Wednesday, March 01, 2006

<< You Have Some Nerve, Jack Shiles >>

Dear Jack Shiles,

First of all I am so sorry that you:
a) ... lost USD550,000 through ways unknown,
(although you assure us that you were swindled by corrupt government officials, blablabla)
b) ... think that Malaysia has such appalling:
b1) religious and racial prejudices,

(hey, bub... good luck finding a country that doesn't)
b2) spirit breaking traffic jams, "the worst in Asia" as you have deemed,
(btw, not that I think that the traffic jams here aren't a pain, but have you ever been to Bangkok lately? Or if we are venturing out of Asia: New York?)
b3) ... is full of redneck Muslims who are terrorists.
c) ... think that the country is "utterly useless".

I LOVE how:
1) you think it would be a good idea for Singapore and the local Chinese to overthrow the government and take over the country,
2) that you actually said "Remember to support our U.S. Troops, Death to All Terrorists, Death to ALL Malaysia"

And it's WONDERFUL that to you, the ONLY saving grace of the entire country is the food.

Oh, by the way, when you find that perfect haven of a country where:
1) there is no racial or religious prejudice,
2) no abuse of power by politicians,
3) no corruption,
4) no traffic jams,
5) a robust economy with a 100% guarantee that you will not only be profitable in all your business ventures but that your ROI will be more than say, I don't know, 15%, AND
6) great food....
... please feel free to share the joy, k?
(and for God sakes, do not tell me the answer is "America" or the "Great Ol' US of A")
(I have no problems with your country - I think it's a nice enough place BUT what I DO have a problem with is people who preach that it is abso-frickin PERFECT)

May you have a good life, wherever you are.


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  1. Don't sweat Jack Shiles - he is an angry and bitter man, quite delusional in his rantings.

  2. to anonymous:
    I know...
    ... but that's the bad side of the whole internet revolution - irritating people posting up hurtful, defamatory nonsense for the whole world to see.
    (Probably some people will believe him too, to a certain extent)

    I'm not even a very patriotic person usually... but this guy really hit a raw nerve.

    Oh well.
    Thanks for the good advice!
    There really is no point to stress out over the rantings of deluded people, right?

  3. would it surprise you to learn his wife is from Malaysia?

  4. to anonymous:

  5. Jack Shiles is one of the world's greatest morons. He will rant that he worked for the CIA (a blatent lie), has been 'involved' in all sorts of "stuff' that gives him 'knowledge' about certain 'things'...he is categorically full of cow dung....a poor, demented man who got kicked out of Asia...and is well disliked in his PHX community. It is rumored, by reliable sources, that Jerky Jack is a latent homosexual, prone to young boys.

  6. to anonymous:
    Well, I won't disagree with the "moron" bit (judging from his many many hate sites) but *sigh* I just can't imagine what it's like to live with such burning hatred... I just hope that one day he can find some sort of peace in his heart.
    (And I hope and pray that THAT rumour is entirely untrue, not for his sake but for the boys')


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