Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Solomon Kane

Haha.. What a night!....

Oh Rotten Tomatoes! You have failed me......
How can it be that you have Solomon Kane listed with a rating of > 8 out of 10?

We (Jo, Pat, Ken, SooJ and I) had meant to watch "How to Train Your Dragon 3D" but due to the fail-ness of GSC*, we ended up watching Solomon Kane instead.... and we unanimously disliked it.
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The movie poster...

I understand that there seems to be a recent trend where movies do better in times of recession (because people want an escape from reality), but that's no reason to be lax in giving film ratings....
(Picture borrowed from here and there)
Gee I wonder who that REALLY is?...

- One dimensional predictable storyline,
(it's never a good thing if I can guess who the "mysterious baddie in the mask" is & the movie ending by about halfway through),
- lack of character development,
(I just didn't get it)
- rather bad acting,
(not terrible but definitely not good either loh)
- and very strange pacing of the movie.
(a general loss of momentum leading to an "aiyoh, when is this movie gonna end?" feeling)

And mind you, it's not because we don't like classic sword vs sorcery style films - most of us like Conan the Barbarian in all its glorious cheesiness....
(Picture borrowed from here and there)
Consolation: Ok lah. He still qualifies as eye candy - very manly! :)...

I'm not saying you shouldn't watch it, just that you should keep your expectations LOW.


* The long story, if you're interested:
I pre-purchased the tickets for How to Train Your Dragon 3D about 2 days before the show. When we went to the cinema on the night of the movie, it turned out that the cinema hall was closed.

The best part is that I only found out because I was getting restless from all the waiting and asked the ticket tearing/checking guy at the cinema entrance why the cinema hall was not ready for us yet.

His reply, "Oh, you didn't know ah? We had a fire yesterday so that show cancel... but you can get a refund from over there *points at Gold Class counter*".

How was I supposed to know???

(Ok. To be completely fair, we noticed later that they had posted up announcements on this cinema fire fiasco. BUT they were printed on WHITE A4 sized paper, with medium sized black fonts, and pasted in roughly 2 places - one on some random column in the cinema area, and another at the Gold Class counter... GOOD GOING EINSTEIN!)

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  1. gee was this in 1U??? was there 2 weekends ago and smelt acrid smell in the air.

  2. Hahaha... guess Solomon Kane is not for girls :P
    I watch almost any kind of movie with the exception of horror (coz Jenn doesn't like it) and boring ones

  3. to babe_kl:
    yup yup...
    It was in One U about 2 weeks ago.
    (It smelt so bad, right? That stale burnt smell...)

    to thule aka. leo:
    Hey don't be so sexist! :P I like any kind of movie as long as it's good.

    Hmmm.. except horror movies. I hate those especially if they are good! Then I cannot sleep because too freaked out. Haha...

  4. I didn't like this movie either - same sentiments as you expressed. I came out of the cinema grumbling what a waste of my time...urghhh! It was such a colourless movie - storyline, scenes, cast... everything!

  5. to PureGlutton:
    Yeah... what a waste right??

    But its really a pity because it had the potential to be a really interesting movie... :(

  6. the last part where deformed transformer came out was ok wat , right haha. next time take you see shrek be4

  7. to baDman:
    Deformed transformer? Haha... That's a really funny way to describe it. :)

    But eeyer. That thing kinda "potong stim" onli. It hardly got any screen time, and was too easy to defeat!

  8. Hmm, guess I'll avoid watching this in the cinema - if i can. :P

  9. to Danny: but aren't you curious how bad it really is? Go on and watch it lah! :)

  10. Haha..wil nvr watch tis type of movies ;p

  11. to TNG:
    Why not? It's fun to watch! :)


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