Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Fantasizing: If I Were A Rich Woman....

... *sings* I wouldn't have to work hard.... da da da da da da,.. da da da da DUMMMMMMM...

So, what would you buy if you were filthy-ly, embarassingly rich?
For me... I'd probably start off with:
1) The basics: House, Flashy Car (all equipped with a driver, of course)

2) The not so basic: Helicopter, Jet (Yay, no more traffic jams!)

3) A whole new wardrobe - clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery - the complete works! (Oh, and maybe a few pairs of those Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks that those American ppl keep raving about)

4) My own island + holiday villa (Nothing too fancy - just something small and cosy with a nice beach/ view of the sea)

5) The most glorious food in the world, especially chocolates (Of course lah - I can't miss that out, can I?)

What about you?
(It's just nice to have a spot of dreaming before the weekend)

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Fidel Gastro said...

I think you pretty much covered everything. But do you really want to sit in a 2-door sportscar with a driver?? :)

Jemima said...

It's good to dream 'cos dreams can & do come true, J. ;)

Have a great weekend.

Merv Kwok said...

Seeing as how I'm that type of guy who's just content with little, I'd probably just end up donating it to people around me who need it. Haha I am so boring! No wonder I'm not rich.

Wuching said...

i'll use that money to make more money!

toniXe said...

never include nice man to share ah ?

J said...

to fidel_gastro:
Well,... I wouldn't want to break my nail on the Ferrari/ Lambo/ etc steering wheel.
(Besides, I don't trust myself with such a powerful car - I am a woman driver after all... haha)

to jemima:
I hope so!
May you have a great weekend too!

to merv:
Awwwww.... that's sweet, not boring!
If I had enough money, I would buy large expanses of rainforest / mangroves/ etc.

to wuching:
Haiyah.... how much money does one person need?
Must learn to enjoy + treat yourself also.....

to tonixe:
No sharing!
I will want the nice man all to myself...

hungryox said... will have it all....

J said...

to hungryox:
Can you guarantee that?

princess chipsi said...

I would want 2 hv 2 lady-in-waiting wif me all the times 2 feed my personal needs only like prepare my bath things, cook yin woh 4 me & tong sui, fan me all the time...nobody can use them except me, hahahahahaha lolzz

J said...

to princess cipsi:
Only 2?
Why not 3 or 4 or 5?

The more the merrier, right?

princess chipsi said...

J, 2 is enuff la iyoooo, it is 4 my personal use u know....even last time, the emperoress have 2 personal lady-in-waiting only...

B said...

I've tought about this a lot. If I was rich, I would have a parade of woman who would follow me, like a parade. either that or a bunch of ninja midgets. either or, still be cool.

then, I would buy nano robots. those little robots that cure diseases. then, I would just travel all my life.

either that or goto an all you can eat buffet and eat untill I explode.

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

chocolate fountain in my house :)

id have my personal everything... trainer,hairdresser,fashion designer..

huge house.. huge pool.. i can go on forever...

maingly happiness to me has to involve INFINITE CHOCOLATE ACCESS

J said...

to princess chipsi:
Ok then.
Everything in moderation is good.

to b:
Hmmm,.. I think the parade of girls and ninja midgets sounds better (as in much less fatal) than the buffet....

to islamic chocoholic:
Limitless chocolate access? - great choice!
I can totally relate to that.

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