Monday, July 16, 2007


I finally go to the gym and after a short run on the treadmill, a few reps of weights and a couple of sit-ups : My every waking hour is filled with PAIN.

Otherwise, my weekend was pretty good:
1) Baby cousin's full moon party
Wow... one month already!
The party was simple but fun - the only thing that irritated me is my mum and aunts ganging up on me and hinting very indiscretely that it's about time I popped one out of the oven already.
(I am NOT a baby machine lah....)

2) Kat's birthday celebration
It was a nice laidback party by the poolside with lots of food and booze provided by Kat and her co-birthday celebrator, Jin Nee.

3) Not very relaxing back massage
I am now very scared of going for traditional Chinese massages - I swear the lady was trying to kill me with her knuckles and elbows.

... and now, it's Monday.
So, back to work!

(Will update on food soon - promise!)

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sneexe said...

hehe :) connecting the pain of workout makes the pleasure of eating seem less attractive, no?

Keep at it!

J said...

to sneexe:
I see no connection at all!
*chomps down happily on new Kit Kat Latte Limited Edition*
Mmmm.... Chocolate.....
(Thanks for the support tho - I'll definately try to stick to the gym routine longer this time)

Merv Kwok said...

Good lord. There's a smiley face at the end of the back to work sentence. o.O


J said...

to merv:
What can I say?
Just thinking about my work makes me smile!
(Erm... that may just be the coffee+adrenaline talking)

Wuching said...

ur mom is right, time to bake a cake!

J said...

to wuching:
I repeat : I am NOT a baby machine!
So, no cake baking for the forseeable future.

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