Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Can Cook! (Sort of)

Haha... I know it's no big deal (it's just a simple brekkie) but I only cook maybe 4 times a year (?). So, I thought I'd share the Mother's Day breakfast I prepared for my mum (and dad) with you all.

What's in it?: 2 gourmet sausages (1 garlic, 1 spicy), streaky bacon, cheese-y oven roasted tomatoes and scrambled eggs:

What do you think? :)


I must say though, cooking breakfast was very eventful - I almost set the kitchen on fire! >_<

Let's just say that my dad's "kiam siap" (stingy), "let's not waste anything" behaviour backfired in a big way - he confidently told me that one of the pots was safe for usage on an induction cooker... and guess what?

It was not.
(It took about 3 seconds for the butter to EXPLODE - I am not kidding. There was a small pillar of flame that singed most of the hair off my left hand)

(Ok. Technically, the pot was made of stainless steel which is suitable for usage with induction cookers, but because it is the normal kind of pot - vs the induction cooker ones which generally are made thicker at the base or have special coatings - the heat went right through it and combusted the butter)

Anyway, I survived. Hopefully I don't burn the house down on Fathers' Day.
Haha.... :)


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  1. Eeep, hope the burn wasn't too bad? Poor gal!

  2. to julian si:Thanks. I'll survive. :)

  3. wot do i think..?! i think it looks bloody awesome. when ru inviting us for lunch:P

  4. to Ciki:Are you sure?? I'm afraid it looks nicer that it tastes dear... so you may regret! Haha...
    (Shy lerr... cannot compare to Cheng Yi's cooking at all! How to let you eat?)


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