Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Siti In The City

A Malaysian star spotted somewhere in KL....

Who was it?

None other than long reigning princess of the Malaysian music industry: Siti Nurhaliza.

I was kinda shy to ask for a photo (since I'm not really a BIG fan of hers) and thought it best not to disturb her and Datuk K (I'm sure they must be so sick of people asking for photos and stuff) so you'll have to take my word that it's really them...

The closest I'll get to the "top female Malaysian star" (and her hubby) as I'll ever get...

I thought she looked really sweet in person though - it was nice to see her in a simple top and jeans rather than the usual over the top outfits she wears when she performs....
(I swear, no one should have THAT much lace and sequins on them at one time)

I suppose it's true: Less IS more..

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  1. hmm yeah.. looks like her. she quite tall eh.. or the husband short? :D

  2. Was this taken before marriage or after? Anyway, it's a bit late now if you want to sell it to the newspaper...No value!!

  3. wow, you saw siti in person! me so envious :P

  4. Um yes.. Less is more ;) Lol. That can be taken so wrongly hehe.

    Nice of you not to go up and ask for a pic tho. I'm sure if they ever read this, they'd be grateful to you =)

  5. eh, i thot all bloggers r not shy wan! u should ask her for photo with u! the post it..aiya, so dissapointed, missed out!

  6. to alex:
    (Aiyah - of course it's her! I won't lie to you!)
    Maybe she was wearing high heels and they're about the same height.
    (Or maybe he really is that short)

    to cely:
    It was a hotel near KLCC - I happened to be there for lunch.

    to hungryox:
    Well,... it was after the wedding.
    They had already been pasted all over the papers so maybe this photo is not so high value already.
    (If they had been spotted checking out of a hotel BEFORE the wedding, then that would have been worth a bomb....)

    to laksa:
    Bow down to my greatness!
    (kidding - it was nothing la... just happened to be in the right place at the right time)

    to merv:
    Yeah. Me so nice.
    (And so modest too, right? *wink*)

    I just figured that they may be feeling a little tired after the whole nation's focus on their wedding.

    to wuching:
    Or maybe I have a photo with Siti in my private collection that I don't want to show off to the world?

    No lah.
    I am very shy.
    (That's why not many photos of me on my blog)


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