Monday, April 26, 2010

Ice Cream Sushi - Kawaii!

Adorable yet indulgent little bites.........

There's no better mid-week break* than sitting in a cosy setting with some friends, while chit chatting and indulging in some comfort food....
(*without taking leave/ going on holiday)

So, when Regina and Joelle from Pat-Lin extended an invite to an informal gathering at Haagen Daz Solaris Mont Kiara to taste a few of their new creations, there was really no way I could decline. :) :)
The upper section of the Solaris Haagen Daz outlet.....

I was even happier that I bumped into more friendly faces there, namely the legendary Babe in KL with her Captain Hook :), and fellow food blogger newcomers Joe and Bangsar Babe in the upstairs area of the ice cream cafe.

While we all caught up, we were presented with slices of the new Sweet Romance ice cream cake (RM 135++ per kg):
Sweet romance.....

It was a medley of simple flavours - smooth ice cream topped with white chocolate shavings and cream. Overall, nice.
(Although the white chocolate shavings made it an eencey weencey bit too sweet for my tastebuds)

Next, the highlight of the night, the Haagen Daz Sushi Platter (RM 35++ each):

Look at it! Isn't it adorable?? :)
(We spent a couple of moments ooh-ing and aah-ing over it... *lol*)

Here's a closer look:
Yummy! And not fishy at all :)

Of course, the sushi not only looked good** but tasted really yummy too. :)
(** Painstakingly hand made, and topped with imported fruits, we were told)

My favourite was the "tamago sushi" - which was a mix between Mango/ Passionfruit and Macademia Nut Brittle ice cream.
(Admittedly, the frozen fruit chunks on the other 2 "sushi" pieces were a little too cold for my ageing teeth... Boo hoo hoo. Dunno why but my teeth have suddenly become very sensitive lately!)

The coffee there also turned out to be quite ok (although I didn't like the dash of cinnamon powder they dusted on top of my iced cappuccino):
Caffeine is my friend!

Shout out:
A big thanks to Regina and Joelle @ Pat-Lin for inviting me for yet another delicious Haagen Daz event. You two really know how to spoil a girl!


So, it's: A darling new ice cream "sushi" platter and cake added into a range of yummy ice cream :) BUT well, it's not exactly cheap, is it?.....

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  1. read this to death but still looks YUMEEE!

  2. saw your pretty face in Joe's blog if I'm not mistaken :P

  3. to Ciki:
    It tastes yummy too! :)

    to thule aka. leo:
    Haaaar? Where??

  4. Still cute no matter how many times i see it

  5. Oh yum!!!!!!!! Most definitely would try it here at the Leicester Square outlet.

  6. to qwazymonkey:
    Yeah... they're almost too cute too eat! :)

    to the innovative baker:
    Oh cool. They have it there too? If not then come back to KL soon ok babe? *hugs*

  7. everytime i look at that ice cream sushi i get so mad that we dont have it in our haagen dazs store. boo!!!

  8. to mr. pineapple man:
    Oh no... :(

    Well, just come to Malaysia - We have the haagen daz ice cream sushi here! :)

  9. i also want to grab a bite of it...delicious~

  10. J, I have a post dedicated to you (as my 1001th visitor), so please come check it out!

  11. to taufulou:
    Better go soon if you want to bite it. I think it's limited edition... not sure how long more they will have it. :)

    to mr. pineapple man:
    Awww.. really? That's sweet. I'll go check it out immediately!

  12. wish i could hv some now :p

  13. to babe_kl:
    Me too... :)
    And I wouldn't mind some more of your delicious cupcake too! :D

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