is free too so that's a plus)

So it's: Simple setting with friendly staff, fair range of Western food and nasi lemak at a decent price BUT only tastes ok although there's nothing much to complain about considering the price.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

6 to 10 Grill and Nasi Lemak @ Happy Mansion, Section 17

Taste: 5.5
Ambience : 4*
Service : 6
Price : RM 18/++ per person
Parking: OK

* Comfortable but it's a coffeeshop lah
Telephone No.: 03-7955 4993
Opening Hours: Wednesday till Sunday, 12 to 2.30pm, 6 to 10.30pm


- 3 Meals of Goodness
- Masak-masak
- KY Speaks
- Honey Star
- Lots Of Cravings

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No Doubt About It

When I asked the people at Hitz FM about what kind of tickets I won (bad/ good/ great seats) in the radio contest and they sheepishly said: "The tickets are OK-lah", they were definately not kidding.

The tickets I won...

Don't get me wrong though : I am very thankful to have gotten these the tickets for free. It's usually so hard to even get through to these radio contests and I wouldn't have been able to afford to buy the tickets anyway (prices start at RM156 for the "bad seats").

However, if the seats I got were any higher up in the Bukit Jalil Stadium then I would be able to touch the ceiling!
(Seriously, I'm not exaggerating - I was on the top row on the stage right.....)

See for yourself:
On the verge of vertigo...

Anyway I'm sad to say that I came home having mixed feelings about the concert itself because truthfully, I like No Doubt so much better than just Gwen Stefani alone.
(I just can't connect with some of the more "pop-py" songs like Hollaback Girl - what does the line "... this shit is bananas. b. a. n. a. n. a. s." mean anyway? I love some of the other ones though - it's nice to see her expanding and experimenting with her range).

Also, I had the luck of being able to attend a No Doubt concert in Melbourne long ago (while I was still studying there) and that concert rocked so my expectations were a bit high.

Overall, I did enjoy the entire experience (accompanied by Pat as my bodyguard - thanks Pat!): It was an adventure fighting through the crowds and the long lines to get there but Gwen Stefani made it worth the trouble. She was exuberant, perky and had this delightfully infectious energy which made for a very good show.
(And her back up dancers were amazing.... It's almost like gravity doesn't exist in their world)

For those of you who couldn't make it for the concert, well, here are a few very fuzzy photos for you to look at:
The view of the concert stage from my seat...

Gwen Stefani and her back up dancers in action ...

More of Gwen...

Lastly, this is me "cheating" by taking a photo of Gwen Stefani on the big projector screen when I realised that I was waaaaaay too far away to get a decent shot of her...

So, to GWEN STEFANI (as if she'll ever see this but just in case lah): Thank you for the wonderful concert.... and I hope that you'll come back with No Doubt soon!
That's all for now....


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Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Warrior

So proud of myself.

I've been sticking to a (slightly) more careful diet and a 3 times a week gymming routine for about 3 weeks now (even spent a record 2 hours at the gym on Sunday morning), and guess what?
I've lost 2 pounds!

I know it's not so much but it's definately a start.... right?
(Now, I just have to make sure that I don't get overexcited and "accidentally" gorge myself on chocolates as a "reward" - I've done it before in the past... haha)

Looking in the mirror, it's not really obvious that I've lost any weight at all (it's just 2 pounds after all) but I do think that my face looks slightly thinner.
(P the meanie said "No lah, where got? - don't dream!" though... *pout*)

In other news, I am going to the Gwen Stefani concert tomorrow!
I will try to take some photos and post it up but concerts are usually really chaotic so I don't expect that they will turn out well at all.
(Besides, my tickets are not exactly THAT near the stage so Gwen will probably look like a little stick person in any photo that I take....)

Anyway, wish me luck - I just hope that no one stomps on my foot and injures my toes like the last time I went for a concert....


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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cameo Role

Charming new Italian restaurant in the Jalan Semantan area (just opposite the CIMB building)....

(Nov 2009)

Passed by to go to Las Carretas recently and well, Cameo looks like its closed down.
:( :(

Does anyone know what happened?



While we were driving down Jalan Semantan one night, we noticed that there seemed to be a few new restaurants at the base of the new Peninsula apartments (across the road from the CIMB building).

The Dinner

It turned out that there were only 2 new restaurants there, one Mexican and the other Italian but we decided to try out the Italian one, called Cameo:
The exterior of Cameo...

I really like the ambience there - romantic and slightly lush, giving it a very comfortable yet "high class" feeling....
(The only thing I didn't really like was the bar section and tv with the sports channel on which I felt was a little out of place in this kind of restaurant):
Interior of Cameo...

Cameo has only been open for about 3 months by some people who are in the wine distributing business so they have a pretty extensive and decently priced wine list there... Ok, so some of the stuff is a way too rich for my blood but I actually think a bottle of Chateau LaFite for less than RM1900 in a restaurant is relatively cheap.
(Don't freak out - the wines here range from anywhere between RM80 to RM2000+)

Like the wine menu, the range of food there is also pretty good but has a wiiiiide range - a main meal can cost anywhere between RM20++ (for a simple pizza/pasta) to RM75++ or more (for a more fancy dish like Cod). They have some really good set lunches there though during week days - RM18++ only for a 2 course meal & drink!
(I just wish my office were nearer so that I can try it)

Anyway, we started off the night with my favourite, Mushrooms cooked with Herbs and Garlic:
The mushrooms...

Overall, the serving and taste was ok for RM12++. The mushrooms were fresh, lightly cooked and had a "bouncy" texture.
(Not quite full flavoured enough for me but I appreciate how fresh the mushrooms were)

Moving on to the mains, we decided to sample the Mushroom Risotto (about RM30):
The Mushroom Risotto...

The serving seemed a bit small at first but it turned out to be just right as this creamy, wholesome risotto was deliciously filling. What I really liked was that there was a nice earthy taste of truffles accentuating the flavours of the mushrooms.
(Be careful though - the waiter there was very wary to recommend this dish to us because he said that were some people who unfortunately discovered that they don't like the taste of truffles)

That night we also tried the Lamb Shank:
The Lamb Shank...

Overall, this dish was ok - the lamb was moderately tender and the sauce was interesting - tart yet savoury (had a slight taste of wine in it... but maybe that's just me) but it just didn't rock my world somehow.
(I think I still prefer the tomato based sauce with an Italian lamb shank)

At the end of the night, we tried out the Tiramisu (about RM16++) and the Creme Brulee (about RM13++).
(We couldn't decide which one to choose so we ordered both out of greed):
The Creme Brulee and the Tiramisu...

The tiramisu was pretty good - dense cream, moist sponge fingers (very important!), moderate coffee and chocolate taste but just didn't have that extra alcoholic "oomph" that would have made it even better.

Out of the two, I enjoyed the Creme Brulee more.
It's not the BEST I've ever had but it's definately one of the better ones - a light crisp layer of caremalized sugar that cracks open to reveal a silky smooth cream which had a lovely vanilla flavour.

So it's: Romantic setting with nice Italian food, friendly staff, great range of wines BUT nothing much bad to say - just didn't like the sports tv/ bar area, the prices are a little on the "high" side and the waiters seemed a bit "fresh".

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Cameo @ Damansara Heights, KL
(Ground Floor of new condos opposite CIMB)

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 6
Price** : RM 80/++ per person
Parking: OK (I think you have to pay in the morning/ afternoon but we parked for free that night)

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-2096 1999
Opening Hours: 12noon till late


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cute Little Cupcakes

While coming back from our lunch break one day, me and my colleagues chanced upon a small stall at Amcorp Shopping Center selling these cute little cupcakes:
A variety of flavours, all with really cute decorations...

Of course, we couldn't resist buying a few (they had 4 or 5 flavours that you can choose from). I remember the cupcakes cost about 2 or 3 bucks each so they're not really that cheap... but DAMN, they taste good.
(Especially the chocolate one!):

My favourite flavour - chocolate!

The texture and taste of the cupcakes were really nice: Fluffy and moist yet not too sweet - delicious!

If you're in the area (on most Fridays to Sundays), their stall is open in the open air "market" area near the Starbucks on the ground floor. However, if Amcorp is just too far away for you or if you have any special requests, you can check out their products on their website.
(They even have specially designed cakes and cookies that you can order)

I don't even want to think about how many calories each cupcake contains.... (J IS IN DENIAL MODE)... but a little indulgence once in a while is ok, right?
(If not then life would be so boring and torturous!)

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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Chocoholic's New Clothes

My weekend, in short:

  • Woke up
  • Cursed upon discovery that I had woken up almost 3 hours later than planned (and had already told boss that I would be popping by the office)
  • SMSed boss warily
  • Discovered that boss is very forgiving and happily returned to sleep
  • Slept
  • Slept more
  • Finally got enough sleep to make up for lack thereof from Monday to Friday
  • Woke up (properly)
  • Met P for dinner at cute new Italian restaurant called Cameo


  • Woke up
  • Went to the gym (rather reluctantly)
  • Shopped around for new gym clothes (It's EVIL - why are gym clothes so expensive? Eg. Most of the decent track pants cost RM110 to RM160 per pair - that's absurd!)
  • Raced over to Amcorp for devious surprise party (Happy birthday Fabian!)
  • Consumed unneccessary amounts of Korean food and birthday cake (totally negating earlier gym session *sigh*)
  • Hung out with P

And there's another 48 hours well spent (well, sort of).

Anyway, Happy Monday everyone!
(Hope the terribly infectious Monday Blues haven't got a hold on you today)

BTW (if you didn't already notice), after such a long time using the standard Blogger template, I've decided to go for a very simple but girly pink theme for a change....
(What do you think?)


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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jarrod and Rawlin's

Mix and match pork dishes in Hartamas....

The Dinner

One night, me and Pat wandered around the main Hartamas area looking for a nice place to have dinner, when we decided to pop into Jarrod & Rawlin's for some food and a beer.
(It's been open a couple of years but I had never tried it before)

The concept at Jarrod & Rawlin's is casual - simple but comfortable. You can choose between the deli setting indoors or the outdoor area next to the "sidewalk" at one of their cute tables (that have been converted from barrels):

Jarrod & Rawlin's interior...

Scanning the menu I initially thought that the range of food here was limited and more suitable for breakfast/ lunch as it seemed to be mostly sandwiches and light food but looking closely at the "Specials" board on the wall and the well stocked display/ chiller, I noticed something different about this place.

Basically, there are a selection of various meats (different cuts of beef, pork, ribs, etc) and sausages (pork, normal, spicy, super spicy, etc). You can choose whichever combination/ amount you want - the guy at the counter will grill them up and serve it to you with 2 side dishes, basically a choice between salad/ mash/ wedges/ fries (The meats are priced per KG and the cooking & side dishes charge is RM10++).

Here's what I chose that night - beef tenderloin, pork ribs and chorizo sausage served with salad and mash:
The mixed grill that I chose....

Overall, I enjoyed this dish.
Well, I enjoyed the pork anyway - the pork ribs were well marinated and were moderately tender with a good balance of meat and fat, while the sausage was really tasty and just slightly spicy... The beef though was just a tad tough and not really flavourful.
(My selection came up to about RM38++... I thought it was ok considering the variety and serving size but I don't think I will be ordering the beef again - it was about RM18++)
Oh, the mash potatoes are nice too, btw.
(Pat pinched a lot of it from me! *pout*)

That night we also tried out the burger. They also have a "choose what you want" element as you can opt to have different kinds of meat (beef/ pork/ chicken), toppings and cheeses with your burger. Here's our selection - Beef burger with mushrooms and blue cheese:

The burger....

Overall the burger was pretty good - the patty was tasty and moderately tender, well complemented by the pungeant aroma of the blue cheese.

Before I forget, we also tried the Portobello Mushroom with Cheese (RM13++ EACH)...

The Mushroom with Cheese

I really don't have many good things to say about this - we had decided to splurge on it as an appetizer, expecting a delicious combination of the full flavoured portobello mushroom, topped with a fragrant layer of melted cheese but what we got was a tasteless piece of something that was supposed to be a mushroom that was drowning in equally tasteless but rubbery cheese.
(Will never ever order this again)

We were actually pretty filled up after all the meat so we didn't have any desserts.
(Sorry - no review on the sweet stuff this time)

Overall, I wasn't super impressed with the food at J&R's but I still wouldn't mind going back some time when I feel like having a meaty dish - it's great that you have the flexibility of choosing what you like.
(I've been told that their newer outlet in the Bukit Damansara area is much better than their Hartamas outlet though so maybe it'll be better to try that one out first)

(Oct 2007)

For the record, I have finally tried out the newer Jarrod & Rawlins' outlet in Bukit Damansara and yes, it is better!
(The ambience - it's set in a nice, breezy 2 storey bungalow - as well as the food)

I had similar dishes there and therefore no new photos & review but I'm glad to state that:
- the mushroom actually turned out to be tasty and flavourful this time, and
- the pork was still yummy and tender.
(The only thing is that the waiting time here is a little longer than the Hartamas outlet because they are more popular - i.e. many more patrons at any given time)


So it's: Simple setting with friendly staff, good selection of light foods as well as heavier meat dishes and fair selection of beers and wine BUT parking is usually difficult at both outlets and quality of food between outlets may vary.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Jarrod & Rawlin's @ Hartamas, KL

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM 55/++ per person
Parking: Difficult

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-2300 0708 (03-2093 0708 : Lorong Dungun, Damansara Heights, KL outlet)
Opening Hours: 12noon to 3pm, 5pm till late

Official Website: Jarrod and Rawlins


- KY Eats
- Places & Food
- KL People KL Food

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Good Start

What I discovered today:
At the office, I can't access my Blogger account but I can access my Photobucket account (Blocked by evil IT ppl again).
At home, I can access my Blogger account but I can't access my Photobucket account (Don't know why - it's just keeps trying to load but keeps "hanging")

Oh well....

PS/ Was going to post up a restaurant review but I have to fix some of the photos first... I'll find a way around this sticky situation soon, ok?

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Help Needed

Every little bit helps, right?

Following a request from a commenter (Quinnylover), I am posting up the description of his former school mate who went missing about 2 weeks ago in Kota Bahru....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Recent photo of Salhi Khaiessa Ahmad

Name: Salhi Khaiessa Ahmad (aka Yie)
Description: Male, 27 years old, 175cm tall and weighs about 70kg. Last seen wearing yellow shirt, blue jeans and black shoes. Also, he is suffering from schizophrenia, and has been away for more than two weeks without taking his medication.
Missing since: July 14
Last seen: Leaving his house in Kota Bahru, Kelantan for Friday prayers.
Contact: En Ahmad at 09-786 6040, 017-970 3227 or 012-296 2642/ Feizrul at 012-335 7852 or email
Website: Find Salhi

Well, I'm not sure how much this will help but I do hope that Salhi will be found soon.
(Keep your eyes open! Especially those living in the East Coast area)

(8 August 2007)

Seems that he has already been found!
(Thank God)


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind

I am seriously going on a diet and exercise routine this time.

Well, I have been inspired.

Inpired by what?:
The accumulation of my darling P's comments to me over the past few months, for example:
" Oh you look so cute now - your eyes look so small because your cheeks and face are getting chubbier/ rounder! ",
" Dear, I'm not sure if you should wear that anymore - You look 2 months pregnant in that dress.... "

... and the most recent (while I was showing him some work clothes I bought):
" Wah... ! Why your skirt so wide wan ah? "

OK lah.
It may have taken a while, but I get the message!

Of course, I pointed out to P that his waistline has also been slowly but surely expanding over the last year too...
(Hey, it's true - I'm not just saying it for revenge)
I guess we've both sorta let ourselves go a bit since we've met and we keep spoiling each other...
(He buys me chocolates and I buy him the kuihs that he likes....)
(It's true without a doubt - you can definately have too much of a good thing)
*guilty grin*

To try to reverse the damage, we're both laying out a 3 times a week gymming + diet plan.... and aim to lose about 15 pounds each in 4 months (I don't want to lose too much too fast - stretch lines are EVIL)

I'm sure it'll be challenging to lose the weight (especially in the first month) but even if we don't lose all 15 pounds, at least we'll both be healthier from all the increased exercise and better diet, right?

PS/ (On a slightly different note)
Just because I am going to set out on a healthier diet/ lifestyle does not mean I am going to stop trying out new restaurants!
(I love food too much)

However, considering I'm still feeling a little under the weather and have been in this condition since last week, I really haven't got many new food reviews to post up right now.
Sorry - I've been eating mostly porridge and soup (at home).
Be patient with me, ok? I will post up what I can as soon as I can - promise.


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