Friday, September 29, 2006

Proclamation Of Hiatus

Dear friends,

Just to inform you: I will not be updating from Friday (6 October 2006) till Thursday (12 October 2006) as I will be away to New Zealand for holiday.
*J does the happy "I'm going on Ho-OH-lidaaaay" dance*

I'm going to go see the Hobbiton Set!
(I am such a geek)

Hey, does anyone know any good wineries/ good restaurant/ interesting places to recommend for the North Island of NZ?
(Any suggestions would be mucho appreciated)


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  1. nice!!!!! i wanna go too.. :( you going with your family or with your other half? ;)

  2. Hmm ive been to NZ twice & did North to South Island twice. 5 days is definitely not enough but that gives you a reason to go back I spose :)

    Anyway South Island is TONS more beautiful than North (as the former is way more lush & pristine) but North usnt too bad either. Rather rugged.

    Tips for your stay in Auckland city: Vulcan Lane (lovely cafés & pubs, very tucked away amongst the bigg city) & of course, Sky Tower (fab view!).

    I also climbed the Auckie Harbour Bridge (quite fuN!) If you are game, you can bungee at the bridge too (uber cool)

    Me love their Robert Harris' White Chocolate Mocha too (I spent hours reading there :D)

    Enjoy your Kiwi trip! :D

  3. lucky gurl, happy holidays! enjoy ok

  4. Yor... sooooo envy...

    Happy Holidays... cant wait for the pictures :p


  5. to meiyen:
    Well,... it's more of a romantic holiday lah.

    to bluryee:
    Hey... thanks for the tips!
    Will definately look out for those places.

    to babe_kl:
    Will try to enjoy to the max (and not worry about work)

    to cely:
    Ok. Will take many, many photos and post it up.

  6. j, waiseh......that's really nice! u have a great holiday yeah.. do take lotsa photos and post it up yeah!;)

  7. kennysia just went to NZ, maybe u can get info from his blog?

  8. to meiyen:
    I will.
    I'll take many many many photos and post them up for you to see.

    to cely:
    I had a look already but so far, his only advice is to go bungee jumping off the Auckland bridge...

    I don't think I have a guts (or the $$$ - it's so expensive!) to do it lah.


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