Friday, September 29, 2006

Proclamation Of Hiatus

Dear friends,

Just to inform you: I will not be updating from Friday (6 October 2006) till Thursday (12 October 2006) as I will be away to New Zealand for holiday.
*J does the happy "I'm going on Ho-OH-lidaaaay" dance*

I'm going to go see the Hobbiton Set!
(I am such a geek)

Hey, does anyone know any good wineries/ good restaurant/ interesting places to recommend for the North Island of NZ?
(Any suggestions would be mucho appreciated)


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So, That's Where It Is

A pleasurable place spotted in Bangsar....

Looking for some fun?
Try this place:

What a name!

Ok, I admit it's a bit lame but hopefully it brought you smile on this wonderful Friday morning.
Have a great weekend ahead!


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fun In The Attic

An interesting (smoke free!) bar with nice drinks and yummy desserts on the quieter side of Bangsar....

(March 09)

Oops. They have moved to CapSquare in KL (since Dec 2008).
I have not been to their new location.... so my review is pretty much completely obsolete but here are the new contact details for you (just in case):

(New) Name: Urbanattic @ KL
Address: G-46 CapSquare, No. 7 Persiaran Capsquare, Off Jalan Ampang, Capital Square, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-26933808
Website: Attic KL website


The Attic is a fairly new restaurant/ bar in the Bangsar area - it has only been opened for a few months. It is very low key, placed on the second floor of the shophouses in the Jalan Bangkung area (near Opus/ Tea For Two), accessible through a simple glass door next to the golf shop.

I love the ambience here.... It's arty, airy and modern with funky furniture and cool colours with a stark contrast of a bright red chandelier near the stairwell:

The attic interior

I have been there twice and noticed that they change the art pieces periodically, which is nice.

There are also some delicious desserts to try there:

The sweet chocolatey call of tempation.....

I can't remember the names but they were all very yummy.
They usually have 2 or 3 different types of pastries at a time (priced at RM10 each) and the selection is changed daily... There is only a limited amount though, so if you're not lucky then it may have run out by the time you go there for drinks at night.
(They also have an ala carte menu of Spanish/ Italian food here but I haven't tried it yet)

There is also a range of classic drinks as well as interestingly named drinks (some of the names are quite naughty! *blush*). Generally, they taste pretty good and are moderately priced (not expensive but not cheap either) at around RM18++ to RM28++ for cocktails.

The major plus point for me is that they are a smoke free bar.
(Yay - no second hand smoke!)
Smokers will have to puff on their cancer sticks on the adjoining balcony area.

Sadly, this is probably the exact reason why it's always so empty on Saturday nights....
Still, you can call me weird if you want but I really enjoy having lots of space and clean, smoke free air which adds up to a comfortable and conducive environment to catch up with friends.
(As opposed to loud, crowded and smokey clubs/ bars/ lounges)

Overall: Nice restaurant/ bar in Bangsar area that is smoke free! It has nice tasting and reasonably priced drinks and yummy desserts.

Summary Sheet:

The Attic @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar
Telephone No.: 03-2093 8842
Opening Hours: Weekdays (except Monday) - 12pm to 11pm, Weekends - 12pm to 1 am.
Parking : OK

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 Deadly Songs

I have been tagged by Jemima....

I have to name seven songs which I am listening to these days. The songs can be in any genre; with or without lyrics. The most important thing is that I enjoy listening to them all and will not get bored.

I suppose music's a good way to understand a person...
So, here's a peek into my soul:
Music makes me happy!

- My 7 Songs! -
1) Bleed Like Me by Garbage
(I love Shirley Manson!)

2) Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday
(Well, the aftermath is like, 5 years and counting... *sigh*)

3) Beverly Hills by Weezer
(The ultimate "geeks made good" band)

4) Cry Me A River by Julie London
(Such a classic song - sung with a tone of heartbreakingly restrained sadness)

5) Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance
(What can I say? I like my emo/ punk rock music)

6) Home by Michael Buble
(Mr Buble's voice is so soothing after a hard day's work)

7) I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw
(Dunno lah - it's so mainstream (and I don't even watch One Tree Hill) but I like it)

OK - and lastly, I tag 7 people to spread the joy:
1) Merv
2) Meiyen
3) Ching Ling
4) Serina
5) Soo Jin
6) Lenny
7) Jo Lyn

Now, my work here is done....


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All Alone In The World

Why is everyone getting married??!

I have 5 sets of friends in the various stages of joining the Realm Of The Married Couples: 1 pair already married earlier this year, 3 more on the way soon and 1 pair early next year....
Wedding Bears

Those are just the ones I know of so far, but at the rate the wedding invitations are coming in, I won't be surprised if the list grows exponentially...
(Three wedding invites in the last 2 months! *gasp*.... THREEEEEEEE!!)

I feel very happy for them, I truly do...
... but all these weddings are making me feel so old.
So very old.
So very very very old... (and unmarried)
Wrinkles Attack!

*J looks down and checks the expiry date etched on her hand*
Not much time left!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Hot Mama!

An interesting new Halal Vietnamese restaurant to try in Sungei Wang Plaza....

This new(-ish) restaurant is located on the 5th floor of Sungei Wang Plaza. Its ambience is simple and funky with a fresh blend of bright yellow and orange, balanced by white (to keep it from being downright garish):

A peek at Hot Mama Restaurant - Exterior and Interior

There are many interesting items on this Vietnamese fusion cuisine menu. That day, we picked the Chicken and Cheese Roti Canai Rolls as a starter:
Chicken and Cheese Roti Canai Rolls

The blend of smoked chicken, vegetables and a touch of cheese rolled in a roti canai was interesting but not that fantastic (they do get points for being creative though). I thought that it was very decently priced (RM5++) and I probably wouldn't mind trying it again some time.

For the mains, we tried two of Hot Mama's specialties - the Seafood Fried Noodles and the Vietnamese Beef Soup Noodles:
Left to Right: The Vietnamese Beef Soup Noodles and Seafood Fried Noodles

The Beef Noodles, served with glass noodles (like the one normally found in Assam Laksa) was quite disappointing.
The Soup was ok, only slightly spicy,... There were pretty generous amounts of beef chunks but they were dry and chewy....
(So, trying to finish all of it was quite a chore)

The Fried Noodles were pretty good though - it had that distinctive sorta wok-fried taste to it and there were generous amounts of seafood.

(Both dishes cost less than RM10++, which I think is very reasonable)

The drinks there were also interesting - I tried the Herbal Highball:
The Herbal Highball

This drink was a tad too sweet (I had to add in some water later to make it more palatable) but was nice - it was like a different take on the normal herbal tea with many yummy things like snow fungus, jelly, longan, etc.
(So, it's like a drink and dessert rolled in one)

Overall: the food tasted ok for a Halal Vietnamese food place in Sungei Wang and was very reasonably priced. There were a lot of interesting sounding items on the ala carte menu so although I wasn't totally impressed with the food during my first visit there, I wouldn't mind going back for Round 2 if I'm in the area again....

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Friday, September 22, 2006

What A Way To Go

A morbid post to end the work week......

It's something that has to happen eventually....


... but all these normal coffins are so boring.
The Usual Coffin...

Better to go out in style!:

Clockwise from top left: A Uterus Coffin, Sandwich Coffin,
Pineapple Coffin and Lion Coffin

What's the story with these quirky coffins, you ask? Well,....
Coffins From Ghana

" For the Ga tribe in coastal Ghana, funerals are a time of mourning, but also of celebration. The Ga people believe that when their loved ones die, they move on into another life -- and the Ga make sure they do so in style....

The coffins are designed to represent an aspect of the dead person's life -- such as a car if they were a driver.... They might also symbolize a vice -- such as a bottle of beer or a cigarette.

Ablade Glover, an artist who works with the carpenters, says the coffin acts as a home in the afterlife, so it must be beautiful. But he laments that after putting so much time into creating the coffin, it gets hidden underground.

"By the end of the day, they are going to bury this thing, which has taken so much time, so much energy?" he says. "

(So, if you were a gynae, you can be buried in a uterus?? Haha...)

Well,.... if you ever want to purchase one, there's actually an online shop (O_o!!): CLICK HERE

This may be a bit of a morbid topic but anyway:
What would you choose as your coffin?
(I'd probably go with a giant chocolate bar)

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Happy Wanderer Part 1

An impulsive trip to Northwards for food.....

One fine Sunday morning, me and P decided to go Northbound, for fun, to sample some delicacies....
(Yeah, we're just THAT free and apparently we didn't get the memo on the fuel price increase.. Haha)

First stop - Bidor!:

On the Highway and A Peek at Bidor Town

We stopped by for the famous Bidor Duck Noodles at Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits and Restaurant:
Yummy Ducksssss - I love you!

Having come all that way, I just HAD to have the Duck Noodles:
Close Up of The Duck Soup and Accompanying Dry Noodles

You can either have it prepared "Kon low" (Dry Noodles with Duck Soup on the Side) or "Chuu Sui" (Noodles Served In The Duck Soup)... I like both but chose to have it "Kon low" that day.... and MMMMMM, it was good.

The Duck Soup, cooked with various Chinese herbs, is aromatic and bursting with yummy ducky flavour... You can also tell that it had been lovingly slow cooked as the meat was tender, falling right off the bone.
(The noodles were ok lah - the highlight for me was definately the duck)

Mind you, the Duck Noodles are a horror to non-duck loving ppl... Like P, who took a sip of my soup and made such a face....
(He not only dislikes ducky taste but also chinese herbs, generally, so I suppose it was a double whammy for him)
(Good lah - more for me! Muahaha)

Anyway, there are other options such as the normal Wantan Noodles and "Woo Kok" (Yam puff):
The Wantan Noodles and The "Woo Kok"

The Wantan Noodles were pretty good - P liked that the noodles tasted fresh and springy, but lamented that the Wantans here nothing to shout about. The "Woo Kok" was also ok - worth a try but for about RM1 per piece, it did not rock my world.

This place is also famous for the wide range of traditional snacks and biscuits that they sell:
The Biscuit Sold In Pun Chun

They have everything from crispy and savoury "Khaii Chai Peng" (Chicken Biscuits) to sweet and sticky "Phong Phieah" (erm, literal translation: Fragrant Biscuits?). If you get confused on what to buy, just ask the ladies at the payment counter - they're usually quite helpful.

According to the "See Thouw Phorr" (Boss Lady), this is a 20 hour restaurant - open from about 5.30am till 1.30am (WOAH!).

There are also many stalls/ shop houses nearby selling petai and a wide array of fruits:
Rows of Shops Selling Fruits and Petai Near Pun Chun

I have always found that the Jambu (both the Batu and Air) sold here is very nice, and do not miss out on buying as much as reasonably sane when I am in the area.

Here is my Food Souvenier Booty from the Bidor trip:

Clockwise from top:
Various Black Sesame Biscuits (Delicious!),
Jambu Batu (the green one) & Jambu Air (the pink ones) & Chicken Biscuits (All yummy!),
and Packets of Sate Fish (Also nice!)

Anyway, this brings me to the end of Part 1 of The Happy Wanderer.

Next stop: Ipoh!:
That day, we figured that since we were at Bidor, why not go to Ipoh for Noodles as well?

I dunno what came over us that day.
(Just pure greed, I suppose)

Till next time,

Almost forgot - here are some directions to Pun Chun: It's very simple, just follow the North-South highway and turn out at the Bidor toll exit. After the Bidor toll, drive straight till you reach a T-junction.
There, turn right towards Bidor town. Then, keep driving straight (just a short way down) till you reach a traffic light with a KFC in a building on the left.
You will now see shophouses on both sides of the road. Pun Chun will be somewhere in the middle of the second row of shops on your right.
Don't worry anyway. You shouldn't get lost - Bidor town really isn't that big.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Motorcycling Menaces To Society

A slightly delayed telecast (I was a bit too busy at work yesterday to put my rant into coherent words other than f**kity, f**kity, F**K!)....

I swear, motorcyclists will be the death of me!
... Or more like: I'll be the cause of deaths for motorcyclists....

Of course it'll be through no fault of my own.
I swear sometimes they are just ASKING for it...

Seriously, I'm not being evil!
It's just that (most of) these morons on motorcycles think that they are immortal or unbreakable or something like that.
For example: The smart guy who decided that it would be a great idea to zip from my right, cut past the front of my car and turn into a road on my left.

I was THIS close to mowing him down!
My car actually nudged his motorcycle (even as I slammed down on my brakes to try to slow down) .... and I saw him wobble a bit as he turned into the road and sped away.

*heart still pumping madly*







I don't usually like to rant and "shout" on my blog like this...
It's just that it was a very stressful situation yesterday morning on my way to work, and I really needed to get it off my chest....
(I am glad that nothing happened but the whole event was quite jarring)

I admit!: I have a history of discrimination towards Moronic Motorcyclists but it is through bitter experience - Once, I was hurt (not very badly, but still) when 20 to 30 of them suddenly decided to beat the red light and didn't care that I was still halfway crossing the road in front of them.

YOU imagine being stuck in the middle of Jalan Sultan Ismail... praying for your life as a bunch of hooligans on motorcycles zoom past you, one of which, accidentally/ purposely - only God knows - hits you on the hand, tearing off a large chunk of your skin...
(And before you say anything: NO, I wasn't jaywalking - it was a designated pedestrian crossing area with the blinking "green man/ red man" indicator too)

I sincerely hope that motorcyclists will take heed and be more careful on the road.
I know, that it is not ALWAYS the motorcyclists' fault when it comes to road accidents (hey, bad drivers in cars + trucks + busses can cause even MORE damage... I've seen it happen before) but they should realise that since they have no protection around them (save for a small helmet) they OUGHT to be more careful.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bad Dog!

A gripey review on a pub/ cafe in Hartamas......

The Dinner
I will always remember all those priceless moments from that night:
*fade in*
Scene 1:
J walks into the cute English pub/ restaurant and approaches one waiter.....
J: "Excuse me,... is there a table booking here for Patrick or Leonard? I'm meeting friends."
Waiter A: "Harr. WHO? Who is that? What do you want?"
J: "Well,.. I'm here for dinner. I'm meeting friends. They usually book the table."
Waiter A: "Don't have. You don't see them here? *grunt* Maybe upstairs. *points at stairs and walks off*"


Is this what they call "service" in this joint?
(I found out later that the Bulldog does not take any table reservations for reasons unknown but still, it was NOT a good first impression at all.... It didn't stop there though)

Scene 2:
*imagine there are 8 of us seated at the table with only 2 menus to share*
J: "Excuse me, can we have more menus to look at please?"
Waiter B: "Don't have."
Patrick: "Huh? Your whole restaurant only has 2 menus?."
Waiter B: "Upstairs no more."
(Now, after further discussion with Waiter B, he grudgingly went downstairs and kindly fished out 2 more menus for us)

(And BTW, the fun continues!)

Scene 3:
*Waiter B takes orders from 4 people and happily saunters off to the bar area and stands there fiddling around for 10 minutes*
J: "Erm, ...*waves hand at waiter* ... excuse me. Are you still taking orders?"
Waiter B: "*evil eye to J* ... Yeaaa-AH!"

(Ooh... and the highlight of the night was when Leonard only got his Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef AFTER everyone finished eating)

*fade out*

Fooyorr - Really teruk.
I'd like to think that the waiters are actually nice people....
However, one thing's for sure: they are nice people who don't give a flying fish about customer service.

Oh man, I have griped a LOT already.... I think I'd better actually review the food.
(Sorry, I got a bit carried away - I just haven't had such rip-roaringly bad service for quite a while now)

*breathes in*

The food at The Bulldog is down to earth, typical English pub fare so you can expect stuff like Pies, Fish and Chips as well as England's national food: The Chicken Tikka Masala.
The Bulldog Exterior (and serviette)

It has 2 levels, the downstairs is more of a bar/ lounge, with just a few small tables for dining patrons, while there upstairs is more of the restaurant area, with pool tables on the side to keep you amused while you wait for your food:
The Pool Table In The Bulldog

We started night with some Deep Fried Cheesy Meatballs (RM11++):
The Dry Meatballs

The beef meatballs, deepfried with a little cheese inside, were generally overcooked, with a distinctly dry texture.

We moved on to the mains, the Bangers and Mash, Steak with Black Pepper Sauce, Pork Chop with Apple Sauce, Shephard's Pie and the Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef:

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: The Pork Chop, The Steak, The Yorkshire
Pudding, The Shephard's Pie and The Bangers & Mash

The Bangers and Mash, with a choice of either pork, lamb or beef sausages served with a generous amount of mash potatoes, is one of The Bulldog's specialties.
It was ok, worth a try: the mash was nice but the sausages are similar to those that you can get from gourmet delis.

The Shephard's Pie, minced lamb in a tomato herb sauce, topped with gratinated mash potatoes, was ok. The mince was a little dry but did not have that "lamb-y" taste so I guess it was slightly above average.

The Steak was not bad, I guess - ok flavour and ok texture but nothing extraordinary.
Not much else to comment.
(I am very hard to please when it comes to steaks)

The Yorkshire Pudding was, also only ok.
(Mind you, I have no point of reference - this is the first Yorkshire Pudding I've tasted)
The pastry was tasty but the beef was dry.
(Dousing it in the accompanying brown sauce helped somewhat)

The Pork Chop served with mash potatoes (my order on that night) was a disappointment. The meat was (AGAIN) dry, and relatively tasteless - in fact (as Jo-lyn rightly pointed out) the accompanying apple sauce totally overpowered it.
(So, it was like eating apple flavoured meat)

I apologise, I can't remember the prices for most of the above but generally, the mains we had range from RM27++ to RM40++...

Anyway, if nothing else, the servings were generous so I was too full to try any dessert.
(There was an amusingly named dish called the Spotted Dick, though - haha, how do these English ppl come up with these hilarious names?)

So it's: Unpretentious dining,in an English Pub setting, quite generous serving sizes BUT didn't taste that great and bad, BAD service.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

The Bulldog Pub and Cafe @ Hartamas
Taste: 5
Ambience : 6
Service : 3 (FAIL!)
Price** : RM70/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - Per person, 3 course dinner without drinks
Telephone No.: 03-6201 4484
Opening Hours: 11am - late


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Monday, September 18, 2006

Le Chocolat Noir

A peek into prose from my emo/ goth-wannabe/ angsty teenager phase...

Er-hem... *clears throat*
(Just don't laugh too hard, ok? - Give face laaaarrrrr....)


Put on your mask,
The ever smiling face,
Everyone says you must be happy,
You have no choice.

Even if pain,
Conquers your soul,
Your very being,
Causing you pain of monstrous proportions,


Everyone says you should,
So you must.

Hide your real self,
Lock it in the darker regions of your soul,
Beat it to submission,
Let it not be seen,
Everyone says you should be happy,
So you must.

Don't ask,
Just do.
Don't question,
Just do.
Don't feel,
Just do.

Everyone says you should,
So you must.

So drama, right?

I suppose everyone goes through that phase. You know, the one where:
1) no one understands you,
2) it's you against the world,
3) the only colour you ever want to wear is black, and
4) loud music is the ONLY music (etc)....

It's funny how (most) teenagers are usually so full of anger....
It must be all those raging hormones, don't you think?
(Here I am totally stereotyping - but hey, maybe it was just me who had a few screws loose... *laughs*)

(Psst, anyone else want to share any poems/ writing from their teenage days?)

[ Begin Edit ]

I think after this many years, it's really about time to title this prose.
I'm open for suggestions....

(Help me out here, people...)

[ End Edit ]

Ps/ Hey, it's not gonna win any awards any time soon but it's mine, ok? - Original from my brain 100%! No copying/ plagiarising, thank you!

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J the Chocoholic looks at her computer screen thinking sadly: "Can it be?... Is it Blogger's Block?? *gasp*"

She frowns as she continues staring angrily at the computer, to no avail.....

Sorry for the crappy update.
I suppose we all have one of those days once in a while.

(If you were looking for restaurant reviews/ food stuff, come back tomorrow - I'll be posting up a review on The Bulldog in Hartamas)


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Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Fantasizing: If I Were A Rich Woman....

... *sings* I wouldn't have to work hard.... da da da da da da,.. da da da da DUMMMMMMM...

So, what would you buy if you were filthy-ly, embarassingly rich?
For me... I'd probably start off with:
1) The basics: House, Flashy Car (all equipped with a driver, of course)

2) The not so basic: Helicopter, Jet (Yay, no more traffic jams!)

3) A whole new wardrobe - clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery - the complete works! (Oh, and maybe a few pairs of those Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks that those American ppl keep raving about)

4) My own island + holiday villa (Nothing too fancy - just something small and cosy with a nice beach/ view of the sea)

5) The most glorious food in the world, especially chocolates (Of course lah - I can't miss that out, can I?)

What about you?
(It's just nice to have a spot of dreaming before the weekend)

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


A quick write up on an interesting place to eat....

The restaurant is simple and comfortable - located in the Rainforest area of One Utama's new wing (in the outside area, sorta just behind Kluang Station):
Chatterbox Interior

The menu is mostly like any other Hong Kong restaurant but I think the food here is nice as there are some special items. My favourite dish is this starter, the Chicken Floss Tofu:
Chinese Lasagne! :)

(It kinda reminds me of lasagne somehow)
This dish, which is served cold, is very simple but nice: it's basically thin slices of silky tofu with chicken floss layered in between, sprinkled with seaweed and served with a simple soya sauce dressing.

The fried rice is generally quite nice here. That time, we tried the Fried Rice With Beef:
The Fried Rice with Beef....

The texture of the rice is just dry enough and thankfully, not too oily - and tasted lovely when eaten with the "Latt Chiew Yauw" (Chili oil).
(It is free flow here for the chili oil! - Eat as much as you want... Not like some places *cough-OneNoodleInSS2-cough* which try to charge you for it)

The drinks here are not bad too. Here is the Iced Honey Lemon and Fruity Cincau we had that day:
Left to right: The Iced Honey Lemon and Fruity Cincau

They are not as expensive as other Hongkie places, but not that cheap either.
(Reasonable lah)

Overall, it's worth a try: Decent servings for decent prices (and they taste pretty good too).

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