Monday, September 18, 2006


J the Chocoholic looks at her computer screen thinking sadly: "Can it be?... Is it Blogger's Block?? *gasp*"

She frowns as she continues staring angrily at the computer, to no avail.....

Sorry for the crappy update.
I suppose we all have one of those days once in a while.

(If you were looking for restaurant reviews/ food stuff, come back tomorrow - I'll be posting up a review on The Bulldog in Hartamas)


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  1. time when u have a blogger's blog just say hi or sing a song!

  2. yah, it happens to everyone... just review more eating places, i guess :)

  3. to wuching:
    What about my poem-ish post?
    Ok ah?

    Or you perfer a song?

    to laksa:
    2 food/ restaurants update a week not enuff?
    I don't have enough budget to eat nice food every day lah...
    Maybe I should start a "Sponsor J" fund... then I can update on food everyday.

    Do you want to make a donation?

  4. well, i don't mind provided i'm there to co-review the food as well :)

  5. to laksa:
    Can I bring friends too?
    Or would that be pushing it already?

    to cely:
    Yeah - what to do?
    It happens once in a while... can't help it..


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