Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Brekkie


What do you think?:

This was my simple breakfast for my parents to celebrate Father's Day. :)
It's super toned down, serving size-wise, from the Mother's Day brekkie because my parents fedback that it was too heavy for them...

Anyway, I'm glad it turned out ok - I had to wake up at about 6am to cook it after a fairly late Saturday night out (because my father had to go out for a morning meeting)... so I mostly cooked it with my eyes half closed. Haha....

Really happy she didn't accidentally poison her dad (& mum),

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  1. heheh your plate is same as what my mum uses!

  2. to jOO yEE!:
    What a coincidence! :)
    I'm sure ur mum's cooking is so much better than mine though... Haha...


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