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Cameo Role

Charming new Italian restaurant in the Jalan Semantan area (just opposite the CIMB building)....

(Nov 2009)

Passed by to go to Las Carretas recently and well, Cameo looks like its closed down.
:( :(

Does anyone know what happened?



While we were driving down Jalan Semantan one night, we noticed that there seemed to be a few new restaurants at the base of the new Peninsula apartments (across the road from the CIMB building).

The Dinner

It turned out that there were only 2 new restaurants there, one Mexican and the other Italian but we decided to try out the Italian one, called Cameo:
The exterior of Cameo...

I really like the ambience there - romantic and slightly lush, giving it a very comfortable yet "high class" feeling....
(The only thing I didn't really like was the bar section and tv with the sports channel on which I felt was a little out of place in this kind of restaurant):
Interior of Cameo...

Cameo has only been open for about 3 months by some people who are in the wine distributing business so they have a pretty extensive and decently priced wine list there... Ok, so some of the stuff is a way too rich for my blood but I actually think a bottle of Chateau LaFite for less than RM1900 in a restaurant is relatively cheap.
(Don't freak out - the wines here range from anywhere between RM80 to RM2000+)

Like the wine menu, the range of food there is also pretty good but has a wiiiiide range - a main meal can cost anywhere between RM20++ (for a simple pizza/pasta) to RM75++ or more (for a more fancy dish like Cod). They have some really good set lunches there though during week days - RM18++ only for a 2 course meal & drink!
(I just wish my office were nearer so that I can try it)

Anyway, we started off the night with my favourite, Mushrooms cooked with Herbs and Garlic:
The mushrooms...

Overall, the serving and taste was ok for RM12++. The mushrooms were fresh, lightly cooked and had a "bouncy" texture.
(Not quite full flavoured enough for me but I appreciate how fresh the mushrooms were)

Moving on to the mains, we decided to sample the Mushroom Risotto (about RM30):
The Mushroom Risotto...

The serving seemed a bit small at first but it turned out to be just right as this creamy, wholesome risotto was deliciously filling. What I really liked was that there was a nice earthy taste of truffles accentuating the flavours of the mushrooms.
(Be careful though - the waiter there was very wary to recommend this dish to us because he said that were some people who unfortunately discovered that they don't like the taste of truffles)

That night we also tried the Lamb Shank:
The Lamb Shank...

Overall, this dish was ok - the lamb was moderately tender and the sauce was interesting - tart yet savoury (had a slight taste of wine in it... but maybe that's just me) but it just didn't rock my world somehow.
(I think I still prefer the tomato based sauce with an Italian lamb shank)

At the end of the night, we tried out the Tiramisu (about RM16++) and the Creme Brulee (about RM13++).
(We couldn't decide which one to choose so we ordered both out of greed):
The Creme Brulee and the Tiramisu...

The tiramisu was pretty good - dense cream, moist sponge fingers (very important!), moderate coffee and chocolate taste but just didn't have that extra alcoholic "oomph" that would have made it even better.

Out of the two, I enjoyed the Creme Brulee more.
It's not the BEST I've ever had but it's definately one of the better ones - a light crisp layer of caremalized sugar that cracks open to reveal a silky smooth cream which had a lovely vanilla flavour.

So it's: Romantic setting with nice Italian food, friendly staff, great range of wines BUT nothing much bad to say - just didn't like the sports tv/ bar area, the prices are a little on the "high" side and the waiters seemed a bit "fresh".

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Cameo @ Damansara Heights, KL
(Ground Floor of new condos opposite CIMB)

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 6
Price** : RM 80/++ per person
Parking: OK (I think you have to pay in the morning/ afternoon but we parked for free that night)

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-2096 1999
Opening Hours: 12noon till late


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  1. I always pass by this place and wonder what's inside. Thanks for the review. How does the risotto compare to the one at Alexis?

  2. I beleive the wines are from RM100 and not RM70. Nevertheless, cheap for a good range.

  3. to boo_licious:
    I can't remember how the risotto at Alexis tastes!
    (I remember that I tried it once but I think it was before I started this blog)
    If I were to benchmark to the Porto Romano Risotto though, I'd say that the one at Porto Romano is better value for money. The one at Cameo is nice to have once in a while - it tastes good with the earthy taste of the truffle oil and generous amounts of mushrooms but the serving is a bit small for the price.
    (Ooh, and I heard that the chef here is ex-La Fite)

    to hungryox:
    I coulda sworn I saw one or two bottles of wine priced at about RM75....
    Tell you what - I'll have a second look the next time I go there to eat and adjust my blog post if I'm wrong.

  4. Hey~~ i know this is kinda late comment afterall it's already 2008 :P
    But i REALLY REALLY must day, the service here was TERRIBLE when i went, Was working at CIMB for 2 months beginning of this year and damn! The service was really REALLY terrible,i got my Entree-ie Garlic bread at the end of my meal, and they did not asked what sauce we wanted for our steak and the waiter actually gave us a dirty look when we asked him whether we could have Black pepper... overall, it was a never-go-back to this restaurant experience.
    There, i feel much more relieved.. cos i was very pissed with the experience while dining there.

  5. to anonymous:
    Well, I'm really glad you shared your comment too! It's good to get some form of update on how the restaurant is faring further from the time of my review (especially since I can't afford to eat at these sorts of places every day).

    It's just a real pity that you had such a bad experience there....
    I'm actually pretty surprised because I've been back to Cameo at least 5 times since 2007 but so far, so good....
    (See lah! Generally, F&B ppl just don't realise how big an impact they can have on new customers! I mean, who is so free to go back to find out if the bad service was a rare once off event or a norm??)

  6. i truthfully love your writing taste, very attractive.
    don't quit as well as keep writing due to the fact it simply just worth to follow it.
    looking forward to browse a whole lot more of your current stories, regards :)

  7. to anonymous:
    Oh wow. *blush* Thanks...

    I really appreciate the compliment/feedback (esp. when I wonder sometimes whether this expensive hobby of mine is valuable to anyone else... Haha...)


Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. :)