Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Blaardy Shoe

I love that Vincci shoes are affordable and trendy....
I mean, most of the shoes there are (quite) comfortable and funky, but cost less then RM60/pair so understandably they won't last as long as compared to more expensive shoes (eg. Nine West shoes that cost RM300/pair)...

Still, it is totally beyond my expectations for it to fall apart within the first day of use:

The evil shoe

(It wasn't even the normal range of shoes - it was one of those more expensive new arrivals that cost RM70+! *mega pout*)


It was so embarassing - I went to the petrol kiosk on the way back from work.... After I picked up a chocolate bar and prepaid for my petrol, I started walking back to my car when *SNAP* my shoe fell off mid-step.

I noticed immediately that all the petrol kiosk attendants and various members of the public were giving me funny/ "Awwww... so poor thing" looks (which of course led to me blushing profusely) as I stared in down in disbelief at my mischievous shoe...
(Waaaaah... so shy!)

Luckily one petrol kiosk attendant gave me some cellophane tape to patch up my shoe momentarily, buying me enough time to shuffle back to my car, hastily fill up the petrol and quickly drive back home.

I suppose one day when I'm rich and all my shoes are Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks, I'll look back on that day and laugh while I sip on my champagne. Meanwhile though, beggars can't be choosers...
(Meaning: WHAT TO DO? No money to buy expensive shoes so cannot complain so much...)


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  1. oh no! you poor thing. I can imagine how embarassing it must have been.

  2. hey j, i like vincci shoes too cause it's not expensive but then i also found out that they are definitely not reliable especially those that priced below RM60-RM70.. but then think of it if you were to buy one pair of expensive shoe eg. ferragamo brand which can cost like more than RM1000 for a pair of shoe, i can actually use da money to buy more than 10 pair of vincci shoes ekekekeke...

  3. NIne West shoes in US are cheapo stuff

  4. I personally recommend Bata shoes. Had a nice pair of Scholes for work and the soles just decided to break apart on me one day. Damn embarrassing.

  5. to boo_licious:
    Yeah, I felt so shy!
    It was almost as bad as the time (maaaany years ago) that I got in the car and realised I had been walking around The Mall with my fly down.

    to meiyen:
    Waaah, that means that Ferragamo shoes = more than 1/3 of my monthly pay.
    If I buy one pair then I cannot pay my car instalments/ buy food & petrol already....

    to tihtahpah:
    I suppose it is expensive here because of the exchange rate and also because you have to pay for the airplane ticket (shipping cost) of the shoes into Msia...
    Oh well. That's just how it is I guess.

    to merv:
    You poor thing....
    Quality control is so bad nowadays!

  6. hahaha.. i had tooo many experience in broken shoes.. and a fresh one yesterday.. on the way walking and rushing to the LRT station... PAK.. the string broken.. tulan!

    luckily my kerlic was lving nearby.. just grab her slipper and continue my way...

    bodoh punya vincci shoooooooeee... kek sei yan...

  7. to cely:
    You poor thing!
    Yeah - silly Vincci shoes!
    If only we can afford to buy expensive shoes all the time then maybe this wouldn't happen.


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