Wednesday, September 27, 2006

7 Deadly Songs

I have been tagged by Jemima....

I have to name seven songs which I am listening to these days. The songs can be in any genre; with or without lyrics. The most important thing is that I enjoy listening to them all and will not get bored.

I suppose music's a good way to understand a person...
So, here's a peek into my soul:
Music makes me happy!

- My 7 Songs! -
1) Bleed Like Me by Garbage
(I love Shirley Manson!)

2) Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday
(Well, the aftermath is like, 5 years and counting... *sigh*)

3) Beverly Hills by Weezer
(The ultimate "geeks made good" band)

4) Cry Me A River by Julie London
(Such a classic song - sung with a tone of heartbreakingly restrained sadness)

5) Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance
(What can I say? I like my emo/ punk rock music)

6) Home by Michael Buble
(Mr Buble's voice is so soothing after a hard day's work)

7) I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin DeGraw
(Dunno lah - it's so mainstream (and I don't even watch One Tree Hill) but I like it)

OK - and lastly, I tag 7 people to spread the joy:
1) Merv
2) Meiyen
3) Ching Ling
4) Serina
5) Soo Jin
6) Lenny
7) Jo Lyn

Now, my work here is done....


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Meiyen said...

j, i wonder how am i going to get 7 people to be tagged....hmmmmm

Jemima said...

Hey! You can a good selection there. :D

"Home" never fails to bring a tear to my eyes when I'm homesick.
I love songs No.2, 4 & 7, too. :)
Psst! I got all the 3 season complete DVD sets of One Tree Hill. hehe

Thanks so very much for doing the tag, J.


cely said...

haha... my songs might bored u.
i listen to chinese songs recently. a lot of them..

i wonder which 7 to tag too...

J, u gave me a tough task here.

J said...

to meiyen:
Don't worry, I'm sure you will not have any trouble with that.
Hope you have fun with this tag.

to jemima:
*hugs hugs hugs*
No problem at all!

(Hmmm,.. now I know who to get the DVDs if I ever want to start watching OTH)

to cely:
It's not like I am bullying you, am I?

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