Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fun In The Attic

An interesting (smoke free!) bar with nice drinks and yummy desserts on the quieter side of Bangsar....

(March 09)

Oops. They have moved to CapSquare in KL (since Dec 2008).
I have not been to their new location.... so my review is pretty much completely obsolete but here are the new contact details for you (just in case):

(New) Name: Urbanattic @ KL
Address: G-46 CapSquare, No. 7 Persiaran Capsquare, Off Jalan Ampang, Capital Square, 50100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-26933808
Website: Attic KL website


The Attic is a fairly new restaurant/ bar in the Bangsar area - it has only been opened for a few months. It is very low key, placed on the second floor of the shophouses in the Jalan Bangkung area (near Opus/ Tea For Two), accessible through a simple glass door next to the golf shop.

I love the ambience here.... It's arty, airy and modern with funky furniture and cool colours with a stark contrast of a bright red chandelier near the stairwell:

The attic interior

I have been there twice and noticed that they change the art pieces periodically, which is nice.

There are also some delicious desserts to try there:

The sweet chocolatey call of tempation.....

I can't remember the names but they were all very yummy.
They usually have 2 or 3 different types of pastries at a time (priced at RM10 each) and the selection is changed daily... There is only a limited amount though, so if you're not lucky then it may have run out by the time you go there for drinks at night.
(They also have an ala carte menu of Spanish/ Italian food here but I haven't tried it yet)

There is also a range of classic drinks as well as interestingly named drinks (some of the names are quite naughty! *blush*). Generally, they taste pretty good and are moderately priced (not expensive but not cheap either) at around RM18++ to RM28++ for cocktails.

The major plus point for me is that they are a smoke free bar.
(Yay - no second hand smoke!)
Smokers will have to puff on their cancer sticks on the adjoining balcony area.

Sadly, this is probably the exact reason why it's always so empty on Saturday nights....
Still, you can call me weird if you want but I really enjoy having lots of space and clean, smoke free air which adds up to a comfortable and conducive environment to catch up with friends.
(As opposed to loud, crowded and smokey clubs/ bars/ lounges)

Overall: Nice restaurant/ bar in Bangsar area that is smoke free! It has nice tasting and reasonably priced drinks and yummy desserts.

Summary Sheet:

The Attic @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar
Telephone No.: 03-2093 8842
Opening Hours: Weekdays (except Monday) - 12pm to 11pm, Weekends - 12pm to 1 am.
Parking : OK

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  1. Hehe.. My dentist is on the same block. Went there with him for a drink after my check-up. ;)

  2. Looks interesting. I haven't been down Jalan Bangkung for ages. Thanks for the tip.

  3. smoke-free bar! goodie :p ooooo... da desserts.....making me really wanna have a bite on it right now!!! *drool*

  4. the place looks really nice, and the desserts really sinful...

    probably not a good place for dieters to visit...but if i weren't on a diet, i'd definitely give it a go.

  5. from all those horror movies i've watched thus far, the word attic is enuff to give me image of things that go bump in the night up the attic like in the movie The Grudge!

  6. JQ, you shouldn't have..
    now we can't get a table the next time we go..

  7. Damn. Your title was so deceiving. I thought this post had to do with making babies or something when it appeared in my bloglines. Haha

    I was conned! Hahah

    Anyway, finally did the meme

  8. to jemima:
    Hmmm,.. daliances with your dentist?
    Oh, behave!

    to boo_licious:
    No probs! I hope you like it if you go there.

    to meiyen:
    Just promise that (if we are there together), you won't fight with me for the desserts.

    to laksa:
    Diet Shmiet!
    There's more to life than that so don't deny yourself that wonderful thing called chocolate!
    (But of course, everything in moderation lah)

    to wuching:
    Ask your wife to hold your hand then.
    (Hope that helps!)

    to soojin:
    Now, now - we shouldn't be so selfish!

    Besides, I am sick of not having any eye candy to perve at while we are at the Attic.
    (Erm... present company excluded of course)

  9. to Merv:
    Fun in the attic = Making babies?

    Merv, you are definately reading waaaaaay too deep into those innocent words.

    Thanks for doing the meme!

  10. j, went to this place yesterday after watching The Devil Wears Prada and it was closed! :( i didn't know that they close at 11pm though and i was somehow craving for cakes at 12am!!! pathetic... didn't even get to eat any of them cause starbucks & coffeebean has got nothing to tempt me and while i walked in to alexis about to order, da waiter told me that they are closing and asked me if i wanna take-away da cakes.. blehh...:( anyways, i ended up eating roti tissue at devi's corner... ;)

  11. to meiyen:
    Haiyah, my dear girl, why you didn't see properly? - I put the opening hours in the summary box already maaaaaah.

    Anyway, you poor thing.
    It must have sucked going to 1 place - find it closed - drive to another place - they tell you they are closing.

    I suppose most places in Bangsar close pretty early on weekdays.
    Nvm lah.
    Roti tisu also good.

    (How was the movie?)

  12. mistake, didn't read properly! oh by da way, i love da movie! go watch it..;)

  13. to meiyen:
    Next time, open your eyes a little bigger.
    hee hee hee.

    And yeah - just watched the movie: It's nice!

    to wuching:
    Say hello?
    ERm.... you're in Australia, right?
    Wanna sponsor me a plane ticket to Australia?

  14. J, I liked this one - desserts look fantastic - 24hrs 'till BKK - Hee Haw! Gimme some fooooood!

  15. Hi J,

    This is neo from THE ATTIC. I am the artwork liason of THE ATTIC. Thank you for your promote about THE ATTIC. But soon THE ATTIC kitchen is going to open soon. Do drop by to try our new menu!!!

    We also have some new cakes order now. Not just chocolate type. If you are a fan of strawberry cheese mousse cake it's great to come over and have a bite! Our cake exact price is rm10 actually.

    On 10th Oct Tues nite we are having a pop art exhibition launching around 7-9pm. There will be 2 swiss artists alex and petra. Also 1 malaysia artist chin yee going to exhibit their artworks in our gallery. Pls let me know if you are interested! Will put you in our guest list. Email to me

    Thanks a lot for sharing your great time in THE ATTIC with your friends.

    Cheers, neo

  16. to donkeyblog:
    Yeah - the desserts were really yummy!
    (Hey, what's BKK?)
    Come to Malaysia and I'll show you where the restaurant is!

    to anonymous/ neo:
    Hey, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting but I am currently away in NZ...

    Re: Posting up about the Attic
    No probs man.
    I give honest reviews of places I visit and I enjoyed the Attic so I will give credit where it's due.
    (That's fair, right?)

    I'm sorry I missed the Pop Art exhibition launch - I'm sure it was great!

    I'll mail you soon - it would be nice to pop in for the next event.


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