Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Review Thief Strikes Again!

Here's another restaurant review from Lenny :

The Olive Italian Cuisine @ Plaza Damas
03-6203 5832
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Walking into the restaurant through its doors, it almost seemed like everyone stopped to look at you for a second. .... The restaurant seemed small but cozy with the few tables ..... had a bright and light hearted atmosphere about it.

Seemed strange that for the longest time, JJ, Ted and myself were sharing one menu, and the waitress didn't seem to notice.... food was pretty quick to arrive when ordered...

The menu is extensive, including carpaccio (sliced raw beef) and various types of pasta and steaks. I had the carpaccio with sauteed mushrooms as a starter which I shared with the rest of the table and a linguine with mussels. Ted has the Marinara, JJ started with the deep fried calamari and the Fettucine Carbonara for a main. Al, the Ravioli.

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The raw beef was good, although, it would probably be a better idea not to share that dish (note to self) cause the helping was quite small.... The linquine with mussels had a lot more flavour..... I could've done with a larger helping of pasta, but I certainly couldn't complain about the 6 large mussels... it wasn't an overly large helping meaning that the average lady could finish it without too much effort, making room for dessert.

I reckon JJ's carbonara could've been more moist, and Ted's marinara could've had more seafood, but overall, tastes were quite lovely.

Our bill wasn't cheap, but it wasn't as expensive as some (RM 170 myself alone at Cafe Cafe :p ) In fact, the bill was less than what I'd spent at Cafe Cafe, and this was the 4 of us eating
(J sez: Wei... Lenny dear, it wasn't that Cafe Cafe was very expensive - you ate so much and drank so much wine that night!)

Is The Olive worth going to? It's a casual place to dine. Just don't expect top class service.

Don't you think that his restaurant reviews are getting better and better?

Ahhhh... I could get used to this!
*J sits back and relaxes*
This whole copying and pasting thing is a nice change from me doing the review all the time....

*reminisces to the usual dinner scenario*
J : WAIT!... *slaps J Friend A's hand away*... Don't eat yet. I wanna take photos!
J's friend A : Erm... but it's MY food!
J : Shush... *snaps away happily with digital camera*
J's friend A : *whimper* Hurry up... I'm hungry.....
J : Ok. Done! You may now commence with eating.
J's friend A: Yay. *bites into food* Mmmmmm,.. nice! *chomp-chomp*
J : Nice? What kind of nice? "OK" nice. Very nice? What? Explain the texture!
J's friend A: Nice means nice lah. Shoo. I wanna eat.
*J runs off and repeats the above with J's Friend B, C, D to Z*

Strange hobby, right?

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