Thursday, August 30, 2007

Go Watch Tunku Now

Just a strong suggestion.... =)

I just came back from watching Tunku the Musical at the KLPAC and it's really good!

I went to support my friend Zamil who plays a part in this musical, not expecting too much of the overall play but I am so so happy to be pleasantly suprised.
(It is not often that Malaysian written musicals don't irritate me in one way or another)

Seriously, I'm not biased just because my friend's in it...
There was:
- A good balance of history and drama,
- Great singing, acting and choreography,
- No "forcing down your throat" type patriotic propaganda.

And obviously I'm not the only one who thinks it is good because through good word of mouth (and a bit of help from good marketing), apparently it is almost a full house everyday since the launch.
(It's nice to see the KLPAC Pentas 1 so packed - usually the crowd's a bit patchy)

Summary Info:
Name of Play - Tunku the Musical
Venue - The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC)
Dates - Aug 11 till Sept 1, 2007
Price - RM80/ 60 (adults) / RM40 (students, seniors, disabled)
Bookings - Online or Phone 2094 9400/ 4047 9000

If you didn't get the message already, here it is one more time : GO WATCH TUNKU NOW! ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TILL YOU MISS IT FOR GOOD.

PS/ In other news, I'm going to Singapore for the next couple of days so there won't be any updates till next week. "HAPPY MERDEKA!" from me in advance.

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  1. oh so nice going to singapore.. eat more and enjoy your holiday yah!

  2. to meiyen:
    I hope you had a great time during the Merdeka weekend too!

  3. i'm goin tis sat with my mom. free tix courtesy of YTL :)

  4. to liann:
    Lucky you! - I paid full price for mine....
    (It's so nice that YTL decided to sponsor/extend it so that more ppl can watch it)
    Still, I enjoyed it.
    I hope you and your mum will enjoy it.


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