Monday, February 18, 2008

Status Update

Name : J the Chocoholic
Location: Back in KL :)
Status : Tired and sweaty :(

Hola senors and senoritas!
I'm back from my trip to Spain and *phew* it was so tiring!
(Not that I didn't have fun... it's just that the long flights, transits and hectic tour schedule really took its toll)

Anyways, will update (properly) soon on the trip and some slightly delayed food reviews...
(I promise!*)


* To be specific: As soon as humanly possible after unpacking my luggage, catching up at work and hibernating to recover from the jet lag.

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  1. plenty of spanish food reviews coming up

  2. to ah_mel:
    (Hey, you changed your nick name?)
    Thanks! It was fun to be on holiday but it's good to be back...

    to wuching:
    Sorry Mr Wuching sir... No proper Spanish food reviews because I was on a typical Chinese tour group type holiday...
    Meaning: It was mostly Chinese food!
    (Can't help it, had to go with the majority vote and basically both my parents dislike "go by yourself" type holidays)


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