Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Madam Kwan's

A short post on an expensive but nice place to eat Nasi Lemak....

Went out with my mum one weekend to shop in Midvalley and decided to drop by Madam Kwan's for lunch.... The outlet there is fairly new (on the 1st Floor, between Picollo Mondo and Toys R'Us) and has a comfortable, modern feel to it:
A look at Madam Kwan's - Midvalley

The specialty at Madam Kwan's is the Nasi Lemak:
The Nasi Lemak

What you get for RM14++: Fragrant rice, Delicious curry chicken, Half boiled egg, Sweet and spicy sambal ikan bilis, Yummy achar and Chicken floss.

Another favourite is the Nasi Bojari:
The Nasi Bojari

Man, was it a heavy meal.
What you get for RM19++: Fragrant rice - coloured and fried with bits of chicken, garlic and dried prawns, Tender beef/ chicken rendang (your choice), Chicken drumstick fried to crispy golden brown perfection and Assam prawns.

I didn't have any dessert that day as stomach was already bulging but I've tried the banana split and sago gula melaka on prior occasions - they are refreshing but nothing extraordinary.

Truth be told, the prices here are NOT cheap but it's for a reason - you are paying a premium to eat at a nicely decorated, air conditioned eatery and be served by friendly, helpful staff with super quick order to serving time.

I will say though, the food quality is consistent and the servings are pretty generous so you won't feel cheated.
(I never have, anyway)

As far as I know, they have 3 4! outlets. Here are the contact details:
Madam Kwan's Midvalley: 03-2287 2297
Madam Kwan's KLCC: 03-2026 2297
Madam Kwan's Telawi Street, Bangsar: 03-2284 2297
(NEW!) Madam Kwan's Pavilion, KL: 03-2143 2297

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  1. Hey, we also ate at Mdm Kwans recently but in a huge group. Found out it's cheaper to order the same items from the menu to share that resemble Nasi Lemak and Nasi Bojari i.e. assam prawns, rendang, chicken curry, fried chicken. You can change yr normal rice to coconut rice or Bojari Rice too.

  2. I heard that Mdm Kwan's are famous for their nasi bojari. The picture looked delicious. ;) Haven't try out their food yet though. :) Yeah, my friend said their food was expensive.

  3. j, did you find their service at this outlet superbly fast? Da last time I went there, it took them less than 5 minutes to serve da drinks and food! Amazing!!!

  4. yeah, i've been to Mdm Kwan's and i'll attest to your findings - great food and service :)

  5. to boo_licious:
    Thanks for the tip!

    to cookies_cream:
    Well,.. it's definately worth a try!
    (Just not too often, if not you will burn a hole in your wallet)

    to meiyen:
    Yeah - amazing isn't it?

    to laksa:
    Seems like that's the general consensus.
    It's wonderful that they have maintained that quality all this time, don't you think so?

  6. Portions look worth the price =) I'm looking at the nasi lemak and loving it haha

  7. OMG RM19++ oredi for bojari??? naik another RM2!!!! wahliau getting very ex oredi

  8. to lenny:
    Oh man... I knew you liked Starbucks but blogging about it brings it to a totally new level!

    (Will sms you later - I am someone you know from BDOCC)

    to merv:
    Well,... it is good.
    Come to KL and eat it!

    to babe_kl:
    Oh.. it used to be RM17?
    Didn't know that..
    (Hmmm,.. tell you what - I will try to double check the price.. I think I still have the receipt somewhere)

  9. Your number for Midvalley Madam Kwan's is wrong. It should be 03-22872297

  10. to anonymous:
    Hey - thanks for pointing that out!
    It was a silly typo on my part....
    (I've corrected it already)

  11. hei....try madam kwan's asam fish head for ur nxt visit...errr...quite a BIG portion but i think it tastes great wiv steaming hot rice!

  12. to anonymous:
    Mmmm.. sounds good!
    I am so boring though - because I don't go there often, I always end up ordering the exact same dishes, either the Nasi Lemak or the Nasi Bojari.

  13. i m a regular customer of mdm kwan's restaurant...especially i like the curry fish head, nasi bojari and oso dessert is cendol...hahah...of course once i order curry fish head is with my family, sure with a group la.anyhow, i like the service there, their noted me and my family and always with Mr. so and so to calling us, Good!!

  14. to maple:
    Wah. I think we have enough people to start a Mdm Kwan's fan club already! :)

    I wish I could afford to go more often actually, but it's too painful for the wallet (and very bad for my waistline!). Haha...

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