Thursday, July 05, 2007

Viva Le Carnivale!

aka. J the Chocoholic's trip to Italy Part 4A - Venice! (Note: Very photo heavy post)

This is a bit delayed considering that my trip to Italy was well over 3 months ago but there's nothing wrong with sharing some pretty pictures, right?

Fourth stop - VENICE!
1) Venice by night:

We had arrived in Venice at night at decided to brave the chilly weather to have a look around at night.....

2) Water "taxi" to Venice:

Big vehicles are not allowed on Venice island (as it is sinking fast enough as it is, without the extra weight from all the tour busses) so we took a scenic boat ride over.....

3) Carnivale!:
It was the time of the annual Carnivale so there was a lively festive feeling with.....

.... many little stalls,....

.... live shows (although I didn't understand a single word) and face-painting,....

... as well as many people walking around in elaborate costumes!

That's about all I had time to load onto my online photo album.
I hope you enjoyed it....


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  1. Oiii! Where's the pix of your gondola ride? ;)

    I'm not sure if you saw any.. but I will always remember those peddlers selling imitation handbags right outside the doorsteps of those exclusive boutiques. That was in the summer of 2005. LOL

  2. You were there DURING the CARNIVALE???? Wow... (^_^) I so envy u....

  3. omg >.<" finally

    Created this account to leave a comment but had some problems trying to leave a comment for you =/

    hi J.. If it isn't too much to ask, but is it possible to have your MSN contact?

    You can email me your contacts @ robin[at]chocolategraphics[dot]com[dot]my


  4. wow... venice is a place that i always wish to go!!!! you are so lucky j.....

  5. to jemima:
    I didn't take any photos of the illegal bag sellers (some of them look kinda "rough") but I saw many of them too!
    .... but dunno whether the "designer" hand bags they sell are imitations from China though....

    to sneexe:
    Well, it was nice a surprise for me that it was Carnivale time!
    Since I was going on a tour group with my parents I hadnt done any research at all (because you really don't get to make any variations from the group tour schedule).

    to cc:
    Well, thanks for that.
    (Does this mean that you will be leaving nice or critical comments from now on?)
    ... I don't really MSN anymore though (the last time I logged on was many many moons ago) but I'll add you on the next time I do lah, ok?

    to meiyen:
    Well, maybe you and your darling can go there for honeymoon?
    (For me, I'm lucky that my parents like to travel as much as I do - we don't buy many expensive things but save up for one nice trip every year)

  6. that isn't my msn contact..

    i like your blog.. but this isnt about my comments atm =P

    is there any where we can communicate then?


  7. to cc:
    Sorry for my cautiousness, but can you tell me what it's about first?

    (I hope you don't take offense - I'm just trying to be careful... I mean, you could be trying to sell me insurance or something...)

  8. >.<"

    You can email me your contacts @ robin[at]chocolategraphics[dot]com[dot]my

    Don't think my email says much about my company insuring anyone with chocolates.. blerk =P

    Well i can't really say anything here. Is about chocolates and F&B definately. Details are confidential, only reason i kindly request for some privacy just to chat.. really! >.<"

  9. Hi!
    I'm your make up artist!
    I've found this pic looking for something new for carnival, and it was a surprise to find me!!!
    Do you have more pictures of your make up?

  10. To Poisonambra:
    I can look in my computer for more photos of the Carnivale, but I'm afraid I may not be the person you think.

    I'm not the person you were painting on. I was just passing by and admiring your work! Thanks for the message though. What a small world! :)

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  12. to anonymous:
    AWww.... thanks! :) Appreciate the kind words. Please do comment again soon - it's nice to talk.


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