Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fraser's Hill Road Trip (Part 1)

Lazy J presents another photo heavy post - trying to be a nature photographer :)....

Lately, I've been going on a couple of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia type road trips with my friends - first to Melaka (last month?), and this time to Fraser's Hill. :)
(Nothing like a day trip/ weekend getaway to help ease all the stress of the work week!)

Before we start on some of the highlights of our Fraser's trip:
- Thanks to the wonderful Soo Jin, who organised the trip and drove a noisy carful of girls up the hill (while we slowly drove him up the wall I suspect *lol*), and
- Nice to meet you, Kathleen, Lai Yee and Christine! *waves* (Thanks for making conversation easy, despite us being (practically) strangers!)

On the way up - some parts of the road were quite ok, but mostly they were very narrow and windy:
Caution required!...

Pitstop for our dear driver to stretch his legs:

Look! Baby Monkey!:
I wan banana...

Due to a recent(?) landslide, they have scheduled alternating one way traffic up the last stretch (around 10km?) to Fraser's between 7am and 7.30pm:
- Odd hours: Going down,
- Even hours: Going up.

There is no control from 7.30pm till 7am though, so I would strongly suggest avoiding the road at this time - I didn't see any lighting by the roadside, so it would be narrow, windy AND dark *yikes*...:
Take note!...

A trip to Allan's Water, a lake in near the town center:
Doorway to Allan's Water...

It's not a very big lake (Soo Jin said "What? This is a pond lah"... *lol*) but it's pretty nice because of how serene it is:
Small lake...

You can go paddling/ boating if you want:
Two at a time...

Walk way to the other side of the lake:
Shaded walkway...

Canopy of leaves:

Sky captured in the water:

Pretty flowers here and there:
I love orchids!...

Also, butterflies and dragonflies flying around:
Cute lil' pinkish dragonfly...

- Is there a lot to do at Allan's Waters?
Honestly, no.

- Is it relaxing, nice quiet hang out place for city slickers tired of hot, smokey, grey KL (especially if you're already in the Fraser's area)?
Definitely yes. :)

Anyway, will get around to doing Fraser's food related posts soon. :)

Here's a map of Fraser's that I got online - I'm sure it's not completely accurate to scale, but it's a good enough guide... In any case, Fraser's Hill really isn't that big and the signages there are actually pretty good. :)

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  1. Cute monkey ^^ Great photos, looks like a nice trip:)

  2. To Susaina: Thanks :) and yeah it was a fun trip - fresh air, some yummy food and lots of chit chat.. Just what the doctor ordered for us stressed out cubicle minions!

  3. song loh~ road trip.. didnt invite.. :p

  4. to taufulou:
    Well, you didn't invite me for Hatyai so now I guess we're even? :P

  5. this place is for relaxing.. nothing much to do or see except for the natural environment and some family activities.. oh yes, also golfing (my dad used to play golf here often).

  6. to thule aka leo:
    Perfect for some quality time with loved ones, right? :)


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