Monday, July 30, 2007

Venice Part Deux

aka. J the Chocoholic's trip to Italy Part 4B - Venice! (Note: Very photo heavy post)

Well, the weekend went by quickly again... In fact, it flew by much more quickly this time seeing as I slept most of it away, doped up with flu medicine....
Anyway, when I did manage to awaken from my slumber I decided to take some time to load up some more photos from the Venice leg of my Italy trip to share with you all:

Fourth stop - VENICE (continued)!
1) Venice by day (from far):

It was nice seeing Venice island from afar..... It was nice because it's so different from KL - No tall modern skyscrapers in sight at all (I suppose the island would sink quickly if they built any there lah)

2) Venice by day (up close):

Venice has so many lovely buildings that are very well maintained by the government there (both to keep their heritage alive and also to keep the tourists coming to visit, I guess).....

3) Rialto Bridge:
Here's the famous Rialto Bridge in the main Venice island area..... As it was the midst of the Carnivale time, there were so SO many people around....

3) Gondola ride!:

Any visit to Venice is not complete without a gondola ride, right?....

4) Shopping!:

Plenty to see, buy and also eat in Venice (Good luck to your wallet though - it's about 4.5 Ringgit for 1 Euro) ....

(Another round of desktop escapism for you to enjoy)
Hope you liked it.


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  1. Hey, great variety of places to eat.. Great job! Don't mind if i link you to my site.

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    Kamarulzaman Suief

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  3. Did you buy a mask? :p

  4. ooooooo



    I envy!!!!!

    ...our whirlwind tour of Venice (around about 2 - 3 hours, 1 afternoon) didn't allow us to stop and sample. When we were there, it was meltingly hot too.

  5. to r09d0:
    Awww... thanks!
    What can I say? I like food! *greedy grin*
    Btw, what is your site? There doesn't seem to be a link to it here.
    (I was thinking of checking it out)

    to Kamarulzaman Suief:
    Dude, sorry I didn't reply like really really quickly but this is a personal blog and not business related so I don't guarantee any 24 hour response time lah.
    Can you please give me time to pop over and have a look at what your site is all about first? I generally only link to my friend's sites or food related blogs (considering the nature of my blog).

    to jemima:
    Yup! I bought a sparkly blue and silver mask.
    At first I was feeling apprehensive because of the exchange rate but in the end I caved in and just bought it anyway....
    (There's still some burn marks on my purse until now... haha)

    to sneexe:
    That's a pity!
    Actually that's exactly what I hate about tour groups...

    Luckily this round, it wasn't as bad for me in Venice (although I still didn't have quite enough time to meander around and explore the area properly) but there were some other places where they did rush us because of the tight schedule....
    (Wouldn't it be nice if we could afford to go on a long backpacking holiday across Europe? *dreams*)

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