Monday, September 04, 2006


Last week, my friend R arranged for a small gathering at his place before he flew off to finish medical degree.
(OMG, OMG - He's almost a doctor!)

The house was nice....
It was a new edition to his "family estate" (they bought over the neighbour's house) and was rustic+retro with (what looked like) authentic furniture from the 60's left by the previous owner. It was also a little eerie because there were green spotlights installed to provide that little extra "ambient lighting"...
(R, dude......! -> Green lights = ghosts in Chinese movies....)

Photos of the house interior...

The night was pretty eventful....
Within the first half hour, the table broke:

Apparently, the old table couldn't take the weight of all the booze we put on it...
Luckily none of the bottles of alcohol broke *phew*..., just a few glasses shattered, most of the finger foods wasted, etc.
... A mop was fetched to clean the mess, but guess what?
That broke too.... *lol*:
*SNAP* .. Erm.. Oops...?

Anyway, we managed to source out another (more sturdy) table and the party went on...
Booze + Chocolate + Vodka Jelly = Fun!:


There was even a bottle of Absinthe that had been lovingly carried back from the UK...
(Fooyorr, 45% alcohol... better not to drink too much)
(It's nowhere close to the famed original absinthe which goes as high as 80% though)

It was a fun night.
I hadn't seen some of them for quite a while now, so it was fun to catch up and laugh over stuff that happened many many years ago...
(Most of us that night have known each other since high school)
*fade in*
"Oh... remember that time the F puked 3 times at Bali?"
*everyone laughs while F denies it all vehemently: "Where got? Where got?"*

"Oh yeah - and remember that teacher that had the hots for X?"
*everyone laughs while X also denies it all vehemently: "Where got? Where got?"*

*fade out*

It's always fun to meet up with old friends.
(Don't you think so?)

... I hope your Mondays are all starting off well.


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  1. WOW! J, we're still in the chinese 7th month - if that's supposed to mean anything.. hehe ;)

    Have a great Monday & the rest of the week & have a Kit-Kat when yiu have a break. :p

  2. to wuching and jemima:
    Well,... apparently the last owner (an old man) died in the house...
    We didn't see anything though...
    ... or maybe we were just too drunk to notice.

    to ky:
    Sinning is small doses is ok, isn't it?
    (Hey, bro,.... are you telling me that you don't drink alcohol sometimes?)

  3. looks and sounds like fun!

    there's nothing like a great company, food and booze to go along with any gathering :)

    btw, i was surprised when i read you guys brought along Absinthe but fortunately it's not the 80% version ;)

  4. Haha so suay man! Table break then mop break. Diaoz! But mann... Any booze left for moi? Haha

  5. to laksa:
    Yups - I totally agree.

    to merv:
    Mega suay!
    Luckily we didn't break the old sofa too....
    (They say bad luck comes in threes, right?)

    There is always booze left!
    You come over to Malaysia lah.

  6. Hi babe... omg lucky u left cynna. i friggin OD-ed on the alky and i passed out,
    pat and the rest had to lug me dead body to the hotel *Embaressed*
    thanks for a fun time!
    EVE xoxo~

  7. to evelyn:
    No need to feel shy - as long as you had fun.
    How much did you drink though??

    Hey, gimme a ring if you're going out this weekend, k?

  8. Party party. I wonder what happened to all the parties I used to go to. Oh! I remember I got married and had kids ;-)

  9. to adam:
    Old man!

    Haiyah - but now you have the satisfaction and happiness of knowing that you are sharing your life with the love of your life and shaping your kids with love and wisdom, right?


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