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Simple food @ Old Klang Road

Road side food in Old Klang Road....

Am not going to be very wordy with this post, hope you don't mind... :)
(Just wanted to share this interesting food place that my friends and I chanced upon in the Old Klang Road area)

Simple setting by the roadside (called Jalan Sawi):
Al fresco, Malaysian style!...

The BBQ lamb (RM 8 per piece) and Chicken Wings (RM 2 per piece) from one of the stalls:


The chicken was quite nice - well marinated, tender.... but it was the lamb that really impressed me. :)
(I was surprised how tender and tasty it was. Went great with the mint sauce)

Nyonya fish slices with rice (RM 6) from another stall:
Fishy rice...

Ok only.
Fish slices had a nice texture (slightly crispy outside but still tender inside) but the sauce was too sour and not spicy enough.

Wantan Mee (RM 4) from yet another stall:
Wantan Mee...

Overall, ok but the char siew slices were kinda dry.

One last look:
All the stalls...

There are quite a lot of stalls there actually. If I'm not wrong, here's what the different hawker stalls can cook up:
- Prawn Mee (So cute - the name is Ha Ha Har Mee *lol*)
- Porridge
- Fried Noodles/ Rice/ Simple "sai chow" (small fry?) dishes
- BBQ Lamb and Chicken Wings
- Desserts
- Drinks

So, it's: Reasonably priced hawker stalls in the Old Klang Road area, yummy bbq lamb! :) BUT it's open air + by the roadside (watch out for rain & exhaust fumes) and surrounding area can be jammed.....

Summary Information:
Road side stalls @ Old Klang Road/ Jalan Kuchai Lama area, KL

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: (approx.) 5.30pm till late
Phone: -
Address: Jalan Sawi, Taman Goodwood, off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur



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  1. Ya know, though simple, it's one of my favourite settings cos there's variety, affordability and lotsa fun! :)

    i saw the map d. Thanks. The mutton awaits. A few plates, please. Hehehe.

  2. Ahhhh, Malaysian styled buffet I tell you. There's something about sitting by the side of the road that I miss. :)

  3. ahhh. i have read b4fore this place ..have not been yet..
    famous with its lamb~

  4. the lamb is damn shiok!!

    i think one of my first posts was on this place.

  5. chicken wing looks great!

  6. to hairyberry:
    It's laaaamb. Yummy, juicy, delicious lamb to be specific.
    (Take me with you! I'll need a few plates of it too)

    to qwazymonkey:
    Lol. Yup yup, "Malaysian styled buffet" rocks!

    to taufulou:
    Go and try. I think the lamb is damn ons. If you don't think so then come back and scold me, ok? :)

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Oh cool! Didn't know you blogged about it before. I'll go check out your archives for more gems! :)

    to KY:
    Trust me, the chicken wings were good but the grilled lamb was THE BOMB. :D *drool*

  7. ooo the famous Cao Cao lamb! nice but the portion shrunk :(

  8. the grilled lamb stall is also known as Cao Cao Grilled Lamb :) the boss used imported lamb meat from New Zealand in case you wanna know.

    If you are a fan of spare parts, next time try the porridge stall ok? You can even order pork tounge or ear :P

  9. to babe_kl:
    Hmmmm... it would be better if it were bigger servings, but at least it's still yummy, right? :)
    (It's so hard to find good lamb!)

    to thule aka leo:
    So maybe I'll scoop the porridge and there'll be a big pig tongue or ear sticking out at me??

  10. Near the FGA Church? LAst time I went to this wooden shack behind the church, nice food! But then they moved and I can't find where they relocated :(

  11. Mmmmmmmmmh... the lamb looks yummy ;-)

    ps - You must try Hing Ket in Klang's Kampung Jawa, well worth the mad trek there!

  12. to jason:
    Yes, that's the area! :)
    Hmmm.. didn't notice any wooden shack near the church when I was there... What did they serve there? *curious*

    Do go and try the lamb though - it's so delish! :) :)

    to julian si:
    It not just looks yummy. It was really very yummy indeed. :D

    Ok. I go try Hing Ket and you try this lamb. And if either of us doesn't enjoy the meal then we scold the other person. :)

  13. i think ur not very wordy with any of your posts, darling:) so cute!

  14. to ciki:
    Haha.. Well, I guess it's all relative? :)

    to rtfvb758:
    Erm, thanks I guess. Why does your link gives me an "adult content" warning? Hmmm..............

  15. road sides stall are the bomb! gd prices & better food most of the time compared to the gunk we pay for in restaurants!
    Was just askin unka abt the tai chow behind FGA.. its no more there???

  16. to tng:
    haha.. That's true. It's the definition of pheng, leng, cheng! :)

    Hmmm I didn't notice the tai chow place. But maybe it's because I wasn't looking for it. Maybe it's still there?

  17. One of my favourite places to go to for supper. Been going there since I was young. Haha.

  18. So you've been enjoying the yummy lamb for so many years more than me! *jelez*
    (Isn't it cool? There are so many hidden food gems in Malaysia! :D)

  19. No la. I usually go for the wantan mee, satay and chicken wings. Hehe.

  20. to Chong:
    Got sate there ah? :D
    Didn't see. Will try it next time... if I can stop myself from overeating the lamb! Haha...


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