Thursday, February 28, 2008


If I get any busier I just may forget my own name.

Huh? Who am I? What am I doing here??,

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pasta Zanmai @ One Utama

One of the new Japanese restaurants in One Utama Shopping Centre's old wing....

The Dinner:

Looking at Pasta Zanmai from the outside, you may almost mistake it for just a specialty (Japanese) grocery store:
The Exterior of Pasta Zanmai...

However, if you just venture in, you'll find a modern, simple but comfortable little restaurant awaiting in the back:
The Interior of Pasta Zanmai...

We started the night with a serving of the Creamy Corn Croquette (RM 12++):
The Croquettes...

I was a bit hesitant to try this at first (as I don't really like the taste of sweet corn) but I found the crispy texture and creamy filling quite nice....
(And thankfully, there wasn't any overpowering taste of corn)
(If I only have one complaint is that it seems a bit too expensive to charge 12 bucks for this)

As for the mains, I tried the Black Sesame Beef Pasta (RM25++) that night:
The Black Sesame Beef Pasta...

Overall, I found the pasta interesting - good texture of the spaghetti, tender beef slices and light cream sauce enhanced by sprinklings of freshly grounded black sesame.

Next up, the Creamy Chicken Pasta (RM 18++) with added egg (RM 3++):
The Creamy Chicken Pasta...

As with the Beef Pasta, I found this dish ok overall (good pasta texture, tender chicken, light sauce)... but in this case there wasn't something extra (eg. the ground sesame in the beef spaghetti) so it tasted just a litte bit too "light"/ bland for my tastebuds.....

Lastly, the Rice with Meat Sauce (RM 18++):
The Rice dish...

Looking at this dish, it reminded me of Nasi Pattaya (because the rice was wrapped in a layer of egg) topped with Bolognaise Sauce... *lol* ... Still, overall it was a nice uncomplicated dish to have when you feel like having some carb laden comfort food.

Mmmmmm, it's strange: All 3 dishes were actually pretty unique and tasted quite nice but somehow they didn't knock my socks off. I mean, it was ok but not great....
(I suppose it was beause my expectations were super high because Lyn, Ken and Nick said they really like this restaurant/ dish...)

Still, I think this restaurant is definately worth a try if you're looking for something different from your normal pasta or Japanese place....

So it's: Interesting Japanese food with a modern twist BUT nothing much to complain about except that people who like salty food like me might find some of the food here a little bit too "ching" (light).

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Pasta Zanmai @ Ground Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing, near Burger King)

Taste: 6
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM 42/++ per person
Parking: Difficult on weekends

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7728 1210
Opening Hours: 10am till late


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Little Confused

If I wasn't sure of it before, I'm sure of it now: You really can have too much of a good thing.

In one hand: An offer letter....
In the other: A promotion letter....
(How come it all happens at once??)
(It almost smells like a conspiracy!)

And now, it's decision time! Is it better to take a risk and push forward to promising but challenging unchartered territory? Or better the devil you know?
Decisions, decisions.

Thinking hard and looking deep into her heart,

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Status Update

Name : J the Chocoholic
Location: Back in KL :)
Status : Tired and sweaty :(

Hola senors and senoritas!
I'm back from my trip to Spain and *phew* it was so tiring!
(Not that I didn't have fun... it's just that the long flights, transits and hectic tour schedule really took its toll)

Anyways, will update (properly) soon on the trip and some slightly delayed food reviews...
(I promise!*)


* To be specific: As soon as humanly possible after unpacking my luggage, catching up at work and hibernating to recover from the jet lag.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Notice Of Hiatus

Woo hoo.
After 2 months of anticipation and 2 very late nights** it's finally that time of year again: My annual long Chinese New Year break is just around the bend! So, I will not be updating from Thursday, 7th of Feb till Tuesday, 19th of Feb.
(Sorry dears... I promise I'll try my best to take lots of pretty photos and post it up when I get back!)

Meanwhile, to everyone in Malaysia (and to anyone else who celebrates Chinese New Year):

I hope you will all have a great CNY celebration surrounded by family, friends and lots of yummy festive food! Also, may you be blessed with happiness, good health and prosperity in the coming year.............


** BAH! Why is it that no matter how I try to prepare, I find that I always have to "pay back" for my leave by working extra crazy long hours just before and definately right after my planned holidays? Grrr.... And why don't people understand that they SHOULD NOT/ MUST NOT/ CAN NOT just send out emails labelled "URGENT, URGENT. YOU MUST REPLY BY LATEST TOMORROW FOR XXX REASONS OR ELSE!" and expect someone to drop everything to comply with their request????
And while we're on that: Why don't I learn quickly that (in most cases) I should just ignore those people without feeling guilty for their plight? Anyway, holiday now. Worry later.

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

First KLPac Open Day!

A photo heavy post on a fun day out at the first KLPac Open Day.... =)

On the 27th of January 2008, the KLPac had its first Open Day!

The schedule that day was pretty crazily packed with independant movies, exhibitions, interactive activities, dances, music acts and many others happening concurrently all over (and even outside) the big 3 storey complex.

As much as I would have liked to, I didn't manage to catch everything in the couple of hours I was there but here are photos of some of the ones I saw:

1) The Back Stage Tour (Boo - no photos! The guide said "cannot") and Props Exhibition:

(Wow. It was amazing walking around the normally "no access" areas and hearing about how much hard work goes into the preparation of all performances and the general maintenance of the KLPac)
(Never knew that it was run by a non-profit organisation..... )

2) The Gamelan jam session!:

(I thought this was really interesting because after the musicians performed a couple of soothing traditional Gamelan songs, they allowed us all to try out the instruments)

3) Art Exhibition and Local Movies/ Documentary Screening:

(No photos of it but the local documentary on the Broga/ Semenyih Incinerator was very sad and thought provoking... although a bit left wing)

4) The Belly Dancing Performance and Workshop:

5) Human "statues" (they were acting out scenes from a hat) and cute stone statues outside:

6) Guy Doing Dramatic Kungfu-y Dance on the lawn:

(Am not sure if he did it on purpose but at one point his wooden sword thingy flew out of his hand and hit someone on the head!)

7) Checking out the lovely Koi fish at the nearby Sentul Park Koi Centre:

(Oooh.... look at all the pretty fishies! I only have the baby Kois pictured here but if you are in the area, go check out how big the Koi can get... They were gigantic - almost one metre long!)

8) Traditional Japanese Music performance at the Koi Centre:

9) Fish Catching Game for the Kiddies:

(Mmmm, actually I really wanted to try to catch the cute little fishies too but I figured that there's no way I can pass off as a kid. Haha....)

Ahhh... such a beautiful, sunny day out (although it got a bit too hot!):

It was great to see the overwhelming response to the (free!) full day at the KLPac. I do hope that everyone who went there walked away feeling like they had fun and see that "art" is not such an unapproachable thing... I do admit, there were a few of the acts that day that had me scratching my head thinking: "What on earth is it suppose to mean???", but it was still interesting to watch!
(Hopefully everyone will come back and support the local arts scene as paying customers soon - we can't have our "starving artists" all starve to death now, can we?)

Anyway, if anyone from the KLPac is reading this: THANKS A LOT! I had great fun (especially on the back stage tour) and hope that this Open Day will be the first of many....

"Support your local arts scene!",

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Flying Chillies @ The Gardens

Thai food at the Gardens Shopping Center, Midvalley....

The Lunch:

While scouting around Gardens for a new place to try, the bright modern look of this quirkily named Thai restaurant caught my eye:
The exterior of Flying Chillies....

Although I was tempted to sit in the bright airy area outside, I decided to check out the seating inside the main restaurant area. I liked the setting inside too - sleek, simple and modern with a few Thai decorations:
Inside Flying Chillies....

I started my meal with a serving of the Thai Fish Cakes (RM 9.50++):
The Thai Fish Cakes....

I found it ok but not fantastic - Bouncey texture, fragrant taste with herbs (lemongrass and misc herbs that I couldn't identify) but was a bit too salty. A dab of the accompanying sweet chili sauce does balance the saltiness somewhat though.

I then moved on to the Tom Yam Mee Hoon Soup (RM 16.50++):
The Tom Yum Mee Hoon Soup....

At first (upon examining the menu) I had thought that the food was overpriced but was pleasantly surprised at the serving size. In fact, I couldn't finish the hefty bowl of mee hoon! As for the taste, the thick tom yam soup was fragrant and quite spicy but was not as sour as I would have liked.
(There was a fairly generous serving of stuff inside - seafood and some fish balls)

My only big complaint about this restaurant was the teeny weeny size of the drinks. Exhibit No. 1, the Thai Iced Tea I had that day (RM 10++):
The Thai Iced Tea....

It's hard to judge from the photo but trust me, it was small.
Not that it tasted bad or anything - in fact, it was quite nice... a smooth, fragrant milky tea that was not too sweet but was just such an absurdly small serving.
(This is the first time I actually felt like HAD TO "complain" to the manager. He was pretty nice about though - he said he'd see what he can do.... So, hopefully the drinks will grow in size or at least reduce in price very soon)

So, overall I wouldn't mind going back again to try out some of the interesting rice/ noodle dishes that caught my eye as I scanned the menu that day..... but not too soon lah - this place is definately a little on the high end (especially if you take the drinks into account) and I'm a little broke.

So it's: Sleek, airy modern setting with friendly staff, fair range of decent tasting Thai food BUT although the food serving size is ok, the drinks are really expensive (such small glasses/ cups!).

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Flying Chillies @ 3rd Floor, Gardens Shopping Centre, Mid Valley

Taste: 6
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 45/++ per person
Parking: Difficult on weekends

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-2287 7708
Opening Hours: 12noon till late


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