Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Am A Winner!

~~ Begin Delayed Telecast ~~

Who said you can't win anything from contests?

FINALLY! My day has come!

All those nights at Annual Dinners, holding on to unlucky lucky draw tickets and countless brain numbing sessions of trying to come up with corny slogans.... have finally come into fruition!


J is a winner!

Yay for Cleo.... !
It's really nice to finally win something after all this time...

Of course there was a snafoo over the prize collection...
The story in short?
First of all, I only get the letter telling me to pick up the shoes by 20 Jan 2006 on 13 Jan 2006.
(that, and I was going out of state for work the next week)
Then, when I rush over to the Nine West store, neither the sales assistant nor the manager at the head office know about the contest....
(Oh, and Nine West was having a mega sale at the time too, so there weren't many new designs in the store ~ ebil!)

I still remember it like it was yesterday.....
*fade in*

Me: *handing over contest letter to the Nine West sales assistant (SA) while beaming gleefully* I'm here to collect my shoes! *smile widens*
SA: Harr? Contest? Er... *looks at letter*.... Wait ah. I check with my manager first, k?
Me: Huh? Erm. Ok. I guess I'll just look around first then.
SA: *phones head office* Eh. Is Miss Manager there ah... *chatter-chatter* Hah? Not there ah? Ask her to call me back please.
*****15 minutes pass and I get increasingly impatient*****
Me: Hey,... about my shoes... Can I collect them or not? It states pretty clearly on the letter that I can just pick them up anytime.
SA: Ah.... *nervous smile*... Please wait ah. I am waiting for my manager to call back.
*****Another 10 minutes pass******
*the phone rings*
SA: Ahmmm... Hi Miss Manager. *chatter-chatter* Oh... you also don't know ah? The letter say can get free shoes worrr.... *chatter-chatter*... Urm... the letter say Cleo Contest. So how? Can give ah?

*fade out*

Anyway,... that's pretty much when I snatched the phone out of the sales assistant's hands and spoke to the manager myself. Apparently their contest manager was on leave or something like that so no one knew what was happening. *sigh*

Managed to work it out after a long chat though.... and here are the shoes I chose:

The Chosen Ones....

I must say, that when I did call in to Cleo to give them some feedback on this, they were incredibly nice about it.
(Hey, it's not that I like to complain lah - it's just that I believe that it's good to give constructive feedback)

Well, all in all, it was a fun experience.

If only it happened more often......

~~ End Delayed Telecast ~~

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