Thursday, August 02, 2007

You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind

I am seriously going on a diet and exercise routine this time.

Well, I have been inspired.

Inpired by what?:
The accumulation of my darling P's comments to me over the past few months, for example:
" Oh you look so cute now - your eyes look so small because your cheeks and face are getting chubbier/ rounder! ",
" Dear, I'm not sure if you should wear that anymore - You look 2 months pregnant in that dress.... "

... and the most recent (while I was showing him some work clothes I bought):
" Wah... ! Why your skirt so wide wan ah? "

OK lah.
It may have taken a while, but I get the message!

Of course, I pointed out to P that his waistline has also been slowly but surely expanding over the last year too...
(Hey, it's true - I'm not just saying it for revenge)
I guess we've both sorta let ourselves go a bit since we've met and we keep spoiling each other...
(He buys me chocolates and I buy him the kuihs that he likes....)
(It's true without a doubt - you can definately have too much of a good thing)
*guilty grin*

To try to reverse the damage, we're both laying out a 3 times a week gymming + diet plan.... and aim to lose about 15 pounds each in 4 months (I don't want to lose too much too fast - stretch lines are EVIL)

I'm sure it'll be challenging to lose the weight (especially in the first month) but even if we don't lose all 15 pounds, at least we'll both be healthier from all the increased exercise and better diet, right?

PS/ (On a slightly different note)
Just because I am going to set out on a healthier diet/ lifestyle does not mean I am going to stop trying out new restaurants!
(I love food too much)

However, considering I'm still feeling a little under the weather and have been in this condition since last week, I really haven't got many new food reviews to post up right now.
Sorry - I've been eating mostly porridge and soup (at home).
Be patient with me, ok? I will post up what I can as soon as I can - promise.


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  1. if i say something remotely lidat to my missus i'll be dead!

  2. i understand this really well cause are victims too lol...

  3. *huggles*

    Am starting my new exercise programme this weekend :) Good to know I'm in good company.

  4. to wuching:
    You'd better be extra careful with your words then!
    It's normal lah - all girls/ women are generally very sensitive about their weight whether they show it or not.
    (I still haven't killed my bf yet but I have definately given him some very murderous glares)

    to meiyen:
    Wat are you talking about?
    You're so skinny lah!

    to sneexe:
    *huggles back*
    I'm planning to go to the gym this weekend also (depending on whether I fully recover from my flu by tomorrow)

  5. hey, great work sweetheart. hope everything works out well.

  6. to quinnylover:
    I've posted up the information on your friend already - I hope you'll find him soon.
    (I'll keep an eye out too but I think it's pretty far from Kota Bahru to KL)

    to b:
    I hope so too.
    If not then it's back to pigging out on chocolates for me!


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