Thursday, September 14, 2006


A quick write up on an interesting place to eat....

The restaurant is simple and comfortable - located in the Rainforest area of One Utama's new wing (in the outside area, sorta just behind Kluang Station):
Chatterbox Interior

The menu is mostly like any other Hong Kong restaurant but I think the food here is nice as there are some special items. My favourite dish is this starter, the Chicken Floss Tofu:
Chinese Lasagne! :)

(It kinda reminds me of lasagne somehow)
This dish, which is served cold, is very simple but nice: it's basically thin slices of silky tofu with chicken floss layered in between, sprinkled with seaweed and served with a simple soya sauce dressing.

The fried rice is generally quite nice here. That time, we tried the Fried Rice With Beef:
The Fried Rice with Beef....

The texture of the rice is just dry enough and thankfully, not too oily - and tasted lovely when eaten with the "Latt Chiew Yauw" (Chili oil).
(It is free flow here for the chili oil! - Eat as much as you want... Not like some places *cough-OneNoodleInSS2-cough* which try to charge you for it)

The drinks here are not bad too. Here is the Iced Honey Lemon and Fruity Cincau we had that day:
Left to right: The Iced Honey Lemon and Fruity Cincau

They are not as expensive as other Hongkie places, but not that cheap either.
(Reasonable lah)

Overall, it's worth a try: Decent servings for decent prices (and they taste pretty good too).

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  1. don't post these kinda thing before lunch laaa. HUNGRYYY

  2. oh i like their drinks especially da coffee with red bean.. yumyum ;)

    :o u mean one noodle charge u for da chili oil???

  3. halal or not? it's so hard to want to enjoy a meal at a hong kong restaurant because they never display whether it's halal or not. and the dishes always looks so nice! kena tahan la...cause everything has pork pork pork. so what about this one?

  4. to ky:
    So, what time works best for you?

    to meiyen:
    Haven't tried that yet - sounds good.
    I usually drink the "Yin Yong" every single time (I am too predictable).

    Yeah! - One Noodle will only give you the first bit of chili oil free.
    If you ask for more they will charge you....

    to nads:
    Sorry - it's not halal...
    I think it's pretty hard to find a good HK restaurant that is halal actually.
    I will keep an eye out though.
    (If I find anything, I will post it up - ok?)

  5. wow, looks good, and the price is economical too :)

    definitely on my must-try list!

  6. thankz for the tip, i'll go cari

  7. Portions of the fried rice with beef look so measely :P

    The chicken floss tofu looks goood.

  8. to laksa:
    You should try it out some time.
    It's really good (the tofu).

    to wuching:
    Tell me what you think after you try it.
    (Btw, there's another outlet of Chatterbox on the 2nd floor - near the 1921 Cafe - in the new Bangsar Village shopping center too)

    to merv:
    Greedy boy!
    I think it's alright for the price - tastes good (altho a biiiit oily), ok price, ok serving.

    How much you want to eat lah?
    One gunung of fried rice?

  9. the first one is over at bangsar village
    Ben of dj took me there a while ago..

    the food is really not too bad =)

  10. to soo jin:
    Yeah... they're both good.
    Eh? - Bangsar Village is the first one? I always thought that the one in 1 Utama opened first...

  11. trikay said to all:

    simple but tasty and good. satisfy your lunch and dinner needs or may be just a drink of red bean and chinchow. see you at bangsar village.

  12. b at bangsar village all.

  13. b at bangsar village all.

  14. I am a new guy! I like here!

  15. To anonymous: Welcome :) and yeah. Like the food there too! It's yummy...


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