Friday, September 29, 2006

So, That's Where It Is

A pleasurable place spotted in Bangsar....

Looking for some fun?
Try this place:

What a name!

Ok, I admit it's a bit lame but hopefully it brought you smile on this wonderful Friday morning.
Have a great weekend ahead!


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Meiyen said...

muahahahahaha... j, u are good wey.. :p lol lol.. of all things, G-spot! ;)

KY said...

only a sinister mind like yours could think this is funny. :P

Gallivanter said...

That pub's been there for ages. I haven't visited the place and I don't intend to. The pub I mean. LOL

toniXe said...

I love this place, the beer ( 1 jug RM 18.00), the live band, ...n d Filipino ladies too !

couldn't have a better name.

J said...

to meiyen:
Hee hee.
Yeah - it's so very very suggestive, isn't it?

I was rushing off that night so I didn't go in to see the interior but the next time I'm in Telawi area, I think I will - I'm so curious how good/bad it is....

to ky:
Tis nothing sinister about this innocent, sweet chocoholic's mind...
I mean: Tee hee hee.

to gallivanter:
That's good... (that you are refering to the pub)

Anonymous said...

j, oh yes! ;) said...

Very good

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