Friday, March 31, 2006

Back to Business

Been a while since I've posted up any nonsense videos.
So for today, it's Bob Sapp making a return cameo in my blog:

(Oh my God.... what some people have to do to earn a living..... )


Anyway, I hope that brought a smile to your face...
(or at least amused you somewhat)
Happy Friday, everyone!

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Should Have, Could Have, Would Have

I am slowly finding out exactly what data I have lost since my hard disk crashed.

Is it really irritating when you open a folder, only to be greeted by a great, big, friggin' NOTHING.

I really should back up my stuff more often, shouldn't I?

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Monday, March 27, 2006

~> Hook, Line and Sinker <~

The Dinner:

(Dec 2007)

Darn... Looks like they've closed down.
(Hooked is being replaced by a Thai restaurant called Sutra - still under construction)


It was a really big turn out that night, with over 26 people in the casual yet cosy restaurant in the Curve. On my end of the table, Pat, Lenny and I finished sniggering at the “Beaver’s Basket” and the “Mini Beaver’s Basket” on the menu, we ordered our food...

Feeling healthy, I decided to start off my dinner with a fresh Seafood Salad.
It had some funky name, Neptune’s something or other….
(All the dishes on the menu at Hooked seem to have some sort of interesting name)

Erm. Anyway, here it is:

Seafood Salad @ Hooked

The salad greens were fresh and there were a fair bit of lightly cooked squid, mussels and prawns accentuated by the tart vinaigrette dressing.
‘Twas “OK” by my standards.

The calamari rings that followed however, were better….

Squid rings ho... Attack!

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the calamari rings come served in a cute little basket with a dollop of calories, erm, I mean mayo.
(It was not a big serving, but for the decent price of about RM7, ... it’s something I would definitely order again)

Next up, the seasonal special that HY chose: Grilled fish fillet with a black pepper sauce:

Sgt Pepper's Favourite Meal

HY mentioned that the fish was tender and the sauce was a peppery and sweet - healthy and yummy, worth a try.

As for me, I had the Caribbean Craving, a lightly grilled fish with a rich tomato based sauce. It came served with a small side of mushroom spaghetti .....
(tasty, but I had trouble finding the mushrooms)
.... and panfried potatoes
(MM-Mmmm, yummy carby goodness).

The Carribean Craving

This is definately something that I would recommend to try. The fish was fresh and the accompanying sauce was tasty... The serving size was also rather generous (I was surprised to find another large piece of fish under what I thought was just a pile of sauce)
All in all, really worth it for the price of about Rm17.

Pat and some of the others tried out Hook's specialty, the Hooked Highlight aka the fish and chips with the funky name:

The Hooked Highlight

Hmmmm... the general consensus was that, although there was nothing largely wrong with it and no one could fault it in any way, it just wasn't really special....

Unfortunately, I had no space for desserts after all that but I hope to try some of the interesting desserts they had on their menu the next time I go there.....

***** Celebrity Sighting! *****

And gracing our presence that night, our very own Zamil Idris, who made us all proud when he made it to the Top 10 on the first season of Malaysian Idol.

Zamil sez: Eat at Hooked! It be DEEeee-licious!
Lenny sez: Yeah! You said it Zams!

Also, there is a little game at Hooked that allows customers to eat for free on the 11th and 22nd of every month... (*gasp* That's fantastic!)...
Here are the details :

*drum roll*

Image hosting by Photobucket
On the 11th and 22nd of every month, you have a chance to eat for FREE* at HOOKED. All you need to do is to roll the dices.

If you get 6-6, you will get to eat for FREE*
If you get 5-5, you will get 55% off total bill*.
If you get 4-4, you will get 44% off total bill*.
If you get 3-3, you will get 33% off total bill*.
If you get 2-2, you will get 22% off total bill*.
If you get 1-1, you will get 11% off total bill*.

(Of course there are some disclaimers/ rules:
* Terms and conditions:
Only one trial per visit, per day, per receipt, per table. No splitting of bill. Only a maximum of RM100 worth of discount or free meal will be given out, patrons will still need to pay for the difference, if any. Not applicable with other discounts and promotions. For dine in only. HOOKED remain the rights to change the terms and conditions without prior notice)


Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Hooked @ The Curve

Taste: 6.5
Ambience : 6
Service : 7
Price** : RM 32/++ per person
Parking: Ample
** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 - 7729 1090
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm


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Thursday, March 23, 2006

~ Weird Key Word Of The Month ~

"Korean P0rn"

... and this time, I'm number 6.

Like,... Yeash.
(Note to self: Be much more careful with choice of words lest this site becomes a part of a p0rn trail)

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stript3as3 = Exercise?

I'm so proud of myself: I actually went to the gym other day, after work.

I must say tho.... the gym was pretty bloody packed...

I ended up waiting around for quite a while till I managed to get a treadmill....
... only to find that the headphone thingy on my treadmill wasn't working so I couldn't tune in to any music while I was running.......
I wouldn't really have minded that much actually...
... except that the sweaty bloke running next to me on a treadmill panting like he's a lewd caller.

Anyway... here's some good news:
Britons Developing a Chocolate Diet Pill!
(A pill that tastes just like chocolate but makes you lose weight? Absolute genius!)

For the meanwhile, for those of you who don't like the usual kindsa sports and workout routines, you can try this out:
Carmen Electra's Innovative Exercise


That's interesting.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Oh yeah.
It's definately a very acute case of After-Lunch Syndrome....

My inner kitten yawns and stares at you all bleary eyed

Now, for a dose of mega cuteness in action:

So key-yuuuute.....

More nonsense brought to you by,

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Another review borrowed from Lenny:

Tea For Two @ Bangsar
03-2095 3739 / 2095 3976

This restaurant had a lot of potential for greatness in the mini reviews that I've read and so, I simply had to try it out.

Mom, Bert and I got there at 8:30 and parking was definitely not a problem. Rock star parking all around the tables. Although having just one table filled there for the night was slightly worrying. No matter, maybe this restaurant just needs a bigger shout out....

The menu had some interesting choices for food and drink. So, whilst waiting for the rest to show up, we ordered drinks. Bernard and I ordered a Zap Up cause the description said thirst quenching..... My eyes squinted. It tasted similar to the taste of your mouth after a barf. I had it sent back for more sugar to be put in.

I settled for the Mermaid's Treasure for a starter .... it's basically softshell crab, and the rest of the dish was garnishing. Disappointing. Go for the Hidden Treasure..... the aroma was so nice. This was pastry bagging an assortment of seafood and scallops inside a creamy sauce. I had half of mom's.

The mains arrived and the presentation was rather nice. Well, not much in the way of presentation of the Tarragon Poulet, and well mine had a side order of buttered rice.... I'll take my main over mom's anytime. Certainly more rich with cream (and unfortunately beef bacon over the real deal). Mom's salmon was cooked too long we felt.

Denise's (CC's friend) concoction of fettucine was a bit too weird. It was like (according to her) eating a hawaiiain pizza where, instead of the tomato base and bread, it'll be cream and pasta. Pineapples in pasta? That's just odd. But I'd have to say that the presentation was really nice though.

Well, where to start... Mom's starter came before everyones... And well, we waited for a long time, until she was nearly done before another hidden treasure got served. The wait for the mains came later. I suppose serving for 11 people at the same time would take some doing for a small restaurant, but what happens if the restaurant is full?

The menu could include more descriptions about food so that we can skip out on Zap Ups and Fruity Fettucines.

Ah...we spent about 60 a head. That's ok by my standards.

The service is the major let down for this restaurant, they'd improve if they could just work on bringing out courses all together. And what is it with mangoes in their cooking.. 0_o

Hmmmm,... in all fairness, the restaurant is overall OK la.
The great thing about it is that is quiet and cosy...
(good place for a romantic date)
... and is located on Jalan Bangkung
(away from the maddening crowds of the Jalan Telawi area)

The food's alright too, for the price.
(Sorry... no piccies for this review)

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Hard Disk Failure, Fun For All The Family!

I will update properly when I am in a better mood.

Right now, I shall sit in my cubicle and sulk about my beloved hand-me-down laptop that decided to go on a holiday.

Arrrgh, I say.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Griping In The Rain....

I hate gloomy evenings....

I mean it's definately not my favourite thing to look out the window after a long day of work only to find a full-on tropical downpour in all its glory, whispering promises of soggy squishy shoes and massive traffic jams.

This is particularly bad after a long day where the highlight was some person telling me that he would not give me a particular report that I wanted because it is his hobby to make life difficult for people who are new in the company.

Ho hum.

Just had to get that off my chest.

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The Review Thief Strikes Again!

Here's another restaurant review from Lenny :

The Olive Italian Cuisine @ Plaza Damas
03-6203 5832
Image hosting by Photobucket

Walking into the restaurant through its doors, it almost seemed like everyone stopped to look at you for a second. .... The restaurant seemed small but cozy with the few tables ..... had a bright and light hearted atmosphere about it.

Seemed strange that for the longest time, JJ, Ted and myself were sharing one menu, and the waitress didn't seem to notice.... food was pretty quick to arrive when ordered...

The menu is extensive, including carpaccio (sliced raw beef) and various types of pasta and steaks. I had the carpaccio with sauteed mushrooms as a starter which I shared with the rest of the table and a linguine with mussels. Ted has the Marinara, JJ started with the deep fried calamari and the Fettucine Carbonara for a main. Al, the Ravioli.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The raw beef was good, although, it would probably be a better idea not to share that dish (note to self) cause the helping was quite small.... The linquine with mussels had a lot more flavour..... I could've done with a larger helping of pasta, but I certainly couldn't complain about the 6 large mussels... it wasn't an overly large helping meaning that the average lady could finish it without too much effort, making room for dessert.

I reckon JJ's carbonara could've been more moist, and Ted's marinara could've had more seafood, but overall, tastes were quite lovely.

Our bill wasn't cheap, but it wasn't as expensive as some (RM 170 myself alone at Cafe Cafe :p ) In fact, the bill was less than what I'd spent at Cafe Cafe, and this was the 4 of us eating
(J sez: Wei... Lenny dear, it wasn't that Cafe Cafe was very expensive - you ate so much and drank so much wine that night!)

Is The Olive worth going to? It's a casual place to dine. Just don't expect top class service.

Don't you think that his restaurant reviews are getting better and better?

Ahhhh... I could get used to this!
*J sits back and relaxes*
This whole copying and pasting thing is a nice change from me doing the review all the time....

*reminisces to the usual dinner scenario*
J : WAIT!... *slaps J Friend A's hand away*... Don't eat yet. I wanna take photos!
J's friend A : Erm... but it's MY food!
J : Shush... *snaps away happily with digital camera*
J's friend A : *whimper* Hurry up... I'm hungry.....
J : Ok. Done! You may now commence with eating.
J's friend A: Yay. *bites into food* Mmmmmm,.. nice! *chomp-chomp*
J : Nice? What kind of nice? "OK" nice. Very nice? What? Explain the texture!
J's friend A: Nice means nice lah. Shoo. I wanna eat.
*J runs off and repeats the above with J's Friend B, C, D to Z*

Strange hobby, right?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Am A Winner!

~~ Begin Delayed Telecast ~~

Who said you can't win anything from contests?

FINALLY! My day has come!

All those nights at Annual Dinners, holding on to unlucky lucky draw tickets and countless brain numbing sessions of trying to come up with corny slogans.... have finally come into fruition!


J is a winner!

Yay for Cleo.... !
It's really nice to finally win something after all this time...

Of course there was a snafoo over the prize collection...
The story in short?
First of all, I only get the letter telling me to pick up the shoes by 20 Jan 2006 on 13 Jan 2006.
(that, and I was going out of state for work the next week)
Then, when I rush over to the Nine West store, neither the sales assistant nor the manager at the head office know about the contest....
(Oh, and Nine West was having a mega sale at the time too, so there weren't many new designs in the store ~ ebil!)

I still remember it like it was yesterday.....
*fade in*

Me: *handing over contest letter to the Nine West sales assistant (SA) while beaming gleefully* I'm here to collect my shoes! *smile widens*
SA: Harr? Contest? Er... *looks at letter*.... Wait ah. I check with my manager first, k?
Me: Huh? Erm. Ok. I guess I'll just look around first then.
SA: *phones head office* Eh. Is Miss Manager there ah... *chatter-chatter* Hah? Not there ah? Ask her to call me back please.
*****15 minutes pass and I get increasingly impatient*****
Me: Hey,... about my shoes... Can I collect them or not? It states pretty clearly on the letter that I can just pick them up anytime.
SA: Ah.... *nervous smile*... Please wait ah. I am waiting for my manager to call back.
*****Another 10 minutes pass******
*the phone rings*
SA: Ahmmm... Hi Miss Manager. *chatter-chatter* Oh... you also don't know ah? The letter say can get free shoes worrr.... *chatter-chatter*... Urm... the letter say Cleo Contest. So how? Can give ah?

*fade out*

Anyway,... that's pretty much when I snatched the phone out of the sales assistant's hands and spoke to the manager myself. Apparently their contest manager was on leave or something like that so no one knew what was happening. *sigh*

Managed to work it out after a long chat though.... and here are the shoes I chose:

The Chosen Ones....

I must say, that when I did call in to Cleo to give them some feedback on this, they were incredibly nice about it.
(Hey, it's not that I like to complain lah - it's just that I believe that it's good to give constructive feedback)

Well, all in all, it was a fun experience.

If only it happened more often......

~~ End Delayed Telecast ~~

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Me, Me, All About ME...

Today, I have fallen back to the Golden Rule of Blogging: When in doubt, ye shall just do silly quizzes!

1) First up: What kind of Disney Character Am I?

You scored as Cruella De Ville. Your alter ego is Cruella De Ville! You hurt little puppies and have bad hair... shame on you!

Cruella De Ville


Sleeping Beauty


Donald Duck


Peter Pan




The Beast








Snow White


Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with

Yup. No surprise there.
Bad hair tho?
(not really anyway)

2) Next up: How normal am I?

You Are 44% Abnormal

You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul.

You are at medium risk for having a borderline personality. It is somewhat likely that you are a chaotic mess.

You are at medium risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is somewhat likely that you are in love with your own reflection.

You are at medium risk for having a social phobia. It is somewhat likely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement.

You are at medium risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is somewhat likely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer.

Evil AND (Medium-ly) Insane.
Good combination?

3) Lastly, What is My P0rn Star Name?
Your P0rn Star Name Is...

Little Miss Muff

So,.... I am an Evil, Somewhat Mad P0rn Star called Little Miss Muff?
Fabulous. That is SO me.

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Monday, March 13, 2006


Ohio gozaimasu!

The Dinner Lunch:

Fusion Cuisine?
Yeah, it’s all the rage now.
If you close your eyes and throw a stone, you’ll probably hit some Asian-Italian/ Japanese-Western/ French-Asian restaurant.

Japanese-Hawaiian, though? Hmmmmmm…..
That’s a little different, ‘innit?

Here’s the story if you are interested:
Once upon a time, there was a Chef named Kumi who journeyed to Hawaii and fell in love with the sunny tropical cuisine of the island. Fusing it with her traditional Japanese style of cooking, she now tantalises taste buds in many locations around the world, including the USA, Singapore and of course, KL.

Wasabi has a nice contemporary feel to it, with modern décor and a distinct lack of the usual kitschy Japanese touches like bamboo fixtures and posters of Sake.
(Here, have a look…. I remembered to take more photos this time)

We were presented with a complimentary starter of fresh greens with a delicious tomato based dressing.

I loved this salad! The dressing was tasty but not too overpowering and the greens were very fresh. Moving on to the appetizer, we ordered the Chef’s specialty which is very modestly named Kumi’s No. 1.

If you think that Kumi's No.1 is good, wait till you see Kumi's No.2! ;)

This dish (priced at about RM22 for two servings) has a strip of fish wrapped around a cube of avocado, topped with slices of crabstick and baked with cheese.

It’s small but very rich so I wouldn’t recommend eating too much of it…

Moving on, for the main I had the Beef Teriyaki and Mixed Tempura set which comes served with the usual rice, pickled veggies and miso soup:

The tempura was ok and the beef was tasty, although a little overcooked on one end.
(Hey,.. I asked for medium lah…. Not medium to well done)
A rather small serving for RM40++, if you ask me…

Here’s another dish we tried that day, the daily lunch special:

We were told by the waitress that this set is constantly changed by the chef to keep things interesting. The only constant thing is that the main dish will always be some sort of fish, served with rice, soup, pickles and salad.

That day, the fish was a tender fish fillet coated with egg and served with a chunky sweet and sour sauce. By no means did it make any milestones in terms of originality but it tasted pretty good.

If you want something heavier, do go for the Tempura Bento (of course the extra quantity + variety comes with a price la, around RM45++):

This Japanese box set comes served with mixed tempura, stew, salad, grilled cod and of course the usual rice, soup and pickles.

The tempura, as before, is ok but the thing that stands out is the cod grilled to perfection with its crispy skin and soft, tender flesh.

The highlight of the meal for me though was, as always, the dessert.
Although really really expensive (RM 12++ for ONE scoop!?! *eep*), I can never give black sesame ice cream a miss:

Open Sesame!

The ice cream was presented very simply: just one lonely scoop in a plain white bowl with no toppings. It tasted excellent though, as far as black sesame ice cream goes.

Unlike some other places, the black sesame had been ground very finely so the ice cream was bursting with flavour and was smooth and creamy without having a grainy texture to it.


It’s definitely something that I would try again… but only when I am feeling rich.
(*sigh* It’s SO expensive!)

At Wasabi, you must keep in mind that YES, the servings are tiny… and YES, you can get comparably tasty Japanese food else where, but as with any good restaurant in any good hotel, do remember that you are also paying for the ambience, exclusivity and service.

In fact, as far as hotel Japanese restaurants go, I think this has pretty good value for money (My point of comparison?: Zipangu at the Shangri-la, KL – the food is great but prices are s-t-e-e-p).
Another point to note is that overall, this restaurant has a mild, delicate taste for its dishes. This is ok for me but I know many people who would be happily dunking everything in soya sauce for that extra salty goodness.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Wasabi Bistro @ The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, KL

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7.5
Service : 8
Price** Lunch : RM 70/++ per person
Dinner : RM 100/++ per person
Parking: Ample
** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 – 2163 0968
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm


Friday, March 10, 2006

Ahoy Mateys, Update Ho....! Arrrrrr....... [X_O]


"Do ya lurve me...?"
"Do ya lurve me?"
"Do ya lurve me...?"
"Do ya lurve me?"
"Now.... that I've UP-DA-AYyyyyy-AYYYyyyy-TED!"

(thankfully stops singing)


..... the immense amount of coffee I consumed seems to have gone to my head...

Well, I am finally back in KL.
I have had an absolutely MAD 3 weeks away, slaving on a really tight deadline....
I hate that almost a very high percentage of my recent posts are all about work or how much I am working etc.
I hate it even more that it's all TRUE....

Yup, the report has just come in: My social life is in a critical condition and is currently on life support.


Still, I'm glad to be back.
(Yes, I'll stop whining now)

I shall put up a new restaurant review soon....
(after this weekend's dinner)

In the meantime, here are some exerpts from brief reviews done by my friend Lenny for dinners that I missed out on:
1) Retro American Diner @ Plaza Damas

Image hosting by Photobucket

"Man, Saturday's dinner down at the Retro American Diner could've been so much better.

The escargot I had, was ok. Though I would've preferred if it was cooking in garlic butter. Covering the escargot in cheese meant that the only taste was cheese on that dish. The spaghetti with meatballs was only "pretty average" and JJ reckons he can cook better (maybe that's a hint). The fries came from a pack and were smaller than the McDonalds ones.

Prices were above the norm for that kind of restaurant. I reckon, Modestos should've stuck to what they know best and stick to either Chilis or Fridays if you're gonna go get some proper American food, cause these guys don't know what they're doing."

2) Sri Ayutthaya @ Damansara Heights
(Same row as Victoria Station in Damansara Heights)
Tel: 03-20942333

Image hosting by Photobucket

"..... We decided to each order one dish (with the help of the dinner party at the next table) so we had red curry prawns, green curry chicken, deep fried traditional thai style fish, kailan with belacan, kuali squid, black pepper beef, and some thai spring chicken, and some of us had individual servings of tom yam. My mother reckons we should have gone for the Thai Steamed Fish instead. Would've been a better choice according to her. But who's complaining. :)

.... The red curry prawns is a definite must try. It's flavour was rich with tastes of coconut milk and curry, although it was not spicey at all. In fact, this dish is probably the favourite around the table. This curry is not at all similar to Indian curry, although because it is not spicey, you could probably drink gallons of this sauce.

The serving of the green curry chicken was a lot smaller than that of the prawns, also rich in tastes of coconut milk, it's curry taste was slightly contrasting with the tastes of the red curry, but I do believe the green curry taste was slightly over powered by that of the red curry. Just be wary of those small green balls in the sauce, I once thought they were peas. They were peppers.

The Tom Yam Kungs ingredients come from a huge variety of seafood that's basically been thrown into the pot. So the tastes are rich with spice and sour. I order it everytime I'm there.

I was a slightly disappointed with the kuali squid because the kuali beef was so good. The kuali squid could've had more flavour........

.... The dinner was so good, we drank up nearly all the sauce in the pots. I believe Chen Hoe has some pictorial evidence of that. (I'll post up the pictures soon as Chen Hoe sends them over)

We called for the bill when everyone was satisfied and almost patting their bellies. The bill came up to approximately 50 odd bucks per person, but considering we were all so full, it was definitely well worth the meal."

(Psssssst.... thanks for bothering to do the review Lenny, since Pat is too damned lazy)

Hope you all enjoyed that cameo appearance.

Signing off,

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

<< You Have Some Nerve, Jack Shiles >>

Dear Jack Shiles,

First of all I am so sorry that you:
a) ... lost USD550,000 through ways unknown,
(although you assure us that you were swindled by corrupt government officials, blablabla)
b) ... think that Malaysia has such appalling:
b1) religious and racial prejudices,

(hey, bub... good luck finding a country that doesn't)
b2) spirit breaking traffic jams, "the worst in Asia" as you have deemed,
(btw, not that I think that the traffic jams here aren't a pain, but have you ever been to Bangkok lately? Or if we are venturing out of Asia: New York?)
b3) ... is full of redneck Muslims who are terrorists.
c) ... think that the country is "utterly useless".

I LOVE how:
1) you think it would be a good idea for Singapore and the local Chinese to overthrow the government and take over the country,
2) that you actually said "Remember to support our U.S. Troops, Death to All Terrorists, Death to ALL Malaysia"

And it's WONDERFUL that to you, the ONLY saving grace of the entire country is the food.

Oh, by the way, when you find that perfect haven of a country where:
1) there is no racial or religious prejudice,
2) no abuse of power by politicians,
3) no corruption,
4) no traffic jams,
5) a robust economy with a 100% guarantee that you will not only be profitable in all your business ventures but that your ROI will be more than say, I don't know, 15%, AND
6) great food....
... please feel free to share the joy, k?
(and for God sakes, do not tell me the answer is "America" or the "Great Ol' US of A")
(I have no problems with your country - I think it's a nice enough place BUT what I DO have a problem with is people who preach that it is abso-frickin PERFECT)

May you have a good life, wherever you are.


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** Words Of Wisdom **


" Work sux! Chocolate rules! :)"

--J, Overworked Chocoholic


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