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Over Seas And Over Land

The Dinner

(July 08)

(Been meaning to update on this for a while but it slipped my mind. My bad... )

FYI: About 2 months ago, the Overseas restaurant in Amcorp moved out to a new location, Jaya 1 (which is more or less just 5 minutes away). So far, I haven't popped in to try it yet but I've heard it's still consistent to its good ol' standards of pricey but delicious food.

Anyway, the new restaurant contact details are as follows:
Overseas Restaurant @ Jaya 1
Telephone No.: 03-7956 9911

(Hope you don't mind if I leave my old review here till I have a chance to go to the new Overseas restaurant to try it out)



Let me start by disclaiming the price of the meal I'm about to tell you all about. It's not that Overseas Restaurant is necessarily this expensive - it CAN be if you order certain premium items... but it doesn't HAVE to be.

Anyway, Nick helped me book a nice private room in the Overseas Restaurant at Amcorp Mall (since he and his family go there pretty often):
The Room Number and the View From The Room

(See! The number is so prosperous!)

Generally, the ambience here is ok - it is comfortable but definately not breathtaking in any way (you can choose between the private rooms - very limited - and the open area):
A peek into Restoran Overseas, Amcorp Mall

The appetiser served is worth a mention:

The stewed peanuts, big and juicy, are really addictive but be careful - you can ask for as many refills as you want but they cost RM2 a plate....

First up, the killer priced item - Shark's Fin Soup, which came up to be almost two thirds of the total bill:
(My parents kinda went crazy that night and ordered the one that costs RM120++ PER BOWL)
(No, no, I'm not trying to show off - I'm really still in major shock)
(My wallet still feels the pain in an empathic way)
Caution: Hot Steaming Bowl Of Political Incorrectness...

Yum... I feel guilty saying this but it was good....
(Sorry, Mr Shark)
The soup was thick but not starchy and bursting with flavour. It had a very generous amount of shark's fin and two big pieces of crab meat.
(Note: There is shark fin's soup of various grades with prices ranging from RM50/per bowl to well,... insanely expensive/per bowl)

Next up, the "Soon Hock" fish served in two styles, deep fried and sauted with vegetables:
Left to right: The "Soon Hock" - deep fried and sauted with vegetables

Sounds so simple, doesn't it?
Yeah.... but it tastes really good though.
It just proves without a doubt that as long as the fish is fresh and prepared by a skillful chef - it will taste GREAT. The deep fried fish, served with a soya based sauce was crispy on the outside but oh so delicate on the inside....
The "Soon Hock" fried with mixed vegetables and deep fried macademia nuts was also nice - wonderfully tender texture and delicately flavoured as to not overpower the natural sweetness of the fish.
(If I ever have RM120 to blow again - I'm ordering this for sure!)

We also had a Fried Mi Sua that night:
The Fried Mi Sua

Sorry - didn't take a piccy of the full plate because the waitress served it up while I wasn't looking.... Anyway, it tasted ok - not too salty or oily with a generous amount of meat and veg in it.

Also, that night we ordered the Potato Leaves in Superior Stock:
Potato Leaves in Superior Stock

Mmmmm... I love this dish here!
The vegetables have been lovingly cooked in the soupy base with garlic and century eggs - making a delish yet healthy choice (about RM15).

We ended our dinner with the Fresh Mango served with crushed ice:
Fresh Mango

This dessert was simple and nice - the mango was sweet, succulent and very refreshing after such a rich meal. On the downside, we were charged RM12 for it - which I find a rip off.
(I mean, come on: You just peel the thing, cut it and put it on a plate! How can you have a high mark up for that level of expertise?)

There are many other branches of this successful restaurant chain but the one at Amcorp remains one of my favourites as it is smaller and tends not to have noisy wedding parties going on concurrently.

So it's: Unpretentious dining, wide range of dishes, good taste, fresh seafood BUT must be careful what you order - can be very expensive.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Restoren Overseas @ Amcorp Mall Jaya 1
Taste: 8
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : (My dinner that night) RM170/++ per person, (Normal dinner) RM40/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - Per person, Typical Chinese dinner, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7957 2646 03-7956 9911
Opening Hours: 11am - late


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  1. its ok, once in a while..splurge out a bit! :)

  2. oooo.... i love da peanuts, it's really appetizing! somehow i think that fine dining chinese food these days cost alot as compare to last time when were we still a kid...

  3. RM120 a bowl... *faints*

    Steve Irwin's spirit would be frowning at you J. If you and your parents wanted shark fin's soup, he would tell you that it's only right if you wrestle down the shark and then chop off the fin yourself.

    It taste better that way. Hehehe

  4. to wuching:
    ... but cannot do too often or else my money will all fly away.

    to meiyen:
    Oh ok.
    I'm not very sure myself.
    Never ate out in nice Chinese restaurants much when I was younger. Mostly, it was just at "tai choww" so can't compare.

    to merv:
    Yes, I'm sure Mr Irwin is glaring at me from heaven.
    I have been a bad girl.
    Shall try not to eat any more sharks any more.
    (Unless I really wrestle it and chop off the fin myself)

  5. Sorry to say this...but it's been years since I last tasted shark fin's soup....you are making me drooling~! :'(

  6. to cookies_cream:
    A few years?
    How come? - Did you give it up for animal conservation reasons?

    I tried to once, but gave up after going to Chinese wedding after Chinese wedding and seeing it served....
    (I just kinda gave in to tempation....)


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