Friday, September 01, 2006

Flowers In The Sky

Pretty pictures of the fireworks at KLCC for your viewing pleasure....

I just love fireworks - they're so fleeting, so beautiful...
Somehow, watching them just makes me feel like a kid again...

I was very lucky this year, comfortably enjoying the view from the top floor of a building near KLCC, away from the hordes of people around the park area...
(All thanks to my darling - Thanks, babe! *hugs*)

I do hope you all had a great Merdeka too.
(What were you all up to anyway?)

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  1. nice pictures :)

    merdeka for me has been a rather quiet affair - lots of snoozing and relaxing with nothing much doing :)

  2. top floor of a building near KLCC? Is that Luna Bar?

  3. wow, that is amazing.....i really enjoyed your pictures, thanks

  4. was away. only got back this afternoon. first time i miss any merdeka fireworks. :(

  5. to laksa:
    Well,... resting and relaxing sounds like a great way to spend Merdeka to me.

    to tekko:
    Nah... it's the Traders Hotel actually.
    (It's a new hotel under the Shangri la Group nead the KLCC Convention Center)

    to b:

    to ah beng:
    Awww... where did you go?
    Nvm, there'll be other times to enjoy the fireworkds... New Years Day or next Merdeka year.


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