Monday, August 27, 2007

Happiness In Slavery

Dedicated to the hit and run idiot who put a big dent in my innocently parked car while I was busy at work and a few co-workers who have earned a special place in my heart.....

Work is fun.
I am happy.
Life is good.

Trying out this power of positive thinking stuff.....
P has been reading this new book called the Law of Attraction or something like that and he says that my negativity is drawing upon more negative energy.... which in layman's terms means that it's my own damned fault..

Well, I've never been a very positive person lah....
(I'm still working on it... but what's so wrong if you are naturally cynical, anyway?)

Besides, as much as I'd like for people to prove me wrong - prove that they actually care about their subordinates/ co-workers/ friends/ fellow human beings in a manner which is not unrealistically picture perfect saccahrine sweet but at least reasonably enough to try to do the right thing, I find that very often this is not the case and in fact there are even those who go out of their way to hurt others in the name of success or other personal gains.
(*gasp* That was a long sentence)

Humans are selfish greedy creatures...
(... except for a few rare souls like Mother Teresa).

I'm no exception and neither are you.

You don't think so?
Go on, prove me wrong then.


PS/ I'm not going to blame this whinge fest on PMS but I suspect that it's definately a factor. Oh, and yes, I'll update on food soon. Most probably tomorrow. k?

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  1. The Secret is a neat concept. I believe that there is something to really look into it. I like to read self-help articles,men's health and autobiographies. I really think that there is something in that secret.

    p.s. J is fantasic

  2. to b:
    hmmm,... men's health I don't mind so much but I can't stand most self help books!
    (Because most of them sound very very condescending.... there are some good ones though)

    ps/ Thanks.... and so is b!


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