Monday, September 18, 2006

Le Chocolat Noir

A peek into prose from my emo/ goth-wannabe/ angsty teenager phase...

Er-hem... *clears throat*
(Just don't laugh too hard, ok? - Give face laaaarrrrr....)


Put on your mask,
The ever smiling face,
Everyone says you must be happy,
You have no choice.

Even if pain,
Conquers your soul,
Your very being,
Causing you pain of monstrous proportions,


Everyone says you should,
So you must.

Hide your real self,
Lock it in the darker regions of your soul,
Beat it to submission,
Let it not be seen,
Everyone says you should be happy,
So you must.

Don't ask,
Just do.
Don't question,
Just do.
Don't feel,
Just do.

Everyone says you should,
So you must.

So drama, right?

I suppose everyone goes through that phase. You know, the one where:
1) no one understands you,
2) it's you against the world,
3) the only colour you ever want to wear is black, and
4) loud music is the ONLY music (etc)....

It's funny how (most) teenagers are usually so full of anger....
It must be all those raging hormones, don't you think?
(Here I am totally stereotyping - but hey, maybe it was just me who had a few screws loose... *laughs*)

(Psst, anyone else want to share any poems/ writing from their teenage days?)

[ Begin Edit ]

I think after this many years, it's really about time to title this prose.
I'm open for suggestions....

(Help me out here, people...)

[ End Edit ]

Ps/ Hey, it's not gonna win any awards any time soon but it's mine, ok? - Original from my brain 100%! No copying/ plagiarising, thank you!

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  1. Here's a poem I would've wrote in my teenage years if I were half as funny as I am now:

    I am a monkey,
    Blue and funky;
    My fart smells very spunky,
    And I love to smack that donkey.


    Not bad. You have writer's block and you put up TWO post in a day. Respectus maximus J!

  2. to wuching:
    Erm, well, I laugh because it's funny (for me) to look back at how I used to be back then...

    I'd like to think I've changed to be a more positive person now...
    .. or maybe I just hide it much better nowadays.

    to merv:
    Excellent! Top points for your monkey poem - Hey, it rhymes, so that's a start...

    "Smack the donkey" though?
    Goodness, that can be read the wrong way for sure!

  3. Just wanna wish you a happy week, J.

    This is a start of a chaotic week for me - seminars from Wed onwards.

    I need a chocolate. *sigh*

  4. hmmm, i'm not laughing either - actually, it's pretty good.

    points 1,2 & 3 still apply to moi although i'm way past teenhood. perhaps it's part eccentricity and part wanting to be different from the crowd and its pack mentality...

  5. i think we can title it: The Mask

    just an idea :D

  6. to jemima:
    I hope you have a good week too...
    (Don't get too stressed out!)

    to laksa:
    It's good? - Really?
    Hey... thanks!
    (For me, 1 to 4 still kinda apply except that now No.3 is very important bcos it is a slimming colour... haha)

    to rokh:
    Yeah... that's a good one..


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