Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad Cork

Following last week's successful wine saving attempt, I've been trying to slowly consume my family's badly maintained wine collection to "save" the rest of the bottles.

I was hoping to get lucky again and find that the 1999 bottle of Aussie Shiraz was still drinkable but... *sigh*... you can't win all the time, I guess.

How bad was it?
Well, if you look closely at the tip of the cork, you can see that it has started to rot:

Being a typical Malaysian, I thought to myself: "Not good to waste it lah! - How bad can it possibly taste?"... So, not taking heed of this red flag, I decided to try a glass of this wine (and lived to regret it).

The wine itself had not oxidised (since the top half of the cork is still well intact) but because the cork had begun to disintegrate into the wine, it tastes very corky (for lack of a better word).... Imagine drinking water that has a strong taste of paper and a teeny hint of grapes - yeah, it was not a very pleasant experience.

So, sorry Mr Yeringa Ridge Shiraz 1999 - you were supposed to have tasted lovely with firm tannins and a strong bouquet of fruit pleasantly balanced with hints of spice and plum but obviously, we had not taken good enough care of you...
(... on the other hand, it could just be that the cork was faulty - it happens)

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next bottle of wine I open will still be ok.

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  1. its good excuse to open all the other bottles & taste them all!

  2. thats what happens when the cork is not being used probably for its intended purpose , or when its unused...( haha )
    but never mind v have a way to rescue/rejuvenate lost/forsaken cocks ( trust us )

  3. to wuching:
    I like how you think!

    to team bsg:
    Is that a typo or are you purposely going off the tangent??

  4. haha long time no hear from u so just trying to be funny to see how u have been ! what v mean is we will help you clear your sheif of all those aged wines in a jiffy , only if invited lah !

  5. to team bsg:
    Well, if you don't mind drinking some wine that has gone bad (I've got about 3 bottles left) then I will arrange for that lah..

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  7. thats just great ! becoz our resident chef in Riana Green PJ ( near Bandar Utama ) is cooking his famed 'perut ikan' this saturday
    bout 7 pm at the gr flr pub for some 'connoisseurs' tasting and if you happen to be around we shall be more than happy to see u ! ( dun forgit the 2 wines ok )!
    call 016 - 971 2723 fri/sat
    TQ !

  8. to team bsg:
    No no NO...the wine is all mine!
    Sorry lah... I already have plans for this Saturday. It would have been nice to try out some authentic perut ikan though - I have never really tried it before...
    Maybe next time lah - please invite again, ok?


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