Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stript3as3 = Exercise?

I'm so proud of myself: I actually went to the gym other day, after work.

I must say tho.... the gym was pretty bloody packed...

I ended up waiting around for quite a while till I managed to get a treadmill....
... only to find that the headphone thingy on my treadmill wasn't working so I couldn't tune in to any music while I was running.......
I wouldn't really have minded that much actually...
... except that the sweaty bloke running next to me on a treadmill panting like he's a lewd caller.

Anyway... here's some good news:
Britons Developing a Chocolate Diet Pill!
(A pill that tastes just like chocolate but makes you lose weight? Absolute genius!)

For the meanwhile, for those of you who don't like the usual kindsa sports and workout routines, you can try this out:
Carmen Electra's Innovative Exercise


That's interesting.

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